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I still know very little.  A gun-nut opened fire at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, OR, a few mile away.  The shooter is dead.  One student is dead.  Neither has been identified and we know nothing about the what motivated the perpetrator.  One teacher was wounded, but was treated at the scene.  By the time I post this, we will probably have more info.

Update: The victim is 14-year-old freshman Emilio Hoffman.  The shooter, an apparent suicide, has still not been identified.  He uses an assault weapon: an AR-15.

0611SchoolTuesday morning's fatal shooting at Reynolds High School is the 74th shooting on an American school campus since a lone gunman's attack on Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., in December 2012.

The list of shootings, which includes 13 school shootings in the first six weeks of this year, was compiled by Moms Demand Action for Guns Sense in America.

The 73rd shooting, according to the group, was last week's shooting at Seattle Pacific University, which claimed the life of a 19-year-old Westview High School graduate.

"We continue to keep it updated," said Stacey Radnor, a spokeswoman for the organization…

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I feel a bit stunned.  It hits home harder when it’s local.  But the list above makes it crystal clear that it’s local if far too many places.  Gun violence in schools has become epidemic.

From the right, the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise, seems to care only about demeaning the people who want responsible laws passed.

GOPGuns (2)

Fox News resident psychiatrist and Medical A-Team member Dr. Keith Ablow used an active shooting situation at an Oregon high school to pre-emptively attack “anti-gun nuts” for wanting to talk about gun saftey laws.

As the news was breaking of a shooting at Reynolds High School in Troutdale that reportedly left at least one person dead, Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle asked Ablow to talk about what could have led to the shooting…

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Dr. (using that term MOST loosely) Ablow failed to mention that the reason that the mental health delivery system is so shoddy in this country is that Republicans keep cutting the funding to the agencies that provide those services.  However, all he cared about was labeling reformers as “anti gun-nuts”.

Good gun reform will not solve the problem of school-shootings.  No single thing will, since our culture is dysfunctional in so many ways, but if common sense gun reform laws, like closing the gun show loophole, will save the life of one child, wouldn’t it be worth it?

As for Faux Noise and Republican Ammosexuals. they can take a long flying frack off a short pier!


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  1. In reaction to the shooting in Oregon, President Obama said "We should be ashamed." And he's right!

  2. The interviewer said that some of the shootings were premeditated at 42 seconds…. SOME of it?!  Under what circumstances do children carry assault rifles to school without thinking about it?!!  'Dr' Ablow makes me remember some of the awful mistakes that psychiatrists have made and the awful laws (and lack of any real system of gun control) that America has. 

    Apparently Australia had a terrible mass shooting a couple of decades ago and as a result tightened up its gun laws considerably – there are now very few shootings in Australia and I think the culture is still very macho – none of them feel emasculated by having access to assault rifles denied them!

    As I am sure we can all remember, being a teenager is hard enough without some of them having access to assault rifles – how awful for everyone.



  3. Sorry – should have put a pair of brackets in my first sentence (please blame my headache!)…. it should have read 

    The interviewer said that some of the shootings were premeditated (at 42 seconds)…

  4. The only way we will achieve anything as long as the organized gun maker opposition that is the NRA exists will be if sane and responsible NRA members leave the NRA and form a new organization for sane gun owners, and then ffght with us.

  5. It is sad and sickening to hear and read of all the killings at schools, one place all kids should feel safe.  At the rate we are going this country will return to the old West days, when everybody thought he was a gunslinger and daily killing was common. 

  6. I am so sick of hearing the cry of the 2nd amendment rights. . . of the right to carry guns if "I" want.  What about what society wants?  Kids are getting killed.  People are getting killed. And for what!?

    And what particularly makes me angry is that American gun violence is seeping into Canada!  Talk about a porous border!  Last week RCMP constables in Moncton, NB.  This week, a business owner severely wounded and 5 Vancouver police constables put in danger from a 61 year old man who likely was recently terminated from his employment.

    Indeed, mental health has to be on the top of the list for funds and access.  

    I read somewhere that a conservative in the US spouted "guns don't kill people, people kill people".  That is right.  However guns are the tool employed for this miscreant action.  Remove the guns from the equation AND treat mental illness.

  7. Thanks everyone.  This culture needs a lot of fixing, and Republicans stand in the way!

  8. You know what . . . I'd much rather be an anti-gun nut than an anti-people nut!  Enough said.  I'm off to bed!

  9. As for Faux Noise and Republican Ammosexuals. they can take a long flying frack off a short pier!

    I agree… 😆

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