Aug 042014

I’m writing for tomorrow, day 105.  I got a very late start on the day.  As I was cooking up a batch of my infamous chili, I broke my only can opener.  I has to dress and go out, because tomato sauce is a key ingredient.  Of course the corner store was closed, so I walked to another almost a half mile away.  I made it back and finishes cooking.  Although I am very tired, I have the power to produce a green cloud that sets off smoke detectors in my wake. Angel

Late/Early Update:  I overslept big time.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:23 (average 4:59).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Upworthy: Neil deGrasse Tyson is more than just an excellent tour guide through the cosmos — he’s a true voice for our endangered space program. In this piece, he reminds us how our passion for space missions began and makes a compelling case that we must not abandon our quests and dreams.

Let us renew our commitment to lead the world in space exploration and let us resolve to reach to the heavens once again so that our species may one day truly go where no one has gone before.


I fully agree with George Takei’s introduction and Neil deGrasse’s presentation. We need to invest in the future, not the 1%’s Republican greed.

From Daily Kos: Since Rep. Steve King says that Central American families have been lured by U.S. policies to "give their daughters birth control pills and send them down a rape path all the way through Mexico, and it’s a death path on the death train" to get to the United States, a more observant person than Steve King might wonder what is going on in some parts of Central America that would cause anyone to contemplate taking the "death train" that Steve King warns about.

According to fellow Congressional Three Stooges member Louie Gohmert, the answer is nothing. Those children aren’t fleeing from anything, they’re all are just filthy liars.

“Texas and the United States is [sic] being invaded and we’re in danger,” Gohmert said, before alleging that most of the unaccompanied minors are lying when they tell border patrol agents that they are escaping gang violence in Central America and have been coached to make such claims. Gohmert said minors end up telling officers that “we were told to say that we were fleeing gang violence.”

The author calls Go-Go Goosestep the dumbest Congressman in America. There is too much competition for that title for certainty, but Loony Louie is certainly in the running.

From TPM: Rep. Steve King (R-IA) refused to utter the word "impeachment" on Sunday, but warned that if President Obama used executive action to defer more deportations of undocumented immigrants, it might be the only option left for Congress.

"None of us want to do the thing that’s left for us as an alternative," King said on "Fox News Sunday" when host Chris Wallace asked if Obama delayed more deportations could lead to impeachment.

"I think Congress has to sit down, have a serious look at the rest of this constitution, and that includes that ‘i’ word that we don’t want to say," King continued, explaining that executive actions would trigger impeachment talk. "And I only say that now on this program because I want to encourage the president, ‘Please don’t put don’t put America into a constitutional crisis.’"

When Wallace pressed King on whether impeachment was "on the table," King echoed his concerns on immigration.

At the same time they Republicans claim that Democrats’ concern about impeachment is an Obama conspiracy.




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  1. I love the Neil de Grasse Tyson clip – I remember seeing him on the Discovery Science channel in a programme about 10 – 12 years ago (when it was better than it is now) and hoping he would become more prominent in the media – and he seems everything I hoped for!

    It is so worrying that nearly half the population don't seem to use their brains when it comes to the unmitigated tripe dished out by the GOP and their allies – they say they haven't done things that they are a) clearly documented as doing and b) have appeared on the media boasting that they are doing them – then they appear a few weeks later and blame the Democrats, saying that the Dems are doing what they just did – and their bewildering supporters believe them! Nuts!

  2. Too bad you didn't have a bowl of your chili BEFORE you headed out.  You would have had some jet propulsion!

    When it comes to Steven King (R-IA), there are several "I-words" that I can think of for him: Ignorant Imbecile, Ignoramus, Infantile IDIOT!

    There's a new cookbook out to help food stamp folks with some solid looking recipes.  AND you can download the SNAP cookbook [PDF] for FREE at this site:

  3. 5:36  Well, there's one alive anyway – unless this is am old picture.

    Upworthy – While I agree with George and Neil on this point, I am miffed with Neil  because he is also a stealth spolesman for Monsanto.  I don't like that.  I also feel much is left out of his argument to the point that it is disingenuous.

    Daily Kos – Certainly there is competition, but Gohmert has a track record that makes him the gold standard, the bar with which other are competing (and which others do occasionally exceed).

    TPM – Sometimes I wonder what Steve King thinks Iowa had that immigrants are going to take away from him.  Or refugees.  The Iowa of "The Music Man" no longer exists (although he does have an affinity with the character assissins bewailing "dirty books" in it). 

    Cartoon – And that too.  How many Dreamers do you think are in Iowa?

  4. 3:47 No honey for me today.

  5. Upworthy ~ Anything which is a quest for knowledge of any sort is not in the TeapublicanTs' agenda, especially if there is any cost involved.

    Daily Kos ~ Loony Louis wins the Gold Tin Foil Hat! Steve King is in the running for the Silver.

    TPM ~ They are all chomping at the bit to do it but know it will never succeed. It would only make them look worse than they already do.

    Cartoon ~ Actually all the TeapublicanTs are Dreamers. Can we deport them fr their nightmare vision of America?





  6. You might have walked a mile for a camel (they really fart up a storm) … er … can opener, the green cloud arrived here last evening.  Suddenly the skies clouded over although it was very hot.  That explains the greenish haze and cloud cover!

    Puzzle — 3:31  Honey, sweey comb honey!  The thought is taking me back to my childhood when we would get Québec comb honey for our toast.  Better than any pasteurised over processed honey of today.  I can smell it and taste it even now.  ARRGGGHHHH!!!!!

    Upworthy — I remember John Glen's flight and of course Aldrin's and Armstrong's moon landing in 1969.  There was excitement about it all.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if the military budget (or at least a big chunk of it) were diverted to space exploration?!  That won't happen because the neocon wing of the Republicanus/Teabagger party won't let their budget be decreased.

    BTW, I could not hear the voice of George Takei, only Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Either that or their voices sound alike.

    Daily Kos — Goh-merde sets the bar high in the stupidity competion, but he is getting plenty of competition from thers like "cantaloupe calves" King.  With so many being lawyers, how did these stupid morons ever survive before politics?

    TPM — (really big eye roll) — It is amazing and stupefying that with breath, Boehner is suing the POTUS for using his executive powers granted by the constitution, then takes the House on holidays for 5 weeks without passing immigration funding and says the POTUS has the executive power to deal with it on his own.  Hmmm … and if that is not enough, now "cantaloupe calves" King is saying that using executive powers would mean renewed impeachment talk.  Can they not make up their bloody minds?  Not to mention the noted constitutional crisis.  The only constitutional crisis I see is the Republicanus/Teabagger obstruction that is more prevalent than fleas on a dogs back.

    Cartoon — Yeh, right.  Deport all Republicanus/Teabaggers to another galaxy far, far away!  Mind, earth would probably be charged with pollution, but it might be worth it.


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