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I’m writing for tomorrow, day 91.  I feel quite tired, because, between aches and cravings, I have been unable to sleep since people in the building woke me up at 3:00 AM to ask me if the dead cat they found in front of the building is mine.  Poor cat.  Hopefully I can catch a few Zzzz this afternoon. (I did).

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) dropped his plans to sue President Obama on Friday, explaining to reporters, “I realized it would mean doing something.”

In a brief appearance before the press, Speaker Boehner talked about his gradual realization that “filing a lawsuit requires effort and, yes, work.”

“I came to the conclusion that while suing the President would be the best thing for the American people, it would also require that I do something,” he said, struggling to retain his composure. “And that would be a betrayal of everything I stand for.”

As right on as Andy is about Agent Orange, he forgot that the purpose of the3 lawsuit is to do nothing, while merely appearing to do something.

From Daily Kos: As I introduce my new Center Against Religious Extremism report Hobby Lobby Case Linked To Secretive National Prayer Breakfast Group, "The Family"),

"In 2010 on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, author Jeff Sharlet publicly accused "The Family", which hosts the National Prayer Breakfast, of being directly responsible for the notorious Uganda Anti Homosexuality Bill, signed into law in early 2014. As this Center Against Religious Extremism (CARE) special report demonstrates, The Family is also tightly linked, through its affiliate The Gathering [fascist pseudo-Christians delinked], to the controversial Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case which gave broad new religious freedom rights to private corporations." 

Last September, three generations of the Green family – owners of the Hobby Lobby craft store chain and central plaintiffs in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case – attended The Gathering 2013 along with a Christian nonprofit that played a supporting "air traffic control" role in the Hobby Lobby case and also litigated Conestoga Woods v. Sebelius. Also present at The Gathering 2013 was the National Christian Foundation, which has funded the law nonprofits that litigated both the Conestoga and Hobby Lobby cases.

Because gay rights was the initial analytic vantage point from which I began studying "The Gathering [fascist pseudo-Christians delinked]", this new CARE report of mine is packed with with material on The Gathering as a central hub of evangelical anti-LGBTQ activism. But this concerns far more than gay rights.

This is the same group operates C Street, helps Republican politicians cover up their own scandals. Sen. Ensign’s bribery of his mistress’ husband is one notorious example. They also have advised GOP Pootie on how to better discriminate against Russian LGBT people. They are Dominionists, so they reject the First Amendment. Their attempt to make being gay a capital offense in Uganda was a test bed for doing the same here. Click through for an extensive exposé.

From Think Progress: Rep. Tom Marino’s (R-PA) press secretary was arrested on Friday for bringing a gun into the U.S. Capitol building. Ryan Shucard, press secretary for the congressman, allegedly brought a 9mm handgun and magazine into one of the House office buildings, reports Roll Call, but was promptly stopped by Capitol Police and detained. He is being charged with carrying a pistol without a license, a felony.

This is a new level of Republican ammosexuality.




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  1. 4:06 I found Nemo!

  2. 5:51 (average up to all of 5:23)Well, not unexpectedly difficult.

    New Yorker – SOunds to me like "I meant to do that."

    Daily Kos – "The Family" – "The Gathering" – "The Mafia" – "The Cosa Nostra" – and so it goes.

    Think Progress – "What?  I have a Constitutional right."  Reminds me of an old joke about a showgirl wearng an outfit with mega-cleavage tring to enter a Catholic church.  "But Father, I have a divine right!"  "And your left is also heavenly, but you still can't come in dressed like that."

    Cartoon – With limited food, water, and medical care, it's a miracle if any of them have the energy to play.

  3. I hope you sleep better today. Sorry for the dead kitty. Keep fighting those cravings. The benefits of not smoking far outweigh the momentary satisfaction you get from smoking.

    New Yorker ~ You have to admit that it's funny though. Agent Orange doesn't have to do anything but pay the lawyers with our tax dollars. Pure evil genius!

    Daily Kos ~ There is nothing family-like about any of them. Mafia members had more compassion for women and children than these turds have.

    Think Progress ~ Better check gun laws where you are. They differ from state to state and D.C. has it's own rules. Goovernment building have entirely seperate rules too and they are stricter than anywhere else because the politicians have to protect their precious lives above all.

    Cartoon ~ It makes me sick at heart.

  4. You know that I am sorry about the cat, but it would not have been any less dead if they had waited until morning, after 9 am to ask if it was yours.  Hope these are not like those people in your last building.

    The New Yorker:  If only Boehner would have  that much sense.

    Daily Kos:  I clicked through and almost wish I had not.  I will never understand why so many are so willing to persecute others just because they don't have the same agenda.  If they want to use Leviticus as their basis to discriminate against the LGBT community, they should also abide by all of it themselves.  I seriousl y doubt they would give up their shell fish or pork.

    Think Progress:  The idiot has probably carried the gun so often that he forgot he had it on his person.  I am so worried about the proliferation of states that are allowing anyone to carry a gun anywhere.  We are going back to the Wild West from the movies when every body had a six gun to shoot anyone who made them angry.

    Cartoon:   So sad that those children are suffering as they are.

  5. Puzzle — 3:46  I don't know who found who, but I guess physiotherapy is working on more than just my aching body!

    The New Yorker — He hasn't done any work so far, so why start now?  Putz!!

    Daily Kos — "…They are Dominionists, so they reject the First Amendment. …"  If they are Dominionists who reject the 1st amendment, then why are they supporting the "freedom of religion" strategy against the ACA for Hobby Lobby?  Don't get me wrong, the Family etc don't know squat about authentic Christianity.  Just a little 2 faced if you ask me.

    Think Progress — I wonder how far the Republican Congress Critter will go to have the charges dropped against his staffer?  I sure don't buy the staffer's line that he forgot he had it.  Next he'll shoot someone and claim he didn't know the gun was loaded.

    Cartoon — Yep, that's the Republicanus/Teabagger Jeeeezuz!


  6. Thanks all.  Rushing.

  7. In his March 27, 2014 Salon.com story Hobby Lobby’s secret agenda: How it’s quietly funding a vast right-wing movement Eli Clifton showcased a normally confidential “Schedule B” tax form from the 2009 990 tax return filed with the Internal Revenue Service by the National Christian Charitable Foundation. The NCF’s 2009 Schedule B form revealed a more than $54 million dollar contribution to NCF from Hobby Lobby’s CFO Jon Cargill, making Hobby Lobby-related contributions to the National Christian Foundation the NCF’s biggest single source of revenue that year.

    Big money, who would have guessed.?¿

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