Injustice Commits Sedition

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Apr 212014

The Fascist Five Injustices of SCROTUS, Republican Constitutional VD, have been on a tear of late, shredding the Constitution at every opportunity.  However, one of them just hit a new low.  Antonin Scalia, a Ronald Reagan appointee, has publicly called for the overthrow of the government of the US, if Republicans don’t get their way.

0421ScaliaHatDuring an event at the University of Tennessee’s law school on Tuesday, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia suggested to the capacity crowd that perhaps they should revolt against the U.S government if their taxes ever get too high.

During a question and answer part of the event, a student asked Scalia about the constitutionality of a federal income tax. Scalia assured the questioner that the tax was in fact permissible by the constitution, but added that if it ever became too high, “perhaps you should revolt.”

The remark, first reported by the Knoxville News Sentinel, has become a common rhetorical flourish for conservatives nationwide during the Obama presidency.

A state Tea Party chairman in Mississippi called for armed rebellion ahead of Obama’s reelection in 2012, and a Texas Judge told a local news station that he was prepared to join a “civil war” if Obama agreed to sign away U.S sovereignty to the United Nations. Michele Bachmann found herself in hot water in 2009, shortly after Obama took office, for calling upon a violent uprising against Obama, and faced accusations of using treasonous language… [emphasis added]

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This sedition certainly qualifies as a “high crime” that meets the requirements needed to impeach him.  Unfortunately, that will not happen, because Republicans control the House.


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  1. Now there is no question at all whethter he is a TeaPublicanT or not. He is a seditious one at that. does he not know the Constitution? Or does he think it doesn't apply to him?

  2. The First Amendment, states we can talk about sedition and even treason, we can talk about many things.   The question in my mind is whether or not a person in a position of power can support and encourage sedition?  I would say that Scalia is as a member of the Supreme Court is directly responsible for his actions and encouraging others to act out.  This is not the first time Scalia has said stupid things that have encourage stupid actions. Does he even realize how dangerous his mouth could be?  

    Dementia is an easy out for Scalia.  He's a nasty man that should be removed from his position on the Supreme Court.  I will not hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

    Thanks TC – have a great day.

  3. Boy, misstexaskitty, you are right on the money.  Talking about is not the same as advocating or proselytizing.  We run into this all the time with the First Amendment with religion.  Now we are running into it with sedition and treason.  Of course we can talk about it.  But we cannot preach it.  It seema to me his remark is right on the border, just a fraction over into preaching (the "perhaps" is of course the weasel word).

    The size of the Court is fixed by Congress.  IF we could get a majority in both houses perhaps we could consider raising the number to eleven.  Impeachment would work too but the bar there is pretty high.  Changing the size of the court might be easier.  But whichever, we first need a strong majority in both houses of Congress.

  4. If Antonin's toe isn't over the line, then it's DAMN CLOSE!

    • I really think he stepped over the line. He is in a powerful position as a member of SCOTUS. As such, he should watch his mouth.

  5. He came as close to treason with this remark as he could without being put in jail. If one of us said the same thing we would probably be visited by Homeland Security.  He should be impeached.  It is time to end the life time appointments of Supreme Court judges.

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