Will Bridget Bust PIGnocchio?

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Mar 302014

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, aka PIGnocchio, has been doing everything inhumanly possible to escape the consequences of Bridgegate.  He even convened his own investigation tasked with finding him innocent of all wrongdoing, which was debunked, even before the ink was dry.  His attempts to blame Bridget Kelly have been so underhanded that she seems ready to talk.

0330bridget-kellyBridget Anne Kelly has been completely silent since the Bridgegate cracked open, but she is silent no more. Speaking through her attorney, she lashed out at Christie for his nasty, backhanded report insinuating that she was responsible for the entire scandal because she was a woman scorned or something.


Calling the report “a preemptive strike” meant to “isolate Ms. Kelly and impugn her credibility,” Critchley said, “Ms. Kelly is not a liar. She is a single mother of four children who was deeply devoted and committed to her job at the Office of the Governor. She worked tirelessly to pursue the goals of the Office during her tenure.”

I'm not ready to nominate her for sainthood, but Christie's decision to shovel all of this on her is absurd, unbelievable, and monumentally stupid. It is all of that, and also a strategic decision intended to discredit her before she offers her testimony in the case, which could possibly be devastating to Chris Christie…

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Click through for more.  I also found some excellent video coverage.  On All In, Alex Wagner covered this story with Steve Kornacki and Melissa Hayes.  Barf Dumpster Alert!! This video contains Christie segments. It will take more than a bag to hold a PIGnocchio-size load.

The neat thing here is that Kelly and David Wildstein are now in a bidding war for immunity, and the one with the most damning evidence against PIGnocchio is the one who will get it.

PIGnocchio now so desperate that he is courting Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire infamous for keeping Rick "Google Me" Santorum in the 2008 Republican primary race. To get Adelson's support, PIGnocchio will have to give up all pretense of moderation and tack to the extreme right. That's where he already lives, but he won't be able to fool most voters anymore.


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  1. Pignocchio fails to pin the blame on his male henchmen. Whatever does he do? When all else fails, blame it on the woman. 

    As far as Sampson resigning, it looks to me like the rats are deserting the S.S. Pignocchio en masse.

    Christie has put himself on Addelson's bad side for remarks he made about the Israeli occcupied West Bank by calling it the "occupied territories" instead of "disputed territory". Big Oooof by the Big Oaf! That's not something you say to a Zionist like Addleson.

  2. It will be good if Governor Christie has to move overtly to the Far Right to get the money he wants as then people will see him in his true colours.  Was 'Bridgegate' caused by the fact that they just feel they can do anything they want to people who either don't endorse them or are openly against them?  (They apparently also ignored/sidestepped pollution regulations for powerstations for several years in a similar disregard for humanity – what else will they be found to have done?).

  3. If she sings really loud and clear, with plenty of stories, and plenty of color, it may help.  If she sticks to facts and logic, no matter how damning, it won't hurt him a bit, because those who believe Christie will not believe the truth just because they are proved wrong.  How often we have seen that!

  4. RACHEL MADDOW 03/28/14
    Christie works press with report’s absolution
    Ari Melber reviews the highlights of New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s press conference and the scathing rebuke from Bridget Anne Kelly’s lawyer in response to the internal investigation report released yesterday by the governor’s office.

    Bridget Anne Kelly’s lawyer in response said that the report was "venomous, gratuitous, and inappropriate sexist remarks…"  


    Least we all forget that the "report" costed the New Jersey taxpayers one million dollars ( $1,000,000 NJ dollars ).

    Rachel Maddow rips ‘unrelenting, glowing, gauzy’ $1 million report clearing Chris Christie


  5. Personally, I think the just-resigned Samson – who has multiple well-document conflicts of interest between his chairmanship at the Port Authority, his law firm and Christie – is the fish that US Attorney Paul Fishman may reel in to indict Christie. 

    Christie's bullying bluster at his last presser may get Chucky Todd and other Repubican sycophants a hard-on, but Christie is going to be facing some serious hurdles – maybe not w/ Bridgegate, but w/ his (MIS)handling of Sandy Hook funds.

    He is NOT EVER going to be President – well, other than of his local Weight Watchers group.

  6. Thanks all.  No disagreements here,  I think Nameless makes an excellent point.

  7.  Time for Bridget Anne Kelly to cut through the Bull-$hit.

    Speaking through her attorney, she lashed out at Christie for his nasty, backhanded report insinuating that she was responsible for the entire scandal because she was a woman scorned or something.


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