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Writing for tomorrow, I’m quite tired, after doing some long overdue housework.  It was afternoon, before I even started my research, and with more housework to do, I’m making this tomorrow’s only article.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

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Short Takes:

From TPM: An Iraq War veteran who was wounded by police during a 2011 Occupy protest in Oakland, Calif. has reached a $4.5 million settlement with the city, The San Francisco Chronicle reported on Friday.

Scott Olsen, 26, was struck in the head by a beanbag fired by a police officer on Oct. 25, 2011. He was part of a protest against the police clearing of an Occupy Oakland encampment outside City Hall.

It’s not often that I get to share such good news. I just hope he doesn’t become a Republican now. 😉

From Think Progress: One reason Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) opposes the Senate’s bipartisan answer to immigration reform is because he insists it would force immigrants to become unwilling citizens of the U.S.

“There are a lot of people who come here, just want to work and go back home and not be a legal citizen that the Senate bill would actually force onto an amnesty track,” Scalise told ThinkProgress after a town hall in his district Friday. “If you look at the 1986 law, 40 percent that were eligible for amnesty chose not to go that route because they just wanted to work and go back home. And yet the Senate bill would force them to become American citizens and that’s not even what they want.”

He proposed that the country strengthen immigration enforcement and secure its borders instead.

This Republican liar completely ignores the guest worker program in EVERY Democratic proposal.  He might as well say that disenfranchising voters prevents them from being forced to vote.

From Robert Reich: Despite the worst roll-out conceivable, the Affordable Care Act seems to be working. With less than two weeks remaining before the March 31 deadline for coverage this year, five million people have already signed up. After decades of rising percentages of Americans’ lacking health insurance, the uninsured rate has dropped to its lowest levels since 2008.

Meanwhile, the rise in health care costs has slowed drastically. No one knows exactly why, but the new law may well be contributing to this slowdown by reducing Medicare overpayments to medical providers and private insurers, and creating incentives for hospitals and doctors to improve quality of care.

But a lot about the Affordable Care Act needs fixing — especially the widespread misinformation that continues to surround it. For example, a majority of business owners with fewer than 50 workers still think they’re required to offer insurance or pay a penalty. In fact, the law applies only to businesses with 50 or more employees who work more than 30 hours a week. And many companies with fewer than 25 workers still don’t realize that if they offer plans they can qualify for subsidies in the form of tax credits.

Click through for much more. Once again, Robert Reich trumps the Republican Reich. Remember, under the Republican alternative, the RepubliCare Death Benefit guarantees that there’s never a charge to die, for those who cannot pay for medical care.




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  1. 3:37 Mr. Iguana tried to hide from me.

  2. TPM ~ Fat chance he would turn into a RepubliCon now. At least I hope he stays true to himself.  Sometimes money changes people.

    Think Progress ~ Do they "think"? I think not.

    Robert Reich ~ I'm hoping that the ACA turns out to be just as good and popular with the People as SS ans Medicare. People seem to be embracing it. May all the RepublicanTs who rave and vote to repeal it have all their hair and teeth fall out!

    Cartoon ~ Indeed!

  3. Combined with other settlements for injuring Occupy Oakland protesters, the tab that the city of Oakland will pick up now totals $6.3 MILLION!

    Enjoyed Robert Reich's fact-based article that ObamaCare WORKS.

    I think Repubicans focusing on ObamaCare could be  Godsend this November.  As long as Democrats focus on [1] Minimum Wage [2] Income Inequality and [3] Embrace ObamaCare – do NOT run from it

  4. Scott Olsen deserves his compensation – does anyone know if he has recovered/will recover from his injuries?  Also the people rescuing him who were attacked by that flash-bang need some compensation too – what the heck happens to people sometimes that they would attack those involved in stretchering out someone wounded?!

    • Earlier today, I read that Mr. Olsen's head injury caused permanent brain damage. He does indeed deserve compensation, probably a lot more than he's getting.

  5. 6:36  Guess he was well hidden.

    TPM – Good news indeed.  I also hope he doesn't become a Republican.  Since he sustained head injuries, it is a real possibility, darn it.  PS – While reading this did everyone see this sidebar ?  Love it!  (On recovery from head injuries – speaking as someone married to a head injuriy victim, you have to assue that while many functions may be recovered, the recovery will never be total.)

    Think Progress – What scares me more than the fact he says this is the fact that so many will believe him when it is so clearly false. 

    Robert Reich – TC, there may be no charge to die, but you better believe your survivors will get hit up in every way imaginable, and probably some ways you never imagined, since you are not a sociopath.  Incidentally, the guy who accurately predicted the day the signups would his 5 million is not predicting a total of 6.22 million by deadline (Daily Kos).

    Cartoon – Yes, indeed.

    • That's how Republicsn'd trick people.  It's only the dead person thst does not have to pay.

      The reason the figures vary is that some sign up and not complete the process afterwards.  I suspect Reich used the lower estimate to prevent Republicans from using te difference as a basis for more lies, as if they need one.

  6. Oh good grief, what happened to my comment?

    Seems the second time was not the best time, 3:42

    Our police have gone way over the top much too often lately. Nearly daily we hear these stories of peaceful protesters being severely injured. We read about people being molested when stopped for stopped for a moving violation. It seems every small town thinks they need to have a tank and a drone. Enough of this.

    I suspect this guy has not read S 744, and that alone should disqualify him from talking out of his back side. There is no such provision in the Senate bill, it is not there. End of story. I don't like S 744, because it puts too much money in "protecting" a border that is already well protected. Not many are even making the effort to leave Mexico and come here legally on work visas. We invite them to come and work jobs that Americans don't want, but still are needed.

    It never ceases to amaze me, the ACA is talked about endlessly on the Internet, TV and radio ads. Employers have been sent instruction guides, most librarians can help those who do not have a home computer, and still people claim to not know the rules. At least 5 million so far and numbers keep climbing as people find that rumor central is just dead wrong.

    Do you wonder if Patrick Henry would consider this world one of liberty? Thanks TC.

  7. Puzzle — 3:35  A very elusive fellow, this iguana!

    TPM — Good on Olsen!  I wonder if further training of police officers using bean bags has been done.

    Think Progress — Does the Senate bill force those fast tracked to actually apply for citizenship, or by not applying for citizenship, risk deportation?  Either way, Steve Scalise (R-LA) is a hater and his comments show it.

    "… it would force immigrants to become unwilling citizens of the U.S."

    So when did this idiot give a rat's ass about the rights of people?  "force … unwilling citizens"?

    Robert Reich — I'm with Reich.  Single payer would be awesome for Americans.  I LOVE my Canadian universal health care.  Could it be better?  Of course, but there is no politically motivated death benefit . . . especially if we are successful in dumping Harper and his Harlots in 2015.

    "The biggest problem on the horizon that may be beyond repair — …

    But even here, remedies could evolve. States might use their state-run exchanges to funnel so many applicants to a single, low-cost insurer that the insurer becomes, in effect, a single payer. Vermont is already moving in this direction. In this way, the Affordable Care Act could become a back door to a single-payer system — every conservative’s worst nightmare."

    I'd love to give this Republicanus/Teabagger rabble the worst of all nightmares!

    Cartoon — "Give me liberty, or give death!" was great for Patrick Henry and the people of his time.  But the right wingers have so distorted the idea of liberty.  To the extent that one person's liberty infringes on another's means that no one has true liberty.  And the Republicanus/Teabaggers are so extreme that their idea of liberty stops at the ends of their toes condemning the 99% to inequality.  And then the "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" as penned by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence is toast for the 99%.  The only good Republicanus/Teabagger is a permanently unemployed one!

  8. I hope you got all your work caught up!  House work is like breathing, you have to do it over and over again.

    TPM:  I hope a few more Occupy people win huge settlements.  We still have the right to protest and if enough local governments get hit in the purse they will be less likely to act like thugs when we do.

    Think Progress:  Do you suppose Scalise has even read any Democratic proposals>  What a doofus!  .

    Robert Reich:  I shared his article on FB, telling my friends to get enlightened.  My sister was in S. C. this week and she said they are running ads on radio and tv telling people that the ACA is causing small businesses to close down because they can't afford it.  Looks like the Dems would step in here and run some counter ads with , like, you know, theTRUTH?

    Cartoon:  I wonder what he would think of our liberty now?

  9. Thanks everyone.

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