Just Say No to Big Oil

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Apr 182014

One of the best words that could be used to describe the Oil Industry is greedy.  I think they see that the carbon paradigm must come to an end, but they are determined to squeeze every last bit of profit from earth, no matter now much damage they do in the process.  Now they want to drill the Arctic, an area particularly hazardous for drilling, and especially sensitive to environmental damage.

0418ArcticDrillingFour years ago this week, BP’s Deepwater Horizon drill platform exploded. Eleven workers died that day. Their bodies were never found. Over the next 87 days, 210 million gallons of oil gushed into the Gulf of Mexico. It fouled fishing grounds, ravaged the coastline, and shut down tourism. The world got an ugly look at some of the terrible hidden costs of fossil fuels. Spill-related health problems plague the people and the wildlife of the Gulf to this very day.

I personally hoped that we, as a nation, would quickly learn from this tragedy and move swiftly to prevent a repeat disaster in our most vulnerable coastal environments. So it boggles the mind that Shell Oil is still determined to drill in one of the most fragile and remote ecosystems on Earth: the Arctic Ocean — the last bastion of America’s polar bears, endangered bowhead whales and other rare wildlife. For Native Alaskans who live along the coast, this ocean has been the source of their food security and a way of life since time immemorial.

It’s sheer madness to drill in the Arctic — in treacherous conditions of gale-force winds, 20-foot seas, sub-zero temperatures, shifting currents — and for eight months of the year — solid pack ice. If the oil industry was utterly unprepared for a blowout in the balmy Gulf of Mexico, how in the world can we trust them in a treacherous environment like the Arctic? Nobody knows how to clean up oil there, even during the open water season. And once the ice and long Arctic night close in, there’d be zero hope of plugging a blow-out or containing a spill

Those harsh conditions also guarantee human and mechanical error. During a disastrous 2012 attempt at Arctic drilling, Shell Oil experienced fires, leaks, slipped anchors, emergency gear that was "crushed like a beer car," and a 30-mile iceberg that sent its ships fleeing.

A just-released Coast Guard report says Shell’s reckless and failed attempt to tow its Arctic Ocean drill rig in 2012 was riddled with poor planning and judgment — and involved numerous potential violations of the law… [emphasis added]

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I can almost envision Sarah Palin, aka Drill Baby Dingbat, old and gray forty years from now, saying β€œI can still see the spills from my front porch.  Drill Baby Drill!”

Just say NO to Big Oil!


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  1. NO to Big Oil!

  2. We, as a Nation, seem to never learn from past mistakes.

  3. Once again, money and greed rule over common sense and decency.  But whose side to be on?  Let's see – the greedy, sloppy, devious, uncaring oil companies?  Or a man who could just enjoy his money and ignore the environment?  I've always admired Robert Redford for caring about so much more than his face…. today is no exception.

  4. In the last paragraph Robert Redford says "That's why I made this video, calling on all Americans to stand up to Big Oil by asking President Obama to ban oil drilling in the Arctic and lead the way to a future powered by 100% clean energy. Please make your own voice heard at http://www.DemandCleanPower.org. But don't delay. In a court filing last week, Shell indicated it's counting the days till it can get back into the Arctic. We have to make sure that never happens." Please sign if you can!

  5. Signed and shared on Face book and tweeted.  Solar now employs more workers than oil.  Solar does not need "rough necks" but people can be re-trained.  We are on the edge of the cliff will we jump off or just hang there waiting for some one else to save us?  We are the resolution we need, we have the ability, the knowledge and technology.  If not now, when?  After fossil fuels leave us nothing on earth alive?

    The avaricious, penurious oil companies do not have a conscience, they do not care about the planet, your life the life of your children, they are in the business of making more and bigger profits.  

    Thanks TC

  6. Signed petition.  I realize this petition and this concern are about fossil fuels, but I believe nuclear power is also an issue.  I posted an article on Care2 this week about nuclear energy executives selling off ALL the stock they held in their own company.  Do they know something we don't? http://www.care2.com/news/member/101612212/3762322

    • I read your article, something smells bad there, doesn't it?

    • I read it.  It may be because most of the companies plants are so old, they plan to dump them on the taxpayers to clean up.  I have no evidence of intent.  It's just speculation that fits.

  7. The Gulf Coast still has not fully recovered from the BP blowout, but the politicians in the Gulf states are out to get permits for the oil companies again.  More proof that we have the best government that money can buy.

  8. With a voice and a vote, I say NO to big oil… ❗

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  10. I say no to big oil.  signed.

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