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I’m writing for tomorrow, day 93.  I have not left for prison yet.  The plan is to crawl into bed, when I return home, and do the puzzle and upload the articles when I wake up.  Tomorrow is a grocery delivery day.

Late (early) Update:

The meeting was great and I now have my ID.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:03 (average 5:18).  To do it click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: Guess who Sen. John McCain blames for the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight 17? Yup, President Obama:


McConJob, in typical Republican fashion, has a special tool with which to hit every nail: a bomb.

From TPM: A federal appeals court dealt a huge blow to Obamacare on Tuesday, banning

the federal exchange from providing subsidies to residents of the 36 states it serves.

A divided three-judge panel on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the text of the Affordable Care Act restricts the provision of premium tax credits to state-run exchanges. The two Republican appointees on the panel ruled against Obamacare while the one Democratic appointee ruled for the law.

"We conclude that appellants have the better of the argument: a federal Exchange is not an 'Exchange established by the State,' and section 36B does not authorize the IRS to provide tax credits for insurance purchased on federal Exchanges," Judge Thomas B. Griffith wrote for the court in Halbig v. Burwell.

His ruling was joined in a concurring opinion by George H. W. Bush-appointed Judge A. Raymond Randolph, who said it would be a "distortion" to let the federal exchange provide subsidies. "Only further legislation could accomplish the expansion the government seeks," he wrote.

Carter-appointed Judge Harry T. Edwards voted to uphold the subsidies.

This may well be huge. Without doubt this decision will be appealed to the full DC Circuit court, and from there to the Supreme Court where the Fascist Five Injustices of SCROTUS (Republican Constitutional VD) await. This may well mean that Republicans in red states mazy be able to prevent their citizens from receiving their federal subsidy. This should be overturned, but we need to watch this one closely.

From Think Progress: Conventional political wisdom holds that a carbon tax could never pass Congress, largely thanks to the “tax” part.

But over the last few years, a remarkable number of economists, politicians, and business leaders have stepped up to support a carbon tax as the most job-friendly way to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Now thanks to a new poll, we can confidently add “majorities of American voters” to that list of supporters as well. A July survey run out of the University of Michigan and Muhlenberg College found that when certain uses are specified for the revenue — specifically investment in renewable energy or rebate checks back to taxpayers — 56 to 60 percent of voters support a carbon tax.

I’ve favored a carbon tax for years.  This would be great news if what the American peopled want had even the slightest effect on Republican legislators. It doesn't.




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  1. 3:39 ~  "Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for Thee."  John Donne

  2. Daily Kos ~ Wasn't h to blame for the Spanish Inquisition too?

    TPM ~ This is very shaky ground and I agree it will most likely go all the way to the "esteemed" SCROTUS of our land.

    Think Progress ~ Too bad Congrss doesn't follow the will of the people who elected them and pay their salaries.

    Cartoon ~ There's that wily Death Panel!

  3. My crystal ball WRT the Halbig ruling:

    The DC Circuit ruling will be appealed to en banc –> it'll then be reversed –> that, along with the Fourth Circuit ruling in support of ObamaCare, sets up an appeal to SCOTUS –> (and here is where I go out on a limb) SCOTUS will NOT grant cert because Roberts is concerned with his Legacy, and it was HIS vote that OK'd ObamaCare –> cert not granted, so the rulings stand –> ObamaCare survives!

    Bonus Prediction – I bet in the interim there will be a number of states now in the Federal exchange (wiped out if Halbig stands) who will start setting up a state exchange.

  4. That is some blinding verdigris.  Usually it is a lot more gris and less verd. 

    Daily Kos – Well, he's far from alone.  Allen West, for example (Asshole of the Day for July 18).

    TPM – The administration is not putting any subsicies on hold for this.  Yes, we do indeed need to watch closely.

    Think Progress – Well, certainly not THIS Congress.  (Pro and Con are opposites, therefore the opposite of Progress is Congress.)  We have an opportunity at the midterms.  I hope to heaven we will take it.

    Cartoon – Speaking of health care, money, and death benefits, yhe Hobby Lobby decision has made possible the IPO of a lifetime: Huitzilopotchtli, Incorporated!  A family owned, faith-based company with deep roots.  <a href="http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/07/20/1315405/-IPO-of-a-Lifetime-Huitzilopotchtli-Inc?detail=email"> (Warning: SATIRE!) </a>

  5. KOS:
    John McCain, IMO, suffers from some form of "mental illness"… Most of us have seen McCain over the years and know what he like, so to speak. McCain's "illness" might be Alzheimer's, Dementia, Narcissistic Personality Disorder or something else… lol.

    Write to John McCain-
    Share Your Opinion – United States Senator John McCain
    John McCain
    Please use the following form to contact Senator John McCain with your questions, comments, and concerns.  http://www.mccain.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact-form

    Simply stated under Subject: Health: "Please retire. Thank you."

    Thank You!
    Your comment has been submitted.

    Added Bonus: VIDEO:
    Maddow: Yes, Things Are Bad, But Imagine if John McCain Was President  


  6. Puzzle — 3:47  I'm practicing for 5 Nov:  Ding dong the wicked GOP is (politically) dead!

    Daily Kos — Unfortunately I couldn't hear this video but hey, it's McConJob, and some things just don't change. The man has some serious cognitive issues which are highlighted here.  His new name should be McNutJob!

    "…within seconds, McCain's story went from accusing Obama of letting a Ukrainian missile system fall into the wrong hands to accusing Russia of maintaining a special operation force that was responsible for shooting down the plane. Who knows, both of those scenarios seem plausible, but not at the same time … unless, of course, your priority is attacking President Obama, which obviously is bitter McCain's real agenda."

    And another example for which McConJob received the coveted "Asshole of the Day" award 06 Jun14: McConJob said he favours prisoner swaps on 18 Feb 14; McConJob blasts Obama for a prisoner swap 03 Jun 14; McConJob denies having said he favoured prisoner swaps and says the reporter is lying 06 Jun 14.

    TPM — "This may well mean that Republicans in red states may be able to prevent their citizens from receiving their federal subsidy." 

    Since so many people are seeing the benefits of the ACA, I have to think that there will constituents in those 36 red states that will be royally pissed at their Congress Critters when they can't receive their federal subsidy. Remind me again what the job of a Congress Critter is . . . represent their constituents? . . . or represent the party and the party ideology?

    Think Progress — So the majority of American voters say they support a carbon tax.  Some of those voters would also be the voters that voted for the shyster Republicanus/Teabaggers who infest the Congress with all manner of "No can do!"  I've reached a disconnect.

    Cartoon — I'm beginning to think that a new crucifixion  is needed . . . and not of the authentic Jesus.

  7. Congrats on getting your ID, that should simplify things for you.

    Daily Kos:  McCain needs to retire. He must fantasize about war, that seems to be his primary interest, to get American into another conflict.

    TPM:  Groan.  This is another opportunity for the Republicans and Tea Party to overturn the ACA.  It must be costing them a boat load of money or they would not be fighting it so hard.  Time for a bunch at Scrotus to retire or be impeached.

    Think Progress:  We all know that what the American public wants has little effect on the House.  They are there to protect the 1 percent, who pay to keep them in office.

    Cartoon: Sad but true 

  8. Thanks all.  Pit stop mode.  Hugs!

  9. Hey John McCain, STFU :mrgreen:

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