Bill Maher on Open Carry

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Jun 092014

Any time I get an opportunity to share a Bill Maher clip with you, I do, hoping that it is not gone before you get to see it.


Last night, Bill Maher tore into the "ammosexuals" who want to open carry everywhere…

Inserted from <Daily Kos>


There is nothing I can add to mage that funnier or more accurate!


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  1. "AMMOsexuals"… lol… 

    Excellent Bill Maher commentary! 


  2. Brilliant, Bill! Thank you.

  3. Bill Maher was utterly wonderful – so witty, so droll, so utterly brilliantly apposite!  I had always thought there was something Freudian about these people clutched their guns to them whereever they went – at Wendy's – were they expecting armed attack when eating fast food?  Ammosexual is a perfect way to describe them!

    Oh dear, at 3.30 there was a picture so awful there that Bill really should have warned us – oh dear!!

  4. Should the video disappear, it should still be at the Daily Kos link, and with a transcript (and some hysterical comments).  Granted Bill delivers it better than a transcript.  I can't say he delivered it totally with a straight face, though.  Probably many cracked up at the same places that he almost did.

  5. Bill nails it again!! “Take your gun to work” day will be next!!

  6. I agee totally with Bill M.

    Of course we have to remember that Bill owns a gun and has said he will never give it up. In his position, I can't blame him.

    • It is one thing to own a gun, but a totally different thing to be wedded to it.

  7. "AMMOsexuals"?  How will the right wing nuts deal with that?  Too funny!  I particularly like his last comment,

    "Now the silver lining in all this is these heavily armed flash mobs that have been alarming people in restaurants lately have managed to do what thousands of progressive legislators could not. They got guns banned. Yeah, one by one, all these restaurants said nope, sorry, you can no longer take a gun into Chipotle, or Chili's, or Applebee's, or Wendy's, or Jack in the Box.  From now on, if you want to die in one of these places, you're going to have to do it the old-fashioned way, by eating their food! "

    I can just hear John Houseman saying that last part.

  8. I don't have HBO so I am always glad when someone shares his posts. This was a classic.

  9. Thanks all.  Tuckered rush mode engaged.

  10. Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rules – Open Carry


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