Maher on Crazy Gun Laws

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Apr 272014

I have said before that I love to bring you Bill Maher, when I can.  Here he is in all his glory, but instead of the New Rules, this is an outtake of Maher being serious, or at least as serious as he gets.  Sadly, it is also largely a criticism of Democrats that is all too well deserved.


Bill Maher and his Real Time panel ripped Democrats again on Friday for not setting themselves apart from Republicans when it comes to gun safety laws, pointing out that even Fort Hood shooter Ivan Lopez questioned how easy it was for a person with mental health issues to have access to firearms months before attacking the base.

“Our gun laws are so crazy, even crazy people know that they’re crazy,” Maher said.

Daily Beast editor-in-chief John Avlon agreed, mentioning the bipartisan gun bill that could not make it into law despite overwhelming public support following the 2012 mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut…

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Maher is right.  Far too many Democrats tuck tail over threats from Wayne LaPierre and the blood for profit lobby.  Democrats need to look at common-sense gun safety regulation as an opportunity.  Wedge issues with 90% public support are hard to find.  Use it!

One place to start is to ask a potential gun buyer is how they vote.  If they say “Republican” or “Duh” (Republican in TEAbaggerse), then a lengthily mental evaluation to determine their sanity should be performed, before the purchase is allowed.  After all, since Bill wasn’t trying to be funny, it’s my turn. 😉


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  1. The shooter at Ft. Hood said it best. "It is stupid to me that anyone can have access to a powerful weapon without being mentally evaluated." He posted this on his Facebook page 6 months before going on his shooting rampage. I agree that the government is partly responsible for all these shooting because they bow to the NRA.

  2. Surprise at what so called democrats do is ever present. My point for some time now is that they are not Democrat's but something other. Why would the FCC for instance give control of the internets to corporations. It hasn't happened yet but chances may be good it could. I want to hear one of those Dems on the board say "BULL SHIT ON THAT". The other side is supposed to do that kinda shit now ours does the same. What maybe used to be ours anyway.

    Just saying that the surprise factor should be long over by now.

    • Fly, there's a lot more to that than meets the eye.  The FCC did adopt a rule thst protected Net Neutrality, but REPUBLICAN judges on the DC Federal Appeals Court ruled that they HAVE TO allow a fast streaming lane for the likes of Netflix and Comcast.  The proposed rule contans many of the protections in the old rule.  It should come available for comment in May, and although I oppose it, on principle, consider the alternative.  If the FCC had disobeyed the order, it would have gone to SCROTUS and surfing while black or brown would have become a felony.  I identify with your anger, but you're blaming the wrong people.

      • So the FCC has no say in this matter TC?

        • As long as the internet is classified the way it is, there's not much the FCC can do.  However, the FCC could reclassify the internet.  That is what all the petitions are asking for.

        • Joanne almost has it.  What the FCC might do is to reclassify broadband companies as Title II common carriers, like cell phone companies, which brings their regulation under the FCC umbrella. Hoiwever, it might be wiser for them to wait to do so, until the strong Republican bias in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, brought on by Republican obstruction of Obama's appointments has been relieved. Another potential problem is that Congress could change the  FCC mandate or hold their funding hostage.

  3. This is the area where the survey that showed BOTH Liberal AND Conservatiove politicians believe their constituencies are more Conservative than they are really shows up.  Conservatives think they have backing they don't really have.  Liberals are fully backed by their constituencies but fear they are not.  Of course, fiascos like the recall in Colorado last year just make it harder to see where the truth lies.  (Incidentally John Morse who was recalled at that time has a new project which I believe deserving of support.)

    I have been saying for thirty years that the NRA should be the LEADER in developing responsible gun control.  It does have many sane members – I have talked with some – they are not all like Wayne LaPierre.  But if they abdicate to Wayne LaPierre and his ilk, eventually there will be a backlash that puts in gun control that they will not like.  And I still believe that will come.  Maybe about the same time as the bloody Revolution, but still, eventually.

    • When I was an NRA member, the NRA did support rewasonable gun laws.  That was before it became a front group fro the gun industry.

  4. We do have crazy gun laws, and this latest ruling in Georgia shows that cleary.  Dems back down too often, for too many reasons. 

  5. Amen Patty and Edie!

  6. Thank you TomCat for Bill Maher and his Real Time… 😆

    “Our gun laws are so crazy, even crazy people know that they’re crazy,” Maher said.


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