Aug 232014

I’m writing for tomorrow, day 124.  My Podiatrist visit was a bit more painful than normal, but by morning, I will be in less pain than I was before going in, so it’s worth it.  The nurse almost did a floor roll, when she read that my updated meds list now has Dulcolax for Republicitis and Imodium for Republicosis. It took too many hours out of my day to allow time for research.  Tomorrow is a Holy Day in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb, but I will have posted the Broncos-Texans score here on Sunday Morning, before I can actually watch the meditation on TV.  Have you reminded anyone to vote today?  I hear my pillow calling.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:25 (average 5:56).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?




  16 Responses to “Personal Update–8/23/2014”

  1. 4:01 I think the clock sped up on me.

  2. I'm sory the doc hurt your paw. Feel better soon.

  3. Something's terribly wrong when one cop (Darren Wilson) fires more bullets (SIX!)  into one man (Mike Brown) than the ENTIRE police force of the ENTIRE United Kingdom did for an ENTIRE YEAR (3).

    AND something to brighten your day: Westoro Baptist Church is planning on heading to Iraq to protest ISIS in particular and Muslims in general:

    That should go really well. 


    • WBC stunt . . . as you said Nameless, that should go well!  If they actually do go, I hope the law prevents them from taking their children.  Taking the children would be at least wreckless endangerment or child abuse.  The children do not deserve that.

    • Indeed!

      I'm waiting to write an article on their martyrdom. πŸ™‚

  4. 5:54, which would be under average by a hair, except that the average is down.  Grump.

    I'm just sorry they haven't figured out a way to keep it from recurring.  I suppose there is something to be said for going to your doctor at regular intervals which allows him or her to spot changes, and I suppose you make their day (you clearly made the nurse's day).  /but it's hard on you transportation-wise, and seems to be stressful.  Go Broncos!

    Nameless -what?  Westboro Baptist is going to Iraq?  What could possibly go wrong?

  5. Still waiting for Mr. Wilson,s bruises to appear!.!!!/.

    In all sincerity My message to the African Americans in Ferguson.

    Get(demand)a relevant  education, Which will certainly help the job situation,( including jobs in the police force)

    Learn to read,write etc.


  6. Hi TC.

    Hope that your injured wing is feeling better. It is close to 100f. today in NC. Little difficult to keep cool. My cats,dogs etc. want none of it. !

    Stay well

  7. I feel a little of your pain TC.  I was at the podiatrist's last Wednesday, my usual bi-monthly visit, and I thought I had a plantar's wart.  Fortunately I was wrong.  I had a wooden sliver which he removed . . . but it was embedded. I sprung a leak and had a bandage but walking on it was miserable.  To round things off, I am in the midst of another gout attack which is undoubtedly caused by too much spinach . . . I have been eating and thoroughly enjoying spinach quiche for breakfast.  Yum!  At least my doctor specialises in paws only so there was never any danger of being neutered!

    Go easy for a few days!

  8. I hope your paw feels better soon!

    • Mine's a specialist to, but he glanced toward that area, probably sensing their magnificence, and I wasn't taking any chances!! πŸ˜€

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