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I’m writing for tomorrow and listening to news coverage of the Reynolds High School Shooting a few miles away (see lead article).  I had a long talk with the Director of Public Relations at my Medical Equipment Company.  She took responsibility and admitted that there was absolutely no reason they could now have waited until next month for by blood O2 levels.  In future they will send a med-tech here to get them, which they should have done this time.  The woman who overstepped her authority and acted so imperiously to my doctor’s assistant is in trouble.  Tomorrow is grocery delivery day, and I have lots of cleaning to do.  Day 51.


I’m overjoyed to announce that Eric Cantor (R-VA) has been TEAbuggered!  A Bagger beat him ion the primary!!  It is the first time a sitting Majority was defeated in a primary since 1899.  Bratt said he won because of Republican Supply-side Jesus (the polar opposite of the real Jesus) and ran on hatred for Latinos.  Hid Democrat opponent and he are professors at the same college, and the Dem is more popular among the students  than the Bagger, but the district is one of the most heavily Gerrymandered in the country, so engineered to protect Cantor.  No doubt Cantor will become a well paid lobbyist.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 2:58 (average 5:26).  To do it click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) ripped former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s new book, “Hard Choices,” today, telling reporters, “I read it, and honestly, I didn’t find anything in it worth plagiarizing.”

Calling the new book “disappointing,” Sen. Paul said, “I read a lot of books, and it’s rare that I don’t find a passage or two to lift here or there. I just read the second Harry Potter book and I thought there was some dialogue of Voldemort’s that could work well in my stump speech. But this Hillary book? Nada.”

Hillary’s book must really be horrid. Before this, nobody had ever written anything so bad that Idiot, Son of Idiot, Named after Idiot wouldn’t steal it!

From Daily Kos: A new poll by Lake Research Partners finds some reasons for that. Walmart’s reputation is suffering among consumers, with 28 percent saying they have an unfavorable view of Walmart, compared to just 13 percent unfavorable for Target and just six percent unfavorable for Costco. Walmart’s low wages and bad treatment of its workers are registering on shoppers; just 27 percent say that "treats its employees well" is a good description of Walmart, while 42 percent say it is not. The numbers are even more skewed when people are asked if "well paid employees" applies to Walmart. And those views of the company are affecting how much people shop at its stores.

That’s great news. I can summarize my Wal-Fart shopping advice in one word: DON’T!

From NY Times: He is a Democrat in a marquee Senate race, pressed by a strong Republican in a state with a challenging political environment. So when a new proposal to limit power plant emissions was seen as posing a threat to allies of the Obama administration, Senator Mark Udall of Colorado acted quickly: He embraced the plan.

“Coloradans have seen firsthand the harmful effects of climate change, including severe drought, record wildfires and reduced snowpack,” Mr. Udall said in a statement shortly after the Environmental Protection Agency plan was made public last week. “The E.P.A.’s draft rule is a good start, and I will fight to ensure it complements the work we have already done in Colorado and provides states the flexibility they need to make it successful.”

The E.P.A. proposal to reduce carbon pollution from power plants was deemed a political gift from the Obama administration to Republicans running for Senate seats in the coal-producing states of Kentucky and West Virginia, and an anchor around the necks of their Democratic opponents. Elsewhere, the threat of higher electricity bills and Republican attacks about another federal power grab were supposed to send Democrats scurrying for cover and distance from the White House.

But Mr. Udall’s example shows that not all Democrats look at it that way.

Kudos to Mark Udall. The way to seal with opposition to the plan is to expose the Republican lies on which all such opposition is based.




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  1. 3:56 That hungry TC beat me to the little birdie by a lot!


  2. That woman who overstepped her bounds will surely get her comeuppance. Doctors don't really like others to second guess them.

    Here's another breaking news which I found just as delightful as Eric Cantor's loss in the primary. The Veteran's Bill finally passed in the House. I don't know if it's a clean bill but it's all they have right now. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2014/06/10/oops-house-votes-twice-on-veterans-bill-after-sponsor-misses-first-vote/comment-page-1/

    Daily Kos ~ We're making headway in getting people to stop giving their hard-earned money to the Walton family. Down with Wal-Fart!

    NY Times ~ It's like we always said, the Dems have to start telling the truth about what this Administration has done for the good of the people. Prove the TeapublicanTs wrong. Expose their lies.

    Cartoon ~ Damn libruls are right!

  3. I got the same as Patty with the puzzle! 

    Daily Kos – how is it that people in America don't know about WalMart and their prices, wages and policies – I know and I am over here!  (Rhetorical question, I do realise there are people all over the world who don't care about others and keep determindly ignorant of such subjects – and the vast majority of them vote Right Wing).

    Good for Mark Udall – there was a speaker over from Germany to Galway University a few days ago, speaking about Green Energy – he apparently touched on the inertia from governments and said that we must emphasise to people that Green Energy is CHEAP and in a few years (paying off purchase price and installation costs etc) it will be free!  As we know entrenched interests are doing their best to muddy the waters and lie about such things, we must keep emphasising the monetary savings to those who don't care about climate change and climate chaos!

    Brillliant cartoon TC – well done!



  4. 6:11  I knew it would be tough.  Too much admiring the littlr jeweled darling instead of concentrating.

    Breaking – I suspect a big factor here was that slightly less crazy Republicans were overconfident because of the polls and the money, and stayed home in droves.  This is a horrible warning for us if so.  We could have a Brat-by-name-brat-by-nature in the House next year.  More to the point, we could lose the Senate.

    New Yorker – That doesn't necessarily mean it's bad.  If you listen to him, he never steals anything that makes sense.

    Daily Kos – How nice.  Apparently Target hasn't been exposed yet.  Costco does seem to treat its employees better than the other two without losing business to lower prices.

    NY Times – And I am so proud of him.  I might add he has voted his conscience from Day One.  Very occasionally his vote disagrees with what I would expect, and he is always willing to explain why, and even if I still don't agree, it makes sense.

    Can't add a syllable to the cartoon.

  5. In light of Cantor's defeet ( yeah, the spelling is correct as Cantor is walking out the door), I'll bet that Republicans are wishing that they had supported abortions now!  Think of it . . . Republicanus could have aborted, and continue to abort, the Teabaggers!  What a dream!!!

  6. Breaking: Eric Cantor. Just who is David Brat and where does he stand on issues? 



    New Ayn Rand Nutjob Goes to Washington? The Scary Economic Thinking of Dave Brat
    Majority Leader Eric Cantor is ousted by a Rand-worshiping econ professor.



    Since Cantor is no longer "in line" to become the next speaker of the house. If John Boehner does step down and retires, who would be next in line for that position? There is talk that Paul Ryan just might be that person if he wants the job. Right now, with the immigration issue upfront, there is a huge vacuum in the gop leadership. Maybe, just maybe that people are getting fed up with the obstructionism and power broker, corporate tactics of the gop in Congress is why the voters decided to oust Cantor.


  7. I am glad you got the Medical Equipment fiasco straightened.  The woman SHOULD be in trouble.

    The New Yorker:  Rand would probably plagiarize "See spot run" if he were not afraid it was about a mixed race child, he certainly doesn't want them to have any notice.  He embarrasses me everytime he speaks.  I am not even in his district yet he still represents me. Yuck

    Daily Kos:  Looks like all the publicity we have been giving Wal Mart about the way they treat their employees is working.  I post every petition and ad I receive about this on Facebook.

    NY Times:  I wonder if Udall would consider moving to Kentucky?  Nahh

    The cartoon says it all.

    I celebrated when I heard Cantor was gone, too, but after reading about who defeated him some of the air went out of my balloon.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the guy does not defeat his Democratic opponent.   

  8. Puzzle — 2:59  My little wings could not quite keep up!  Maybe it's the weight of my big feet!

    The New Yorker — Andy's been on a roll lately!  . . .  but I didn't know that Rand Paul could read!

    Daily Kos — I am surprised that WalFart didn't have a higher unfavourable rating.  There's an old saying that "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."  I guess there are 72% of the people that were fooled by WalFart!  Lord knows it doesn't include any of the 1% because they would not deign to shop and WalFart.  Besides, they support the Waltons.

    NY Times — A man of conscience!  . . . good conscience!  How refreshing!

    Cartoon — If it isn't removing education or the SNAP programme or school lunches, then it is defending gun rights beyond all else, including common sense.

  9. Thanks all.  I'm pooped and running out of gas fast!

  10. "Rand Paul Calls Hillary’s Book Not Worth Plagiarizing"

    Priceless…. :mrgreen:

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