Aug 032014

In July, Politics Plus slightly down in every category, except Pages.  It’s mostly the time of year, and I’m surprised the summer doldrums missed us last month.  Here is our latest summary:



In the monthly totals, a Site is any website from which someone accessed our server, a Hit is every access attempt to our server, and a File is every access attempt to our server that returned data.  The difference between Hits and Files is from access attempts that were sent in error or damaged in transit and failed attempts by hackers, spammers, phishers, and Republicans to access the back end and take control of the site.  Any questions?

Here is our latest Clustrmap:


ClusterMaps misses a lot of, because many visits can’t be easily traced to a location.  It shows only the visits from March 2 to July 28, when it was last updated.

Here are our top five articles:

Jane Smiley: Capitalist Pigs 1/17/2010 1,637
A Republican Freedom 9/24/2013 856
Fighting the Republican war on voting 9/13/2011 776
Flight MH 17: Why? 7/20/2014 769
Last Week’s Republican Lunacies 6/9/25014 663

Several years are represented here.

Here are our top non-blog/news referrers.

Care2 4,571
Google 2,934
Stumbleupon 902

Were it not for a stellar performances from Care2, we would have really been hurting, because all the other majors fell way off..

Here are our top  blog/news referrers.

Normally I include 15 here, but these are the only ones with two or more referrals.  Putting their links here increases the ratings of their sites, so this “linkey love” is our thank you for their support.

Here are our top commentators.  As the resident Big Mouth, I don’t count.  Those who leave their URLs in their comment headers, also get “linkey-love” here.

Lynn Squance (143)
Patty (91)
Joanne D (82)
Edie (81)
Rixar13 (44)
SoINeedAName (36)
Jerry Critter (34)
Pat A (25)
Jim Phillips (24)
Avril lomas (9)
Phil (9)
Steve (6)
Vivian B. (6)
Yvonne White (5)
Infidel753 (3)

We have 280,512 links on other websites.

Our Technorati rating no longer exists, because Technorati no longer exists as a blog rating entity.    They have left a vacuum in blog authority rating.  If you learn of someone filling that need before I do, please let me know.

As of Midnight, August 1, we have 5,011 articles and 55,076 comments.

I recommend using your own avatar. Go to Gravatar.  Sign up using the email address you use to post comments here and upload the image you want to use as your avatar.  Whenever you comment under that email address here or on any WordPress blog (several others too), that image will become your avatar.

The 2014 elections are only three months away.  Republicans are returning home to their districts to lie to their constituents about all the wonderful things they have been doing in Congress.  If one is holding a town hall near your home, please consider attending and calling them out on their lies.  Please get out the vote!

I’m considering a new series to highlight and publicize your political activities.  It’s not quite all the way gelled, but stay tuned.

You make this site successful.  Thank you for everything that you do.


  7 Responses to “Monthly Report for July 2014”

  1. What Arielle (Care2) said.

    "Thank you, TC, for all you do – keeping us informed, making us laugh when laughing almost seems impossible, doing the site when you'd much rather sleep, etc. etc. etc. You are an inspiration to us all!"

    • Hear!  Hear!  Let's take a vote!  Shsh!  I'm counting , , , The Ayes have it!

      "Thank you, TC, for all you do – keeping us informed, making us laugh when laughing almost seems impossible, doing the site when you'd much rather sleep, etc. etc. etc. You are an inspiration to us all!"

      I am very glad that things didn't go in the summer doldrums.  It's time to ramp up for mid terms!

  2. Thanks for the recognition, TomCat!! I try to comment when I can. I tried to get the Gravatar to come up. I don’t know if it will work or not. We’ll see what happens. Wish me luck!

  3. Looks like it worked!! Thanks for the info on how to make an avatar!! Have a happy Friendship Day!

  4. Thank you, TC, for keeping us informed.  And…. what Joanne said.

  5. Thanks all.  Overslept big time.

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