Rachel on Witch Hunts

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May 122014

Republicans get very strange, when it comes to witches.  They seem to think that devil is hard at work through broomstick riding crones.  They are so over the top on the subject that the only thing anyone will ever remember about the candidacy of Christine O’Dingbat was her claim not to be one.  Rachel Maddow had some fun with the Great Benghazi Witch Hunt, before getting serious.

0511OdingbatRep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) said the following on the House floor yesterday, “[Democrats] would blame our insistence upon getting the truth as a political ‘witch hunt.’ Well, Mr. Speaker, that must mean that there’s a witch somewhere.”

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has a bit of fun with the inanity that is otherwise known as Pete Sessions. Critics have charged the announced Select Committee on Benghazi will amount to nothing more than a partisan ‘ witch hunt’. With some background on the Salem witch hunts from the 17th century, before going back even further with a sketch from Monty Python’s "Holy Grail" where villagers accuse a woman of witchcraft. Sessions isn’t just some rank-and-file knucklehead either, but was once the chairman of the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee)… [emphasis original]

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I think Nancy Pelosi was wrong to boycott the Republican Katrina Cover-up Committee in 2005. The problem with that tactic is that the mainstream media tends to parrot Republican lies, without challenge, so the truth is never heard. I think that attending the committee is a better solution, as the media tends to cover the conflict, when Democrats challenge Republican lies, and it gives us access to subpoenaed materials that support the truth, which Republicans would otherwise bury. However appointing just one or two strong progressive Democrats (no DINOs) to that committee gives us the needed "in your face" presence, and document access. It also serves as protest and minimizes time wasted by having five in a powerless role.

Finally, when Rachel said “there is no witch”, I trust that she meant the Satanist broom-riding set and intended no disrespect to people of the Wiccan faith.  Nor do I.


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  1. Given the examples that she gives, the question answers itself.  When Republicans investigate Republicans, it's safe to boycott, because they will turn up nothing.  When Repuiblicans investigate Democrats, someone needs to be there to speak truth.  I agree with TC therefore, and one or two true Progressive Democrats are needed on the "Committee." 

  2. If the gop/tp wants to conduct a Benghazi Witch Hunt, then they should start and begin right here:

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R) Yes, I "Absolutely" Cut Embassy Funding Thus GOP Let Benghazi Happen

    "I know everyone already knows that in 2009, Darrell Issa, Jason Chaffetz, Paul Ryan and the other House Republicans voted to cut funding for Embassy Security from President Obama's Embassy Security Request … ya know … because the House GOP are against everything President Obama says or does because … ??? who the hell knows why – they're haters?"

         "Anyway, since Darrell Issa is doing his hearings on Benghazi today, I thought I'd post this Diary as a reminder that, due to the GOP Cuts in Embassy Funding, I conclude that the House GOP let Benghazi happen by cutting the Administration's request for additional funding on Embassy Security."


    Barbara Boxer: ‘The Benghazi Scandal’ ‘Starts With Republicans’ Who Cut Funding For Embassy Security

    "In a speech on the Senate floor on Tuesday, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) said that Republicans in Congress should look into a mirror when asking why the attack on an American consulate in Benghazi was as deadly as it was. She said that House Republicans who voted to cut security funding for overseas embassies are directly responsible for the lack of security personnel at that outpost. Boxer’s claim is contradicted by testimony delivered before a Congressional Oversight Committee hearing last week." VIDEO: 



    • You are 100% correct. The TeapublicanTs cut the funding but they won't accept responsibility

    • Thanks for the links, Jim.  I shared them on Facebook for my Republican friends to see.

    • Of course,l that fact, whivh I also ppointe out during the first Benghazi hearing many months ago, will not be brought up as a topic for discussion in the hearings or by most MSM.

  3. I agree, TC, the Democrats need to be right in your face with the Republicans and challenge them at all opportunites, they have become too timid in confronting the Republican lies.

  4. The hearings ad nauseam on Benghazi are a waste of time and tax payer money, but hey, that is what the Republicanus/Teabaggers are good at.  One need look no further than the number of times that the fools have tried to repeal Obamacare.  Should the Democrats boycott this next round of hearings, or not?  The phrase "fight fire with fire" comes to mind in thinking about this decision, and Elijah Cummings is the perfect example.  Issa is a coward for not wanting to hear Cummings' question nor answer it.  His actions show me that Issa is just grandstanding.  He lies like a rug when he says he wants fair and balanced hearings.  He only wants the Republicanus/Teabagger position to come out.

    In an election year especially, the Democrats cannot afford to boycott the hearings no matter how inane they are . . . and they are supremely inane.

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