Benghazi Watchdog Hypocrites

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May 092014

Republicans claim that their new select committee on Benghazi is serious investigation.  Let any Democrats question this, and these Republicans accuse them of spitting in the faces of four murdered heroes.  In that case, what is it when these same Republicans ignore the head of that committee to use both him and it as an opportunity for their second favorite (behind election theft) activity: sheeple-fleecing.


Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) told a Morning Joe panel Wednesday morning that the GOP should not use the Benghazi Select Committee — of which he was just appointed chairman — as a fundraising tool. But as he spoke, a National Republican Campaign Committee website was doing just that.

“I have never sought to raise a single penny on the backs of four murdered Americans,” Gowdy said on MSNBC. “There are, even in a culture of hyper-partisanship, certain things that ought to be above politics, like the murder of our four fellow Americans.”

But [Republican Party delinked], an NRCC-run website, proclaims, “House Republicans will make sure that no one will get away from Gowdy and the Select Committee… [emphasis original]

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Republicans are always desperate for a meme to distract, energize and fleece their rabid base.  Chris Hayes explains their motivation in much greater detail.

This is hypocrisy at its worst.  The so-called rationale for this investigation is that the second Whitehouse document dump at Congress’ request contained an email that had been omitted from the first document dump.  Therefore Republicans claim a Democratic cover-up.  However, that email had no information that was not also included in several other documents that were released.  If effect, Republicans are  accusing the Obama administration of a cover-up for withholding information that the Republicans already have from them.

This is how Republicans in Congress are spending $millions of YOUR tax dollars!

Every Republican in office is one Republican too many!


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  1. I read a short piece about the US Embassy bombing in Beirut in April 1983 in which 63 Americans were killed. Then 6 months later, 241 American servicemen were killed in the US Barracks bombing in Beirut.  All this happened under the watchful eyes of President Ronald Reagan and VP George H W Bush.

    Over 300 American lives lost and nary a peep!  The first attack should have been a warning, but in my mind, there was little if any added precautions at the barracks.  A truck was able to travel straight through the wire fence and into the lobby of the barracks building.

    Where was the moral indignation from the Republicans then?  Where were the investigations and the call for heads to role?

    It is amazing how times change!  Are 4 deaths more important than the 304 from Beirut 30 years ago?  I don't think the families would think so.  All the lives lost were important.

    But now the Republicanus/Teabaggers dishonour the memories of the Benghazi 4 by using their deaths as political fodder and for fund raising for a morally bankrupt party.  InsaniTEA at its worst!  I think anyone who can not see or does not want to see what the Republicanus/Teabaggers are up to, are themselves morally bankrupt. The whole situation is not hard to see.

  2. This is how they live their lives. They believe their own lies about that Black Man in the White House. Anything they can say to detract from his good work and cause fear and doubt in their paranoid base' minds is good work to them.

    "Paranoia strikes deep. Into your life it will creep."

  3. Could we ask Americans to realize this is preparation for 2016 and a distraction from the record of republicans as we begin the 2014 elections?  The ACA did have a bumpy roll out, but even in Red states, it's working.  That was I believe the plan of attack for 2014.  Scratch that.  Nothing is too low or dirty for politics we all know that, from mocking the Clinton's expected grandchild to rolling out another nauseating look at Monica Lewinsky.  (What brand of cigars is she smoking these days?) Now out of shear desperation the Benghazi train is rolling again.   How many investigations will we have on Benghazi?   As many as possible to try to win elections on the backs of four dead men.  Claiming that this attack would not have happened under Romney is a silly as claiming this is the worst attack ever.  Yes, Obama was in a fight for re-election and obviously a bit distracted, the first reactions show that neither the White House or the State Department had a clue, it did take a few days to figure out what happened.  Those days under an Obama administration must therefore, have been used to nefarious purpose.   

    If one wants to look up the deaths by attacks on US embassies, there is a chart from 1970 forward and I think this quote is fitting:  
    "Every ambassador and [foreign-service officer] understands the risks we take in being abroad,
     Chamberlin says. "I don't know any ambassador who hides in his embassy. Getting out with the public and speaking is our job, it's why we're there. If you don't want to do that you shouldn't go."

    We live in a world filled with terrorists, and whether directly or indirectly many countries including the US and Russia, are financing terrorist activity.  The US policy of cleaning up after a war since WWII has cost trillions of dollars, most will never be fully accounted, though Obama has placed a sharp man in Afghanistan to attempt to do just that. It seems he is trying to empty an ocean of corruption with a teaspoon.  We don't see Congress looking into this expensive policy filled with the potential to do more harm to the US.  Benghazi is nothing more than a BUZZ word.  The meaning is easily transparent, "We need a distraction for 2014 elections.
    Thanks TC.

  4. I can't add a syllable to what has already been said.  Unless it's that such a massive smokescreen juat has to be concealing massive flames in their own back yard.  If we had newspapers and investigative journalism maybe someone could find out what it/they is/are.  But Republicans have seen to that too.

  5. Rethuglicans using the deaths of four Americans as a political tool?  Shocked, I tell you … shocked!

    Of course if you remember, the RNC decided to hold their first Convention after 9/11 at Madison Square Garden – mere blocks away from the fallen World Trade Centers … and tried to claim it wasn't "political".

    So following their own guidelines, I'm suggesting that the RNC hold their 2016 Convention in (you got it) BENGHAZI!!!


    THU MAY 08, 2014 AT 11:40 PM PDT 
    The NYT Editorial Board Get It Right 
    Email 63 Comments / 63 New 
    Bang on the money if you ask me 

    The Republican Party whilst doing nothing for the nation have decided a fun way to do less than nothing and with complete disregard to any costs incurred. 

    On the kangaroo court 

    Republicans vying for a seat on the Benghazi kangaroo court, also known as the Select House Committee to Inflate a Tragedy Into a Scandal. 
    All because the frothing at the mouth brigade smell blood where there is none. 
    Of course the GOPs persecution complex is also fed. 

    The day before, they voted to hold in contempt Lois Lerner, the former Internal Revenue Service official whom they would love to blame for the administration’s crackdown on conservative groups, if only they could prove there was a crackdown, which they can’t, because there wasn’t. 
    As for Democrats joining in the Benghazi Circus 
    Democrats who are now debating whether to participate in the committee shouldn’t hesitate to skip it. Their presence would only lend legitimacy to a farce. 
    As for Republican disregard of others rights 
    Little nuisances like constitutional rights or basic facts can’t be allowed to stand in the way when House Republicans need to whip up their party’s fury.
    Republicans have demonstrated yet again that when they cannot start preemptive wars, torture, give the wealth of the nation to the rich, persecute anyone not like them, they fall into their standard set of procedures: 
    1] If we cannot impeach a President we will just fuck up government. 

    2] Hold pointless proceedings to stir up the crazy. 

    3] If all else fails throw a wrench into the works and then go on Fox Noise to complain that the wrench has broken the works. 

    It is astounding that they look at science as a conspiracy. 

    It is funny [in a sick kind of way] how they regard equality for all as infringing upon their rights. 

    It is going to be an ugly couple of years. 

  7. Where oh Where. is the OUTRAGE?

    Add to the bombing  re. HMS. Cole etc.the LIARS WAR. 5,000 American service members, many more disabled,

    Many thousands of Iraqi,s 100,000,plus..,… .(mostly innocent members of the population.Millions of $ spent,and all on the words of a group of Repug liars.,Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfelt.(and more)

    One of them, indicted by the International Court (in the Haigh) for crimes against humanity.(Cheney, of course.)

    Much as I regret the deaths of the ambassador and three associates. I believe that every death counts.No one goes to the top of the list!(of importance) and this recurring  investigation is political and outrageous.

    Also ,may I add, VERY EXPENSIVE for the American tax payer. The Drama queen , (Good old Darryl) has already cost the taxpayers ,in excess of  $14 million .Now Repugs have added  requests for donations . !!WOW.

    Where IS the OUTRAGE?  Wake up America. get your heads out of wherever you keep them.!

  8. They have whipped up a frenzy amongst their followers, with the help of faux news.  They conveniently omit that they voted down funds for extra security at all embassies.  ACA is working, so they are losing that battle, resurrect another one.  McConnell is lambasting us in Ky with his ads about Obama's "War on coal"  and pretending that he has been helping the coal miners all along.  There is no limit on the depths of deception that they will use.

  9. The Republican Party has no agenda of their own.  They hopew this faux scandal will distract voters the way their jobs, jobs, jobs meme did in 2010.

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