Apr 162014

I’m writing for tomorrow and am feeling quite tired, after yesterday’s activities, and groggy, because I just awakened from a nap.

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Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: Millions of Americans were in a state of shock this past week after learning that Congress had accomplished something fifty years ago.

Although the incident was widely reported throughout the week, the revelation that Congress had achieved something positive and substantial for the country a half century ago left many incredulous and baffled.

Adding to their disbelief were reports that the accomplishment came as the result of collaboration between a Democrat in the White House and Republicans in Congress.

Making the scenario even more far-fetched, politicians of both parties came to an agreement without the interference of corporate paymasters operating them like puppets.

Dang, Andy!! I’m not sure whether to believe that or not!! 😉

From Upworthy: There are so many gems in this, but you’re probably busy, so I’m highlighting the best two minutes of this smackdown. (But realtalk, the whole 15-minute speech is the best part.)


Nuke those filibastards!! Click through for more.

From NY Times: The insurance expansion under the Affordable Care Act will cost $1.383 trillion over the next decade, more than $100 billion less than previous forecasts, the Congressional Budget Office said Monday.

The nonpartisan budget office’s report, an update to projections from February, shows the law costing less than in previous estimates in part because of the broad and persistent slowdown in the growth of health care costs. The news might come as welcome to Democrats on Capitol Hill and in the White House who are struggling to defend the law in an election year.

How many of you remember all the Republican claims that health care costs would skyrocket?




  19 Responses to “Open Thread–4/16/2014”

  1. Andy is so funny – and so spot on.  So, every fifty years or so, we can expect Congress to actually do something worthwhile!

    Good news about ACA – it gets harder and harder for the GOP to make it look bad, altho I still saw some moron on tv running for office who swore he would never stop trying to kill Obamacare.  There are many things a person could say to that but I'll be nice.  Today anyway.

  2. I would've LOVED to have had this swingset as a kid (be sure to scroll down to see it in action)  …


    Maybe a better view: http://www.democraticunderground.com/1018605690

    Who am I kidding?  I would LOVE to have that swingset NOW!

  3. 3:30 I spent too much time smelling the flowers.

  4. New Yorker ~ Sometimes I wonder what LBJ had on those Republicans back then. He did know them all pretty well. That was another reason he was chosen as VP candidate by JFK.

    Upworthy ~ I liked that she took them to task about all the votes they have to take just to debate an issue. Nuke the Filibastards, indeed!

    NY Times ~ They all opened their mouths to tell lies about the ACA and scare people into believing their srtories about increased costs and death panels. Now they are being proved wrong. They should have remembered the words of one of the past Republican Presidents before they spoke.      "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." – Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865)

    Cartoon ~ Too sad.

  5. 3:56  I was rushing to see it while it still exists.  This is a vanishing sight, thanks to Monsanto, Bayer, et al.

    New Yorker – No, Arielle, we can expect Congress to actually do something worthwhile every hundred years.  It took us 50 years to get from there to here, and we can expect to take another 50 years to get back.  I hope I'm wrong.

    Upworthy – I just watched the short clip.  But I feel the need to point out that trying to make good decisions without emotion is stupid, stupid, stupid.  This study is just one of many which demonstrates that: http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/tech/science/discoveries/2006-08-06-brain-study_x.htm  It also cites Damasio, who pointed out that people who lose access to their emotions through profound head injuries, and therefore make presumably "purely rational" decisions, make terrible decisions.  (I wonder if this has anything to do with Paul Ryan's problems.)

    NY Times – Lona (Care2) is right on about Democrats getting behind ACA.  Daily Kos Election Digest has some good advice on how to do it, incidentally – links to good commercials from those doing it right.

    Cartoon – Yeah, I noticed the same eerie familiarity that Lona did.  The American Khmer Rouge is even referencing the same color.  Goose bumps.

  6. Speaking of Right Wing insanity, by now I'm sure all have heard or seen the stand off between some real wackos and the police outside of Las Vegas.  I think the National Guard should have been called in, this is no protest, not by a long shot. (pun intended)  These are armed insurgents and should be treated as such.  So, the question, why are we all ready to jump up and scream about those few jihadists and allow these dangerous home grown terrorists free reign?  

    Next question should be why we don't use our vote and get these very stupid people that do support these groups, out of office?  

    I was moved to write a quick note to Senator Barbara Mikulski and thank her for speaking out in the Chamber of horrors we call the Senate.  Just the idea that we are still debating whether or not women should be paid for equal is work, speaks loudly about how dysfunctional our Congress has become.  Get those people out of there, they are like a stone around the neck of a drowning man.  I like others, am sick and tired of the foot dragging and myriad excuses for getting nothing done.  Boys, let's be clear paying women equal pay for equal work is not up for discussion or dissembling, just get it done.  Those women who are so pathetic to allow themselves to be drawn to defend this, should be very ashamed.   

    There are those poor souls out there that still do not understand humor or satire.  For them, I'm sorry Andy is one funny guy.  

    Thanks TC – please do get some rest and feel better.

  7. You need to take a day off and just rest.

    The New Yorker:  Andy is great.  It is difficult to realize that Congress once had reasonable people who could actually talk to each other and listen and compromise.  Thanks to our Supreme Court, those days will probably never return.  Too much money and too many morons in office.

    UPworthy:  I love Mikulski!  I clicked through and read the posts.  For some unknown reason, I am not getting sound on these videos. I have tried all that I know to do to restore sound, no luck.

    NY Times:  The REpublicans are not giving up, we are being deluged with commercials from those running this year about how Obamacare is bankrupting the nation. and closing hospitals, and putting people out of work.

    Cartoon:  They think they ARE the KHMER ROUGE!

  8. Thanks everyone!

  9. Paycheck fairnes Act fails… Very sad indeed… ❓

  10. Terrifying cartoon TC – all too true, I fear!  Lovely article by Andy!

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