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I’m writing for tomorrow, and it’s hard to believe that this month has gone so quickly.  I’ll continue to be scarce in April.  My schedule makes this month’s seem tame, by comparison.  Please pardon my brevity, lest I run out ofday, before running out of tasks.

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Short Takes:

From NY Times: When Chuck Herrin, who runs a large farm labor contracting company, looks out at the hundreds of workers he hires each year to tend to the countless rows of asparagus, grapes, tomatoes, peaches and plums, he often seethes in frustration.

It is not that he has any trouble with the laborers. It is that he, like many others in agriculture here, is increasingly fed up with immigration laws that he says prevent him from fielding a steady, reliable work force.

“What we have going on now is a farce — a waste of time and money,” said Mr. Herrin, a lifelong Republican who grew up in central California, adding that the country should be considering ways to bring workers in, not keep them out. “We need these people to get our food to market.”

Even Republicans recognize the need to enact comprehensive immigration reform, but the Republican Party continues to sabotage it. To intentionally harm our economy for political gain, however ineptly done, is sedition.

From Think Progress: Last month, Uganda made international headlines when President Yoweri Museveni signed the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Act, calling for the imprisonment of gay citizens. But one religious leader refuses to discriminate against people for their sexual orientation, and has become a hero to the country’s gay community.

In defiance of the legislation, commonly referred to as the “Kill the Gays” bill, Rev. Christopher Senyonjo hosts weekly prayer sessions and counseling services to LGBT worshipers and supporters. He also critiques fellow clerics’ “healing” approach to addressing the gay community, whereby church leaders attempt to fix people through prayer. “They said I should condemn the homosexuals,” he said, referring to Anglican leaders in Uganda. “I can’t do that, because I was called to serve all people, including the marginalized. But they say I am inhibited until I recant. I am still a member of the Anglican church.”

Citing questionable evidence provided by Ugandan scientists, the President justified signing the Anti-Homosexuality Act in February by arguing that being gay is a choice. According to the harsh law, first-time offenders can spend at least 14 years in jail, while others can serve lifelong sentences. As a result, LGBT people are ostracized and subjected to violence.

Reverend Senyonio aptly illustrates the difference between authentic Christians and Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christians, like the members of the US Congress, who coined this legislation, and even intended it to include capital punishment for gay people.

From Daily Kos: Mississippi has not been what you’d call a pro-union state, but it’s really hammering that point home this week, with the state Senate passing not one, not two, but THREE anti-union bills and sending them to Gov. Phil Bryant for his signature:

Senate Bill 2473 would make it illegal to coerce a business into staying neutral in a union drive or to allow workers to choose union representation by signing cards instead of by secret ballot. It’s not clear what would constitute coercion, but businesses could sue anyone they believed engaged in it. […]

Senate Bill 2653 tries to restrict mass picketing of a residence or place of business. It says pickets would be legal as long as they weren’t violent and didn’t block entrances. But it also makes getting a court stop order against picketing easier.

Senate Bill 2797 says the Legislature would have to pass a law to allow any state or local government to make an agreement to use unionized workers on a project. Such a project labor agreement was used to build the Toyota Motor Corp. plant in Blue Springs.

So basically, "unions GTFO. We will sue you for breathing."

The Republican Party is dedicated to create slave labor that the 1% can exploit without having to build in the third world.  You’re it.




  15 Responses to “Open Thread–3/31/2014”

  1. 3:04  This guy may be in the pink but I am not.  

    I have been moving back into my house this weekend and I am exhausted.  I will largely be absent for a few days as I get settled in.  Of course, after that I have to do taxes before travelling east for 2 weeks.

  2. NY Times ~ They don't care about committing crimes against us as long as they stop Pres. Obama from doing something he wants to do. Sedition is ony a word to them. They think they are above the law; case in point: look at Darrell Issa.

    I applaud the Rev. Senyojo for his pro-Rights stance for al regardless of sexual orientation. That group of scientists in Uganda who delivered their report on homosexuality being a choice must be Republithugs. Or else they'r being funded by the Koch brothers.

    Daily Kos ~ By passing all these anti-Union laws do you think they might actually be doing unions a favor by driving people to them? Democrats have to keep things like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and the Gap fire in Asia in the forefront of workers' minds if we are to defeat the Republithugs in the November elections. Or else slave labor will again becoome legal and it won't matter what color skin you have or what religion you practice. All that will matter is the amount of money you have.

    Cartoon ~ They sure are trying to ensure that we ALL don't have the right to vote.


    • Patty, I have no evidence that the Kochs are behind this one.  It's the pseudo-Christian Dominionists that run C-Street.

  3. Heading up to Illinois to do my Mom's taxes.


  4. 4:07  Who is he picketing in the Bahamas?  Can we get him to Florida to picket Rick Scott?  What's that?  Picket FENCE?  Oh.  Never mind.

    NY Times – I'm glad there's a Republican who understands what extortin really is, and I hope the Western Grower's Association prediction tramspires, although I fear the Koch brithers will just pick up the slack.  TC, your definition of sedition is right on, and why stop with Republicans in Congress?  Every bank CEO, every oil CEO, every CEO and every private billionaire puts money offshore, should be prosecuted.  Possibly every stockholder of these companies should be prosecuted.  But I agree, immigration is probably a good place to start.

    Think Progress – Yes, Virginia, there still are real Christians.  They have always been a small minority and will probably always be a small minority, but they do exist.  The Rev. Senyonjo is certainly one.  Speaking of real Christians, this is off topic, but did anyone notice Jimmy Carter's grandson is running gor governor of Georgia, with Granddad's support?)  My prayers are with Rev. Senyonjo.

    Daily Kos – One of the most effective things Republicans ever did was to give unions a bad name.  Unions and feminism and liberal.  All beautiful words with desirable meanings that Republicans have managed to taint.  But unions most of all.  Try putting "women" or "Democrats" in the story instead of "unions" and see how the tone changes.

    Cartoon – Not until 1870.  That alone is sad.

  5. Sorry, Chuck Herrin, but if you paid a livable wage perhaps you would not have trouble "fielding a steady, reliable work force".

  6. Ny Times: Yes the Republicans do obstruct immigration, but sadly, too many of these people are working for slave wages on these farms.

    Think Progress:  This is so horrible.  Sadly, we have areas in our country that are similar to Uganda.

    Daily Kos:  What madness is Mississippi experiencing?  There are not that many wealthy people there to have this kind of power.  I guess those few do control the government there.

    Cartoon:  I suppose they would celebrate the last,  they dont exactly deserve votes from blacks or any other minority.

    Try to get a little rest along the way so we can still get  your posts.

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