Why Sheeple Stay Stupid

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May 032014

While President Barack Obama was dealing with important matters of State, John “Agent Orange” Boehner (R-OH) was busy scheming the next waste of Congress’ time and Taxpayers’ money reinvestigating a phony Republican scandal that has already been thoroughly debunked.  Meanwhile the Republican Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise, helped make sure that sheeple stay stupid, by pulling coverage from the President to plug the deceptive Republican meme.

FoxSheepFox News stopped airing President Barack Obama’s joint press conference Friday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel because, the network said, reporters weren’t asking him about Benghazi.

The topic has animated the conservative news network, and especially so Friday because Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) had just announced the House will vote to establish a select committee to investigate the Obama administration’s response to the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate that left four Americans dead.

When cutting away from the news conference, Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner was quite blunt about the fact that Benghazi was all Fox wanted to discuss at that moment… [emphasis added]

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Here’s the video:

Being denied serious news in favor of propaganda is why sheeple stay stupid.

Ask sheeple a serious question.  They will consult the Koch Suckers Handbook and say, “BA-A-A-A-A!”  Then they will check the Koch Suckers Handbook again and parrot that nobody told them what to say, that “BA-A-A-A-A!” is their own idea.  No wonder Faux Noise viewers are less informed than those who watch no news at all.


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    Darrell "Grand Theft" Issa is set to begin investigating why then Sec. of State Hillary Clinton did not order Ambassador Susan Rice to immediately pay rancher Cliven Bundy's delinquent grazing fees!

  2. So sad, so true, TC! 

    (Nice one, Nameless!).

  3. Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi….Why: Because people are stupid, stupid, stupid. This has already been investigated, researched and had enough money tossed from the various investigative bodies and the Congress, we could start a country with the budget for the BS Benghazi "scandal." When there is no there, there, make up more crap and sell it on the FOX pretend news. If they feel frustrated at the lack of answers, well stuff happens, and wanna be terrorists do act out. Our embassies like all embassies are subject to local laws and constraints on the number of guards we are allowed to have, and limited military impact in the region, so we must follow the rules of the law, what an idea. Benghazi, however was NOT an embassy but a consulate, and the constraints on security are much tougher. Who was it that cut the spending for military and security for our embassies and consulates? Oh yeah, the republican Congress.

    If the republicans really want a scandal, look back to 1983 and Libya. Now that was fodder for a scandal. As was the trumped up make believe war with Granada to distract the public. Yeah, people are suckers!

    Tasunka is absolutely correct – ya can't fix stupid, but it is possible to ignore the noise.

    Thanks TC!

  4. The only thing "breaking" about Benghazi is my heart over how stupid people continue to be. FAUX, Boehner, Mitchell and the rest of them will continue to beat this dead horse just like the other one. Everyone remembers the beatings the ACA is still getting from these people I'm sure.

  5. Well, yes, you can ignore the noise.  Or you can counter the noise with counter-information, like misstexaskitty's example of Libya in 1983.  (Not to mention the fact that it was Republicans who were responsible for any security cuts which might have affected Benghazi.)  I'm for judicious use of counter noise myself.  The truth is certainly out there, but it needs to be in people's faces.

  6. Benghazi is breaking news????  Where has Faux News been all this time?  Oh yea, they call it "breaking news" because Boehner brought it up again as part of a distraction.  Must be an election year!

    It has already been investigated to death by Issa and his parade.  Why don't they investigate the death of a single mother in Florida who could not afford health insurance and was ineligible for Medicaid because Florida opted out of the Medicaid expansion?  How many more people have been put in this very situation because of the callousness of Republicanus/Teabaggers?  Now there is something worth investigating!

  7. Stupid is as stupid does..;) FAUX watchers are easy to spot, luckily! They're red-faced & obnoxious, but not in a good way..:)

  8. Fox News IS no news.  It amazes me that people who are relatively intelligent continue to watch this drivel.  No mention is made on faux news of the dozens of embassy attacks under Dubya's administration.  I have given up on those people who still insist that their news is "fair and balanced.?

  9. Amen to all the aboved!

  10. "Being denied serious news in favor of propaganda is why sheeple stay stupid."

    I have to laugh rather than cry… 😆 vs 😥

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