Jul 222014


Here is the fifty-third article in our Republicans on Parade series, featuring individuals who personify what the Republican Party has become. Today’s honoree is Faux Noise Propagandist Jeanine Pirro. She is so honored for sheer hatefulness with which she praises war criminals GOP Pootie and Butcher Ben, while spewing lies about the President of the US.

0722pirroThis has to be one of the most disrespectful, dishonest, insane rants I've seen since, well, the last time Fox's Jeanine Pirro went off the rails. Does anyone remember the day when talking about the President of the United States with even one hundredth the amount of the sheer vitriol used here would have the wingnuts screaming that you're a traitor, don't love your country and are basically guilty of treason?

Now apparently it's considered patriotic to tell him to put on "big boy pants," heap praise on the likes of Vladimir Putin and to continually call the president "weak," "feckless" and "dithering" because he doesn't live up to your fantasy of St. Ronnie Reagan that only exists in the minds of wingnuts and the hosts over at Faux "news."…

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Triple Barf Bag Alert!!


I never thought I would encounter a thing could make Rush Limbarf seem simpatico by comparison.  To call it a woman could get me trampled by a raging female mob.  To call it human could get me shunned by all who share that designation.  I’ll just have to call it Republican, and hope that it never escapes from the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise.


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  1. Here's a thought, Jeanine, Shut your big bazoo and let our President do his job. Instead of attacking him, jump on Congress for their obstructionism so that our President can change the laws. He can do nothing without cooperation. It's time for yu to retire and sit back with your drool cup and watch reruns of your own show.

  2. Since it was clocked at almost 8 minutes, and after reading the quoted words and phrases, and with my blood pressure, I decided I had better not start.  I expect it to be revisited by Alternet at the end of the week though.

  3. Man, I thought that she would never STOP!! Why doesn’t she try making some useful suggestions, instead of ranting and raving about St. Ronnie, the bad actor? I didn’t listen to most of it, because I just can’t stand her “holier-than-thou” attitude!!

  4. WoW~ what a bitch! Ive reached a point where i can't watch any news..B/P goes way up.This man is our President ..No respect nothing but hate and lies ..Never in my life time have i ever seen this..All because of a blk/man in the White House..

  5. I listened to three minutes. Like Sillyme, my blood pressure started going up.  I am sure this woman's ratings went sky high from her Fox viewers, that is all that network does,spew hatred.  This president has had to fight Congress for everything he has tried to do, their obstructionism has kept him from possibly being the best we have ever had.

  6. I started to listen to this last night right after you posted it.  But then I shut it off because I couldn't take it anymore, and I went to bed.  But would you please "supersize" those barf bags!

    OK, I have just made it through that irrational rant, although I am feeling the need for a vaccination to protect me from "bitch twitch".

    "Your security and freedom are in imminent danger."  My security and my freedom in danger?  Only from the likes of the Republicanus/Teabaggers, . . . and their propaganda department, Faux Noise.

    "…We won NATO!…"   When did NATO become an American entity?  Typical Manifest Destiny Republicanus/Teabagger!  Note to Pirro, do you have any idea why people from other nations don't care for Americans that much?  You just spoke why!

    I have an idea . . . why don't we call for Faux Noise to be declared a terrorist organisation!

    TC, that was cruel and inhumane posting!


  7. Thanks all.  Pit stop.  hugs!

  8. Fox News, Faux News, Fox Snooze – The Lies Keep Pouring In – Whether you call them Fox News, Faux News, or Fox Snooze, they're really a news organization, aren't they?

    I don't belieive Fox is allowed in Canada… :mrgreen:

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