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I’m writing for tomorrow, day 127.  Some of my comments last night were a bit out of kilter, because I fell asleep at the keyboard for two hours, and when I awakened I was not fully functional.  Today was a slow day for news.  Finding material took double the normal time, so I’m writing in the evening, not the morning as usual.  Tomorrow I have a grocery delivery coming in the morning.

Late Update:

I fell asleep at the keyboard again. 🙁

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:22 (average 4:56).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: G.O.P. chief Reince Priebus ripped President Obama on Sunday for consuming three meals a day while on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.

“With international crises boiling over in Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine, it’s unconscionable that the President is having breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” he said…

LOL Andy. I bet the reason Obama does that is to keep people from discovering that he’s black 😉

From McClatchy DC: One day after losing a major airbase to Islamic extremists, Syria said Monday it was willing to work with other countries to fight terror groups in Syria provided they show respect for the Syrian regime and operate only with its permission.

At least one third of Syrian territory is said to be in the hands of the radical Islamic State, and the loss of Tabqa airbase Sunday put the entire east Syrian province of Raqqa in the militant’s hands, a severe setback for the regime of President Bashar Assad.

Walid Al Moallem, the Syrian Deputy Prime Minister, told reporters that Syria is willing to cooperate with other countries “as long as this cooperation is approached in a serious manner, without double standards” and does not “weaken Syria.”

Effectively Syria is asking the US to partner with the brutal Assad regime, that employed chemical WMD against their own people, against ISIS, that murdered thousands. McConJob, Lindsey Poo and other Republicans have berated Obama for taking an active role in only Iraq, but not in Syria. This article illustrates the Syrian dilemma. We have no viable ally in Syria. It’s like being asked to side with either Neocons or Baggers.

From The Nation: When Gogebic Taconite LLC began moving in November 2010—the same month Scott Walker was elected governor of Wisconsin—to develop an open-pit iron mine in one of the most environmentally sensitive regions of northern Wisconsin, the Florida-based mining firm got a lot of pushback. Residents of the region objected, along with Native American tribes. So, too, did citizens from across Wisconsin, a state that has long treasured the wild beauty of the Penokee Range. Environmental and conservation groups voiced their concerns, as did local and state officials from across the political spectrum.

The outcry heightened as Gogebic Taconite and its allies promoted a radical rewrite of existing mining regulations in order to promote a project that could grow to be four miles long, more than a mile wide and 1,000 feet deep. Democratic and Republican legislators began to ask tough questions. Yet Governor Scott Walker remained “eager to advance a mining bill,” according to Wisconsin media that reported extensively on the governor’s determination to overrule objections to the grand schemes of an out-of-state corporation that newly released documents show secretly steered $700,000 to “independent” efforts to provide political cover for the embattled governor.

I always like seeing more evidence surface that should be used to convict Scott Walker, the Fartfuhrer of Fitzwalkerstan!




  25 Responses to “Open Thread–8/26/2014”

  1. 5:22  I note gladly it ia a polyantha, not Pollyanna.  If there's one thing I don't need it's a relentlessly optimistic fairy.

    I fall asleep at my keyboard, not daily, but often.  Not ON the keyboard.  My head tilts back a little to the headrest of the chair.  It's not uncomfortable fortunately, and I don't stay asleep long.  Just a little catnap.

    The New Yorker – Housekeepers of Roman Catholic priests used to be, and maybe still are, trained never to say anything like "Father's having dinner" or, God forbid, "Father's in the bathroom," because it was too shocking to the laity to be reminded Father actually did those things, just like a real person.  Ahem.

    McClatchy – It's a dilemma that doesn't bother the Neocons and the Baggers, though.  Get ready to hear and read some world class nagging.

    The Nation – Elizabeth MacKintosh, who passed away in 1951, wrote historical playes under the name of Gordon Daviot, and detective novels under the name of Josephine Tey.  SDhe had some theories, I don't know how serious, that certain facial features were indicative of a person, let us say, not being trustworthy.  It's interesting to me that Scott Walker exhibits two of them.  "The real murderer's mark … (the eyes) are set differently … they look as if they belonged to two different faces."  (The Franchise Affair)  And "The only adult without lines in his face is the idiot."  (The Daughter of Time – "idiot" used in the sense of being irresponsible)

    Cartoon – Of course.

  2. 3:15  Do I get the bouquet today, or am I just getting what is left on the vine?

  3. New Yorker ~ It woudn't surprise me in the least to hear criticism of him eating at all. If they can't find anything else this seems lik fair game to me. Maybe by esting he's taking food out of the mouths of some rich kids summering in the Hamptons.

    McClatchy ~ Aiding Syria would be akin to aiding Al Queda at this point with Syria's stipulations. FAUX will be all over this no matter which position our President takes.

    The Nation ~ Indict him already. Stop all this pussy-footing around. Can you tell I'm getting impatient?

    Cartoon ~ Hurray for the Suffragettes!!!

  4. Don't know if you've been following former Gov. Bob McDonnell & wife's trial in Virginia for taking bribes, but the headline from the trial is an eye-opener:

    McDonnell Living With Priest Who Pleaded Guilty To Sex Crime with Another Man

    I'll take "How Low Can a Repubican Actually Go, In Addition to Repeatedly Backing the Bus Over His Wife, In Order to Try and Save His Political Ass" for $600, Alex.

    • Geeezzz Louise!  I smell really burnt toast . . . or is that pig crackling burning away?  It will be interesting to see how this little episode will affect the trial outcome.

    • Reminds me of the Ensign scandal and the role c-street played in it.

  5. A friend of mine recently remarked at my comment of doing a face plant on the keyboard "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 😉  Back at you puddy tat!

    On another note, my little girl Annie turned 6 years old today.  We're having a birthday party featuring fresh roasted chicken, a family favourite.  She might be getting older but she is as cute as ever!

    Puzzle — 3:08  I didn`t prove you wrong Jerry, but I did beat you!  Does that count?

    The New Yorker — Is that why he eats 3 squares a day.  Here I thought that Priebus forgot to factor in that Obama is available constantly, even in the privacy of the loo!  Had that happen many times to me at work.  Need something signed . . . slide it under the door of the loo!

    McClatchy DC — Interesting.  Al Assad — "I only want help my way."  To Al Assad "Don't you think it is rather late to start considering the welfare of your country and the people?"

    The Nation — One more nail in the Fartfuhrer's coffin!  It will be great when Wisconsin can politically bury Walker.

    Cartoon — I was raised by my mother on the maxim "If you want something done, you can ask a man.  But if you want something done and correctly, ask a woman to do it."   The US finally got it right in 1920.  But look at today's old boys' Republicanus/Teabagger club . . . they missed the message!

  6. You really need to get some rest if you are continuing to fall asleep at your keyboard.

    The New Yorker:  Love Andy.  So much fury over the Prez taking a vacation, nary a word said when Dubya spent two thirds of his time at his Crawford ranch.

    McClatchy:  Why on earth would we ever assist Assad?  I doubt the terrorists have killed as my Syrians as he has.  Of course, the Republicans are crying that he needs to help Syria.  If he did help then they would be in outrage because he did.

    The Nation:  Scott will surely spend some time behind bars before this is over.  I hope he has union guards!

    Cartoon:  Yes, they would repeal it if they could.  If women would all turn out to vote, we could rid ourselves of these idiots.

  7. McClatchy DC – that isn't the Syrians working with others to get rid of these psychopaths in IS/ISIS/ISIL, that is Syria asking others to work for them and risk everything for them, while they give nothing.

    Thanks TC.

  8. Very well said! Pat.

  9. 5:09 – Puzzle 🙄

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