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Every week, Republicans join a competition to see who can say the most outlandish things, and in the process, every week they push the envelope on just how Insane InsaniTEA can become.  I trust that you will believe it, when I tell you that last week was no exception.

Fox host confuses ISIS with Islam—suggests solution is “bullet in the head.”

0825PiratesAmong the distinctions Fox hosts are unable to make is the difference between violent, extremist Muslims and all other Muslims. They are all alike to the Islamophobe. It takes almost no provocation to draw out this confusion, and the beheading of journalist James Foley by the militant group ISIS easily did the trick. On Wednesday’s edition of “Outnumbered,” co-host Andrea Tantaros, a beacon of subtle thinking, really let her ignorance fly.

“If you study the history of Islam,” she said, as if she had actually studied the history of Islam, “our ship captains were getting murdered. The French had to tip us off. I mean these were the days of Thomas Jefferson. They’ve been doing the same thing. This isn’t a surprise. You can’t solve it with a dialogue. You can’t solve it with a summit. You solve it with a bullet to the head. It’s the only thing these people understand. And all we’ve heard from this President is a case to heap praise on this religion, as if to appease them.”

Apart from the rather dubious history, and the idea that going all the way back to Thomas Jefferson’s day gives you a complete picture of Islam, we couldn’t help notice the use of the lovely catchphrase “these people.” Always a tip off.

Right Andrea, this whole ISIS thing is nothing a little ethnic cleansing wouldn’t solve…

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I was able to find video.  Barf Bag Alert!!

Now the conflict in which our ship captains were getting murdered in the days of Thomas Jefferson actually was resolved with a dialogue.  The product of that dialogue was the Treaty of Tripoli.  It was ratified unanimously by the founding fathers that comprised the Senate at that time, and it states that the US is not a Christian nation, and the US has no objections to Islam.  This is the exact opposite of Tanteros’ Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian rant.

This was just one of five insane Republican rants from last week alone!  Click through for the other four.


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  1. After reading all of the article I can come to ony one conclusion.. TThey are all the same. I have decided to lump all the racist bigots together because all their rants have to do with people who are of a different color or religion or National origin than themselves.

    I dealt with the same person on my deck Saturday afternoon. He is our painter and decided to talk politics with me. We ay as well call him Joe the Plumbe because I felt as though I was talking to him. When I tried to refute anything he said his voice only got louder so he couldn't hear me. I just don't understand their ignorance. He is a teacher by education and still dosn't understand our education system is the result of "No child left behind". He agrees with that jackass approach to education in the grammar school level. Try to explain that it conveys the idea of "entitlement." I can pass even though I don't know what I'm doing. How do you like me now?

    Sorry for the rant.

  2. Never a short supply of gop/tp insane right-wing rants for the week. lol.

    Andrea Tantaros is definitely a "barf bag alert"… referring to the video above. Andrea needs to have the Treaty of Tripoli shoved into her face to refute her ammosexual faux noise republican supply-side pseudo-christian rant.

  3. You know, this week's rants scares me more than these rants have scared me for some time.  Here's why –

    1.  These are only five.  A few months ago, AlterNet was easily coming up with ten a week.

    2.  Of the five, only one is from an officeholder or candidate – Louis Gohmert is of course both an officeholder and a candidate since his current term expires every two years.

    Are they holding off on the crazy because the election is coming?

    That scares the bejeezuz out of me.

    GET OUT THE VOTE !!!!!

  4. There name of a movie is so appropriate when describing right wing pseudo Christian nut jobs . . . Cheaper by the Dozen!

    1)  Sorbo — Father Zeus would be digusted with Sorbo's comments, but stepmother Hera, a nasty piece of work, would appreciate and cherish them.  I'd say he should stick to acting, but it isn't that good.  Besides, according to an Wikipedia, he believes that "…Hollywood has limited his career because of his conservative political and Christian views."  Yup, conservative . . . not accepting responsibility for his own actions.  Apparently, "[h]e has expressed interest in the libertarian philosophy of agorism."  Such people don't believe in voting, so maybe, just maybe there will be one less conservative vote.

    2)  Tantaros (idiot delinked) — The Treaty of Tripoli aside (which I think it is the icing on the cake for the "not a Christian nation" argument), this little cupcake is either not too smart, or smart enough to know that if she brings up the Crusades she shoots herself in the foot.  "Those people" (conservatives) just love to rewrite history to fit their narrative.  And what they don't rewrite and don't like, they conveniently ignore.  Maybe she would consider a "bullet to the head" for herself.

    3)  D'Souza — Another " idiot de-linked".  Obviously, when God was handing out brains, D'Souza thought He said trains and replied he'd get the next one.

    4)  Iowa Republican — Steve King, Joni Ernst and now this purveyor of dangerous myths, Tamara Scott.  What is in the water in Iowa . . . or is it the GMO corn?  Six and 7 year old ninja warriors are going to rise up and attack Americans?  Geeshhh!

    5) Louie Goh-merde (aka Louie Shit for Brains) — Goh-merde and Bachmann are both fruitier than a fruit cake!  An investigation into something that does not exist?  Declarations just in time for the mid term elections.  I hope people hear about these paranoid delusions so that they can vote the Republicanus/Teabaggers into a retirement home.

    How did the US get so many flaming lunatics in positions of influence and power?  My condolences to all the good, sane Americans who are forced to put up with this crap!


  5. I really, really wish I had read my mail earlier.  I doubt my blood pressure will go down any time soon. I keep thinking they can't express any more ignorance and then they do.  Sorry to learn that Sorbo is a racist, we watched his Hercules show long ago.  Sadly, I know lots of people who equate Muslim with terrorist and will not entertain any other notion.  This despite the fact that we  have a mosque in our little town that half our medical professionals attend. 

  6. Thanks all.  I fell asleep at the keyboard again.

  7. Very Sad indeed, fair and balanced? :mrgreen:

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