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Every week, Republicans join a competition to see who can say the most outlandish things, and in the process, every week they push the envelope on just how demented InsaniTEA can become.  I trust that you will believe it, when I tell you that last week was no exception.

0804NetanyahuAnn Coulter wonders why we can’t deal with our border the way Netanyahu deals with Hamas.

The headline kind of says it all. Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu is Ann Coulter’s kind of president. He bombs civilians and seems pretty unconcerned about killing hundreds of Palestinian kids. Or, even if he is concerned, at least he still does it. She segued to a discussion of Netanyahu’s iron fist in a discussion on Fox News’ Hannity about tunnels found at the U.S./Mexican border. Tunnels, hey, that reminds Ann of the tunnels in Gaza used by Hamas.

“More than a hundred tunnels have been found on our border,” Coulter told Hannity. “To smuggle in weapons, guns, they’re invading, they’re murdering, they’re raping. The head of the DEA said about a year ago that he thinks the surge of homicides in Chicago is a Mexican drug cartel.”

Then she added: “I just wish we would talk about our border the way we talk about Israel’s border.”

Now she was on a roll.

“We need a Netanyahu here. Can you imagine all these — yes, sometimes Palestinian kids get killed, ” she said as she began to laugh. Then she laughed and laughed, and then her head started spinning around and she vomited green fluid…

Inserted from <AlterNet>

You can always count on the Coultergeist for thoroughly demented hatred.  If Butcher Ben (R-IS) is unavailable, perhaps she can unleash Vladimir Putin (R-RU), aka GOP Pootie, on the refugee children.  Sadly this is just one of five demented Republican moments from last week alone.  Click through for the other four.


  13 Responses to “Last Week’s Demented Republican Moments”

  1. I clicked through with trepidation – only to see that Batsh*t is back again trying to get publicity with her crazy ideas — accompanied by the others of the dog and pony horror show.  Where DO they get their demented ideas from!

    Hmm – something just occurs to me – I saw a distinguished actress being interviewed the other day who said that she will sometimes say something quite shocking in order to regain control of a conversation – and she is left wing!  So do you think that that sort of need to shock to control the conversation (followed by the rewards of their friends admiration) has led by many many degrees to their insane Far Right positions?  Oh dear – they are impossible to understand!



    • In some cases, yes.  I do it myself, at times.  The key here is that the base believes it and supports it, no matter how foul it gets.

  2. 1. It is time for Ms. Noonan to retire. She's droppin' her IQ.

    2. Why should "Batshit" even care? She doesn't want them here yet she introduces a law to protect them from President Obama and the medical community? I wonder if she protectd any children from Marcus.

    3. Limbarf is as relevant as Ms. Noonan.

    4. The Donald doesn't care that these 2 doctors are US citizens. He probably want to see their birth certificates too.

    5. The Coultergeist is not human, is it? 

  3. Ann Coulter (and you can include Bibi and his Likud Party) is one of the most evil, vile, disugustingly repugnant, despicable, repulsive people to have ever breathed (something I wouldn't care if she decided to defer for an hour or two).

  4. I know the others are more serious and more hateful, but what struck me was Peggy Noonan's comment on "dropping g's."  I guess it's not so much any more, but within my lifetime , and I'm pretty sure within hers, dropping g's was the hallmark of the huntin', shootin', fishin' British upper class.  Surely she isn't referring to the fact that Obama is sligible for the Sons of the American Revolution?  Does she think she is still fighting the Revolutionary War?  News for you, Peggy – you would have been a Tory.

  5. You know,I'm beginning to agree with those who say that without the Republicanus/Teabaggers, there will be no fodder for the comedians.  (shrug)  I'm willing to give it a try and go Republicanus/Teabaggerless!  You still have Canada's Harper . . . for now.

    1)  Peggy who?  Enough said!

    2)  Was Michele Bachmann ever a ward of the state and experimented on?  It seems so to me.  Unfortunately for us, the experiment failed and we now have a grade A idiot!

    3)  May the "Jurassic" Rush Limbaugh become extinct like the other dinosaurs he seems to represent.  Fred Flintstone said that dinosaur steaks are very good but in Rush's case,  I think even old Fred would "petooy" the first bite!

    4)  I wonder if there is an ebola microbe that is specific to Donald Trump only?  Oh, that wasn't nice of me . . . I was only thinking.

    5)  “To smuggle in weapons, guns, they’re invading, they’re murdering, they’re raping. …"  With the lax gun laws and the high volume of guns in the US, hasn't anyone told her that gun smuggling into the country is less a problem than Republicanus/Teabagger obstruction?  "…sometimes Palestinian kids get killed…"?  How about daily!  Linda Blair has nothing on Coultergeist!


  6. I clicked through, then wished I hadn't.  Limbaugh. Bachman, trump, Noonan all at once were more than my blood pressure can stand.  Idiots all.  I love Bob Scheiffer, but won't watch his program when Noonan is on there, she is so self assured, as if every word she says is a PRONOUNCEMENT> Can't stand the rest of them, either.  All you needed to do was add Rand Paul and I would be awake all night.

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