Aug 102014

I was expecting some rather strange behavior from Republicans, as they look for ways to undermine Obama’s foreign policy in Iraq.  After all, they do sedition so well.  However, it came as a complete shock to me that a prominent Republican evangelist would so so far as to agree with ISIS that people Obama is trying to protect are worthy of extermination!


I’m not sure if there are enough ways to call Bryan Fischer insane, but his own words might suffice.

My thesaurus is wearing thin on adjectives to describe hate-filled pseudo-Christians like Bryan Fischer, but my aggravation is going full-tilt over the fact that he makes these statements on the taxpayers’ dime.

Isn’t there a time where we start to say that free speech is fine, but taxpayers are under no obligation to forego American Family Association’s tax payments in the name of Jesus? [not the real Jesus]… [emphasis original]

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Major Barf Bag Alert!!


When you come down to it, the only difference between Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians like Fischer and Republican Supply-side pseudo-Muslims like ISIS is the religion they are abusing.

Furthermore, Fischer is flat-out lying.  Just like ISIS is persecuting Yazidis, they are also persecuting Chaldean Christians.  The Yazidi refugees fled to Mount Sinjar.  Thousands of Christian refugees fled to Erbil, where Kurdish Muslims are harboring and protecting them.  They are one of the refugee groups in that city that Obama is protecting with airstrikes.  Despite Fischer’s fraudulent claim, Obama is lifting far more than just a finger to protect Christians.

In case your wondering why this lying Republican didn’t get a Parade for this, it’s because he has already had one.


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  1. We know that the GOP et al always tell their followers only one word in five of the truth (and you can make anything work for you if you are going to do that)  – but this is asinine!  I am quite sure that there are one or two of the five thousand languages still extant in the world in which the words 'Bryan' and 'Fischer' mean devil or evil – oh gosh though, that would sound right, wouldn't it!  What an opinionated, lame brained, ignorant fool this man is – and he will only sound right to people even more stupid, bigoted and horrible than he is – oh heck, there are some?!!  

  2. All Republicans agree with ISIS.  It's almost refreshing to hear one admit it.  Hey, from blindly backing Israel, towanting to kill all gays, to backing genocide in Iraq – it's not a long step.  The common denominator is hate.

    The problem with the First Amendment is that if we tried tweaking it, it is the truth that would suffer.  The liars, who are in power, would prevail. 

  3. Man, I couldn’t watch all of that! What a douchebag!! He is filling some low-information voters’minds full of out and out LIES!!
    Where are his “facts”??? When has he ever gone over there and tried to understand any of what these people are REALLY going through??
    Just want to stab him in the “heart” with a wooden stake, like a vampire that he is!! He takes money from misguided fools that won’t find out the real facts and uses it to spread his bull$£/€!!!
    Ugh. Can’t handle the vile blasphemy coming out of this satanic person!!

  4. I was curious to know what the word "Bryan" meant so of course I consulted Wikipedia.  I was hoping for something like 'old English for vermin' or something equally derisive.  Instead this is what I read:

    "This name is thought to be derived from an Old Celtic language word meaning "high", or "noble""

    Then I checked out 'Fischer' and got what I expected . . . the occupation of being a fisher in German.  But it was very interesting to note that on the list of famous 'Bryan's and famous 'Fischer's, there is no mention of him at all.  It isn't until one googles the names together that one gets a result.  Read that short piece and you understand that in no way is he "noble" but maybe "high", in the same context that a rotting corpse is high.

    He "… strongly opposes what he calls the "morally and intellectually bankrupt theory of evolution"." (Wikipedia)  And I would tend to agree with him on that point citing himself, Bryan Fischer, as an example of that moral and intellectual bankruptcy.  (Actually I believe in evolution, so don't worry.)

    The following exerpt from Wikipedia briefly describes the beliefs of the Yazidi who Fischer calls "devil worshipers".

    "The Yazidi believe in God as creator of the world, which he has placed under the care of seven "holy beings" or angels, the "chief" (archangel) of whom is Melek Taus, the "Peacock Angel." In Zoroastrian-like tradition, the Peacock Angel embodied humanity's potential for both good (light) and bad (dark) acts, and due to pride temporarily fell from God's favor, before his remorseful tears extinguished the fires of his hellish prison and he reconciled with God. Some followers of other monotheistic religions mistakenly equate the Peacock Angel with their own unredeemed evil spirit Satan, which has incited centuries of persecution of the Yazidi as "devil worshippers." Persecution of Yazidis has continued in their home communities within the borders of modern Iraq, under both Saddam Hussein and fundamentalist Sunni Muslim revolutionaries. In August 2014 the Yazidi were targeted by the Islamic State, or IS, in its campaign to "purify" Iraq and neighboring countries of non-Islamist influences."

    Obviously, Fischer is among those that say the Peacock Angel and Satan are one in the same, thus his derisive remark AND lie that Obama is rescuing devil worshippers and not Christians.  Obama has set in motion the rescue of 2 religious minorities in Iraq . . . Chaldean Christians (part of the Roman Catholic church but with differences) and the Yazidi.  But then what should we expect from Republicanus/Teabagger pseudo Christians who know nothing but hate!

  5. Talibangicals would rather believe their hated Enemies (radical Islam) than see the truth! Christians are still at risk, but at least they CAN pay a tax for ISIS protection, the Yazidis don't have that option! I would think the fact of a TAX would make Talibangicals Demand bombing ISIS to hell! But the Yazidis are being persecuted for "devil-worshipping", something that just isn't true. Their religion is Older than Islam & Christianity & they believe in one god, plus 7 angels – their version of Lucifer redeems himself by putting out hellfires with his tears…feeling Remorse is something radical Islam & Christians apparently can't understand.

    Cal's news post explains this:


  6. Bryan Fischer has literally referred to Muslims as PARASITES (I know – it probably shouldn't surprise me, but he's a VERY EVIL person)

    And he believes all Muslims should convert to his "chrisianity" – or face the consequences.  Pretty much identical to ISIS' options.

    His choices are "Marines and missionaires – or Marines and missiles"

    Absolutely positive there's a ring in HELL for a person as evil as this one is!

  7. The man is ignorant as well as evil.  I have two friends who will probably send this to me tonight.  I have known them since childhood, so I will just delete their e mails.  Sadly neither of them have ever ventured outside their small circle and never will, so they are lacking in knowledge about anything except what their preacher tells them.  This group was founded to vilify Pres. Obama and that is all they intend to do.

  8. Thanks all.  This level og evil can only be described as Republican.

  9. The reason that President Obama went back into Iraq is to clean up Right Wing Nut Job Screw ups… :mrgreen:

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