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I’m writing for tomorrow, day 112.  It’s difficult to explain why this is all there is today.  I was busy with lots of volunteer paperwork to do, but I still had enough time.  I spent over three hours in research and absolutely nothing jumped off the page at me.  There were things that I could have built into articles, but when I write, I want a reason to do so.  I’d rather write nothing than write just to fill space.  On any given day, I skim several hundred articles, detail read thirty or forty, and fact check a dozen, in addition to watching at least an hour of video clips to bring you the content I do.  To be clear, I’m not sacrificing myself for you.  I’d do it anyway, because I want to know. That exposes me to a high level of InsaniTEA.  Even ten years ago I would not have believed so much pure hate, greed and deception could exist in this nation, and now, day in and day out, Republicans push the boundaries of evil to new extremes.  I think I am suffering a temporary burnout, because my spirit is recoiling in horror.  Hopefully, I should be back tomorrow.

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  1. 3:01 Tied that TomCat up with a red lead on a white dog.

    Yes. The news can ruin your mood but never your spirit. Rest and recoup.

  2. 5:06  It's not the same, but it reminds me a little of a cat who, the first time I tried a harness on him, was convinced he was crippled for life. Cats are so dramatic.  He traveled the entire length of the hall lying down, putting one paw out inti the carpet and then dragging himself along, like a pullup (the exercise, not the underwear), over and over.  He almost had me convinced.  But my mother wasn't.  She found a piece of cellophane, went to the living room, and crumpled it – a sound he loved more than the can opener – and he was back in the living room in a blue streak.  Then the expression changed to embarrassment.  "Busted!"

    No one with a heart can get through the news unscathed.  It just built up and hit you – and perhaps with a touch of writer's block for good measure.  Do something as uplifting as possible.  It would be great if you could spend some time with your guys without going through the hassle of getting there and back (not to mention breaking the schedule).  But I know you'll think of something.

  3. I'd say it's time for you to take a break – I mean a real, feet-up, lemonade-by-your-side, recharge-your-batteries break.  Whether it's a day or two – or a week or two (any longer than that and you'd be missed, and I'd be pissed!)

    I don't know about the others, but I think if you could just include your typical type opening comments letting us know what's going on in your life (and that you're OK), and that would be fine for a brief period of time.

    By including your opening,  it would open up the Comments section so we, your loyal readers, could post a pithy article/observation/etc. or two that we think is worth sharing (if we come across something we think IS worth sharing)

  4. 2:53  Cute dog for a dog.  My kids are cuter!  I was at physio this morning and a little chihuahua/pomeranian mix named Parker gave me the once over as he smelled cat.  He got so excited that I have scratches on my leg now.  He comes to worker with his massage therapist mother and is quite the little therapy dog.

    Remember a while back I said it was all getting to me and I didn't know how you put up with all the political BS? Your answer was: I write about it to get it out of my system.  I am not suggesting keep writing the blog.  But maybe write a little humour, or write what you would really like to say but can't for civilities sake.  This is writing just for you, not for us.  In addition, have relaxing day or days with lemonade as Nameless says, and maybe some of that high octane chili you like.

    Here is a little offering that I posted on Care2.  It is fun, no stress and easy on the eyes.   Bella and Bubbles: An Unlikely Inseparable Pair — Cuteness Overload Warning

    See you when you're ready to come back.  We'll be here.

  5. Sorry, but I need to ventilate a bit about something you probably will already know by the time you read this: Robin Williams is dead, of an apparent suicide.

    Like many, at first I didn't believe it – and then I didn't WANT to believe it.  But sadly it's true.  His wife says he was suffering from severe depression – a cautionary note for all of us to reach out to our fellow citizens with compassion and encourage them to seek help.

    His talents ran the gamut from "Mrs. Doubtfire" to "Dead Poets Society".  Who can forget the scene from the latter when his students climbed their desks in support against his dismissal reciting Walt Whitman's elegy to the fallen Pres. Lincoln – "O Captain, My Captain"!_My_Captain!

    Our loss is Heaven's gain …

  6. I think you are in burnout, reading and listening to that much every day.  Thinking about all the turmoil in the world right now, all our insanitea here is enough to make anyone despair.  Take some time for yourself and get some rest.  Do what ever it is that makes you laugh.. 

  7. My goal is simple, Piss off at least one Republican per day… 🙄

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