Elizabeth Warren Wows Netroots

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Jul 202014


Usually Netroots Nation gets a lot of coverage, but war crimes by GOP Pootie and Butcher Ben have dominated the news cycle.  However, What Elizabeth Warren had to say in her Keynote Address was far too important to miss.  Warren knows far more than just the measure of Bought Bitch Mitch.  The credit she gives to blogs and bloggers for the successes the left has had is spot-on.  Here is her entire speech.

If you prefer you can find the transcript here.

What can I say?  If she were to announce her candidacy for the White House, I think she would become the President we’re waiting for.  I would become an instant supporter.


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  1. TC, your transcript link goes to "page not found".  The transcript link is:


    My sound isn't working on this video.  Works on some but not on others.

  2. I love Elizabeth Warren – and this is her at her glorious best!   God bless and protect her – wouldn't she make a wonderful President!  Utterly excellent speech in every way!

    I seem to remember seeing an article on Bernie Sanders saying that it would need something like 14 trillion dollars to restore the infrastructure ruined by years and decades of neglect – so why not spend the money and get America on its feet again and get everyone employed!  (Surely that is better than giving trillions to banksters and billionaires)


  3. Elizabeth Warren is awesome! A breath of fresh air & life… 

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  4. jess b on Care2 says "What did she have to say about the siege-assault on Gaza? Seems like she tried to run from the question, maybe a smart move, at the time?" 

    She has said she is NOT runnung for President.  She is not required to express an opinion on everything exactly since she is not running for President.  I would love to have her as President too.  I am not sure I could survive the stress of her campaign though.  But it's a decision I trust her to make.

    • Warren is a financial expert.  She lacks foreign policy experience.  She is therefore smart not to answewr questions, before she knows what her position will be.

  5. Best. Political speech. Ever. Too bad it wasn't a Presidential campaign speech, but I can understand Liz's reluctance to run; it's a job no completely rational person would willingly take on. However, if Ms. Warren changes her mind, she'll definitely get my vote. Although I rather like the idea of a female U.S. President (I voted for Cynthia McKinney and Jill Stein in recent past elections), if it turns out that Hillary is the Democratic candidate, I'll write in Alan Grayson, or Wendy Davis, or Earl Blumenauer, or Jeff Merkley, or any one of a too small handfull of qualified candidates that represent my values to fill the position. Hillary is a pit viper dressed up as a wolverine; because she serves corporate values rather than people's values, she will never get my vote.

  6. It is rather amusing that when I opened up this page, the first thing I see is the very recognisable Elizabeth Warren with her thumb and index finger held up, and the word "McConnell".  I immediately started laughing because she so easily could have been talking about McConnell's manhood!  Hell I'm still laughing!

    As I read the transcript, I could hear the determination and excitement in her voice.  She tells it like it is in words that everyone can understand.  She is not out to impress people with her words, but to inspire people to action.  Let's face it, rhetoric doesn't go very far, but action does.  If you lose a battle, it doesn't mean you've lost the war, just that you have to fight harder.

  7. Thanks, TC.  She speaks "common sense"  a language seldom heard in DC these days. I would definitely vote for her if she ran.

  8. Thanks all.  As much as I would love to lead the ABH fab club, I will sipport Hillary, if she becomes the nominee.

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