Mar 252014

I’m writing for tomorrow, and unlike yesterday, I’m making this the FIRST thing I do.  That was horrid.  I hate it when I run out of day, before I run out of jobs to do.  I’m still busier than a Republican stealing groceries from food banks.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:56 (average 5:46).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From The Guardian: Jimmy Carter: ‘my communications are probably being monitored’ – video

Former US president Jimmy Carter says he suspected that his emails are being monitored by intelligence agencies. Speaking on NBC’s Meet the Press, President Carter says that if he wants to correspond with world leaders he now sends a handwritten letter in the post.


Hat-Tip to Pat A at Care2, for sending me a link to this. I consider Jimmy Carter the most honest President in my lifetime. That must be why our rogue agencies would monitor him.

From TPM: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI) on Sunday said the U.S. should send small arms and radio equipment to the Ukrainian army in case Russian forces invade the eastern portion of the country.

“There are things that we can do that I think we’re not doing. I don’t think the rhetoric (from Obama administration officials) matches the reality on the ground,” he said on NBC’s "Meet The Press."

This Republican, and several of his fellow goose-steppers, are inviting nuclear war, as such a move dares Vladimir Putin (R-RU) to invade the eastern portion of Ukraine.

From Crooks and Liars: Say what you want about Diaper Dave but he’s just not shy about prostituting himself.  BARF BAG ALERT!!

I have only one question. Does this whore (apologies to prostitutes) wet his diaper when he’s sucking Koch?




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  1. Ex-President Carter says when he wants to discuss something with a foreign leader he sends them a handwritten letter via snailmail as he feels his communications are being monitored!  I respected and respect Jimmy Carter more than any other presidents the US has had – and more than our leaders over here – it just goes to show I suppose, if you stand up for principles then you will be suspected by the Right Wingers of anything and everything!

    Oh that horrid Koch politician!  Whenever a politician says 'I have to be honest…' I always a) start laughing and b) don't believe a word they say – and especially here when he talked over that woman to the howls and cheers of his supporters there.  Thus died free speech!

    Mike Rogers feels that small arms distributed to an untrained populace in Ukraine would win against armed forces equipped with monster tanks and missiles??!!  Has this belicose dimwit had any experience of active service?  Just asking – as the most belicose people usually haven't – such as GWB and his cronies.  If the West weighs in with weapons, then it will be inviting WWIII – but the Reich Wingers don't care about that as they are convinced that the Rapture will then happen and are deluded enough to think that they will all go up into Heaven! (They won't of course as they have ignored all of Jesus' teachings to care for the poor and the sick etc – poor souls – but the belicose Right will doubtless destroy everything else with them, if given the chance.).





  2. Oh dear, I am silly – I have just realised that of course Mr Rogers wants the Ukrainian people to lose – the Right Wingers all admire Mr Putin don't they? God help the Ukrainians!

  3. 5:45  So tie-tie!  And the dog too.

    Guardian – I certainly agree with your assessment of Jimmy Carter – and also with your assessment of intelligence agencies.

    TPM – We need to take the Defnse Department's money and its toys away, and how we are going to do that in the present state of Congress I have no idea.

    Crooks and Liars – Barf bag Alert indeed.  I already saw this and barfed, I'm not going to look again.

    Cartoon – Well, certainly not Rogers and Vitter.

  4. 3:31 TC, were you taking a cat nap or doing the puzzle?

    • 4:10  I laid down with the puppy and rested a while.

    • 4:10  Move over Critter!

      I will be  scarce and bleary eyed for the rest of the week and much of next week.  Looks like the home renos are just about complete and I will get back into my home on the weekend.  The babes return home next tuesday morning.  And I can't stop to breathe as there is unpacking etc to do before I leave for 2 weeks in Toronto to visit my brother etc.

    • ZZzzzzzz!! 🙂

  5. Guardian ~ He's probably right. I always though he was one of our best presidents. People didn't give him enough credit.

    TPM ~ Nothing would make Rogers and the rest of his ilk happier than another war.

    Crooks & Liars ~ The Kochs are supplying him with his prostitutes and diapers. that's why he loves them so.

    Cartoon ~ SCARY!!!


  6. Hi TC.Hope that all is well. Just a comment re. criticism of Michelle Obama in China.Our" Friends" on the right wing ,(including Limbaugh"yuk") commenting on her trip to China as a vacation at the American taxpayers expense. Think on these facts. 1) Unfunded ,"LIARS WAR" in Iraq.costing billions in cash.and 200,000 dead. Ours and Iraqi,s.

                                                   2) Issa,s investigations of NOTHING, No evidence of unlawfull acts,by Democrats (of course) IRS or Fast and furious,etc.etc. cost the taxpayers. $14,million.

                                                    3)The Government shutdown in Nov.13.arranged by Crazy Cruz,costing the American Taxpayer $13.million.and may I add, arranged the same week as the Trans Pacific Meeting,from which President Obama had to  excuse himself.!! (Could cause problems re. outsourcing and unfair trade deals)

    I wonder how Mrs. Obamas,s  "Vacation" stacks up against the preceeding?

    Also I think that she makes a GREAT ambassador for the USA.

    Would love to see Fox and friends get out thier calculators.!What thinkest thou??

  7. Pres. Carter is proof some people are just too honest & caring to be a politician. I think of him as a Statesman.

    I imagine the Alphabet Agencies are monitoring ALL ex-Pres. & families, friends, etc.. probably not just the bulk data collection either, I'd bet somebody Actually Reads each one!

  8. If you are busier than a Republican stealing from food banks you need to eliminate a few things!

    I agree with you about Jimmy Carter.  He is an honest man and that is one of the reasons he was so detested by Washington, they could not corrupt him.

    TPM: I heard Rogers say this, what an idiot, and he is the chairman of  the House Intelligence Committee?  Isn't that an oxymoron?

    Crooks and Liars:  Barf bag alert needed on this one. I would love to see his bank statement so we would know how much the Kochs have given to him.

    Cartoon:  This is about right.  The Tea Party is getting rid of any Rep who is half sane.

  9. Thanks everyone!

  10. I think we should stay out of the Ukraine and not support violent right wing neo-nazi's.

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