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I’m writing for tomorrow, and after having trashed my email system, because a new spam filter for my desktop email did not install properly, and spending most of the night fixing it, I’m pooped.  However, I could not resist another Republican that needs a parade.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:51 (average 5:39).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From NY Times: The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, said on Thursday that he had ordered a forensic examination of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s computer equipment to answer what he called the C.I.A.’s “absurd” claims that the committee’s staff had hacked into the agency’s network.

Mr. Reid’s order is the latest round of an escalating fight between the C.I.A. and the Intelligence Committee, which has oversight authority over the agency.

This an uncharacteristically good move by Reid, especially with Republicans supporting the CIA in this matter. He must have shined his ObamaBalls!

From Alternet: Republicans despise America’s poor and jobless. The GOP made that perfectly clear by repeatedly denouncing them and cutting food stamps and unemployment benefits. But last week, Republicans revealed that they also hate hard-working Americans!

Republicans condemned President Obama for proposing to extend mandatory overtime pay to more workers. The GOP doesn’t believe that Americans who work longer hours should be paid more.

Honk if this surprises you? What? No horns? 😉

From Huffington Post: The DC Abortion Fund, a non-profit group that helps local low-income women afford abortion care, has been giving out coat hanger pendants to its donors for the past four years as a symbol of the dangerous methods women resort to when they are denied access to safe and legal abortion.

When the National Review discovered the pendants [propaganda delinked] earlier this week, it set off a firestorm [propaganda delinked] of conservative media outrage. Breitbart [Breitfart delinked], The Drudge Report [propaganda delinked], The Daily Caller [propaganda delinked], former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain [9-9-9 delinked] and Bristol Palin were among the conservative outlets and bloggers who piled on.

I’m surprised that these Republicans are getting so bent out of shape. The Republican position on coat hangers is just this east to see:





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  1. I spent a delightful afternoon yesterday blowing and raking the leaves out of my garden beds.  We had temps in the mid-60s – but today they tumbled to 40, so I'm glad I got it done.

    Yeah, I rake the beds in the fall, too – but it seems like they're a leaf-magnet over the winter.  It doesn't help that I live next to a forest, so I'm tempted this coming fall just to forget doing the garden beds, and only do the lawn.  Any of you ever try that approach?

    And WRT the Repubicans on Parade – you gotta admire their ingenuity.  How do they keep coming up with such utter crap?

  2. 6:25 Forgot one is supposed to relax after sitting on the bench, not while putting it togrther.

    NY Times – These Republicans who are supporting the CIA seem to have conveniently forgotten that the CIA has no mission to investigate any senator,  If needed, that is the mission of the FBI.  So even if they were "provoked" which as Senator Reid says seems patently ridiculous – there is no "stand your ground" law in espionage – they should have referred the situation to the FBI.  "Arrogant" may be the kindest thing to be said about it.  "Illegal," "Abusive," and Unconstitutional" go more to the point.

    Alternet – But they do approve of wage theft.  They give CEO bonuses for that.

    HuffPost – I find it breathtaking that Republicans who seem fine with wearing an instrment of torture and execution on a chain around their necks to memorialize Republican supply-side Jesus are unhappy with anyone wearing an instrument of torture and death on a chain around their necks to memorialize contemporary victims of their oppression. 

    Cartoon – Yeah..  Well, it functioned.  In a way.  So did slavery.

    • Well said JD on the Huff Post article!  Amazing isn't it?  And to boot, some of those same pseudo Christians also wear that instrument of torture with a human body on it.

  3. The Republicare cartoon is very apt and positively painful to see – it should be everywhere!

    Must go – kidney stone….

  4. Time – 2:39 — I'm not gonna get benched!

    Good on ya, Harry Reid, the CIA is definitely in need of oversight, which has been lacking for so many years.

    That damn Obama wanting to increase minimum wages and pay workers for overtime, he must be a commie.
    Alan Greenspan has the right idea: –Alan Greenspan says our skilled workers are paid too much — and recommends we open a "significant window of skilled workers" to come to the US and eliminate the remaining concentration of higher pay for skilled jobs in the American workforce — equalizing wages with the unskilled workers. Greenspan would apparently like to see doctors and technicians make what burger flippers are making. — Yep, another stupid idea from the man help bring this country to it's knees.

    The so called "discussion" about minimum wage is a slap in the face to those who paid for training and worked for years to polish their skills only to be told they do not deserve fair wages. All the while Congress works about 2 days a week, gives unto themselves raises as they please and dares to call others "welfare queens". We know who are the real welfare queens; the Congress and every corporation taking our tax dollars in subsidies. Subsidies we are told keep prices down. So why are prices continuing to go up?

    Abortion by coat hanger is no laughing matter, desperation drives people to do things that can often kill them. I don't think anyone likes the idea of abortion, but it sure does not belong in the hands of Congress. Personal private issues belong as confidence between a woman and her doctor. When Congress stops supporting insurance payments for penis pumps and Viagra, I will stand and applaud. Not because I think that it should not be covered, cover any medical treatment, in fact cover all medical treatments, but do not single out women. Whether it's an abortion or birth control, mind your business and I will mind my own. That is for Congress, insurance companies and the miserable excuse used by employers about their own personal religious views. Have any religious view that makes you happy, but do not inflict or force that view on others.

    I hear there is a TV show about polygamy – so again one standard for men another for women.

    Thanks TC!

  5. An investigation.??Whoopie, I know someone who would LOVE to take part. I can see Issa licking his chops and forming his committee!. Finally Mr DeMille will get his close up!( not so private joke) see Sunset Boulevard.

    Seriously I marvel that the largest congregation  of "Takers"( those who occasionally attend meetings of the congress and senate) have the " cahones" to critisize anyone..who actually works

    In closing .It seems to me that ,with the exception of Harry Reid all,the members of the Democratic party

    are suffering from low T  !!.

  6. 3:55  I think the paint was wet and I got stuck to the bench.

    • 3:41 I'll relax on this bench until I get stomped by some size 9s. I've already been Kitty-Klobbered. 

    • 3;23  Comfy looking seat but I have to wait until Kitty Kitty is finished lounging!

  7. NY Times ~ My, my. Harry is getting rather ballsy lately. It's about time. Give 'em hell, Harry!

    Alternet ~ Let's face it. RepublicanTs think any pay for American workers is too much. They want slave labor.

    HuffPo ~ Back-room coat hanger abortions would be the only abortions allowed it RepublicanTs had their way. That's the way things were before Roe vs. Wade. Sometimes I feel like our country is in a huge Time Machine and we're going backwards.

    Cartoon ~ Maybe they prefer to have their mistresses on the side instead of multiple wives. It lessens their financial responsibility.


  8. Puzzle — 3:23  Comfy looking seat but I have to wait until Kitty Kitty is finished lounging!

    NY Times — CIA representative Dean Boyd said:

    "…“We are a far better organization because of congressional oversight, and we will do whatever we can to be responsive to the elected representatives of the American people.”"

    Add the caveat . . . "…as long as it agrees with our goals and interests."

    Good on Harry for ordering the forensic audit of computers.

    Alternet — Does this mean that those Americans employed on a fulltime basis, yet who do not work fulltime, . . . think Congress Critters like Lyin' Ryan who I read this week works about 2 days a week . . . will have their salaries clawed back?  Seems very fair to me especially when Congress worked so little and accomplished even less because of Republicanus/Teabagger obstruction and other shenanigans!

    Huffington Post — As I recall, there was a Republicanus/Teabagger who sought an abortion for his mistress.  I guess it is "do as I say, not as I do.

    Cartoon — Good move!  It seems to me that one spouse would be enough!  But then what do I know being single!  But then, for Republicanus/Teabaggers it is likely all about control and power.

  9. I am so happy to learn that Harry is fighting back.  I think the CIA has been over reaching its authority for a very long time and needs to be put on a leash.

    Alternet:  I can't imagine that anyone is surprised that the GOP hates the hard working people, too.  We are part of the 47% who "leech off the government" for our Social Security and Medicare.  We can't make huge donations to their campaign chests, therefore we are the enemy.  How and why people keep voting for these cretins is beyond my imagination.

    Huffington Post:  Coat hangers used to be free, you got them from the drycleaner.  The GOP was happy, we were obliged to pay for a service owned by a millionaire and had this handy little birth control device given to us.  No cost to the government or the insurance companies.  Don't you just love their outrage?  

    Cartoon:  HMMM.  TC are you sure you would really want a passle of wives? 


  10. Thanks all.  Bleary eyed.  Pitstop mode.

  11. 5:12 – Puzzle

  12. Republicare for Women

    Very Sad indeed… sigh

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