Mar 172014

St Patricks Day 2013

Here at the Cat Box, it’s Saint CATrick’s Day!


  17 Responses to “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!”

  1. Happy Saint Paddy's Day!

    In the picture, the kitten in the middle looks like my Annie and the ginger on the left looks like my Winnie.  Primo opted out of the photo shoot.

  2. Happy St. Catty's Day!

  3. Beautiful – thank you, TomCat – 

  4. Enjoyed the video.

    An excellent "St Patrick's Day" for all.

  5. Happy St Catricks Day to all kitties and their people, and Happy St Patricks Day to everyone else!

  6. What a lovely video.  It was nice to see a Greg Olsen image.  I had the privilege of meeting him when I worked for an art gallery.  A quiet, soft spoken man.  I have a small (not a limited edition) print of his "O Jerusalem."

  7. Erin ga Bragh!

    Have one on me!  And if Green isn't your favorite color for a drink – well, I'll give you a choice …


    • Very cool!  Iwonder how they do that? . . . trick photography?

      • I have seem a number of libations that are layered WRT color.  BUT I doubt you could pour them like that – so wouldn't surprise me a bit if it weren't PhotoShopped.


        • I agree, the pic has to be photo shopped.

        • I saw it done in Denver.  I have no idea how!

          • The layered ones are done by careful calculation of the specific gravities of the liquids, careful pouring, and making sure they settle.  Since one can't see the contents of the shaker, it's possible it was set up layered and poured more carefully than it looks to be to keep the layers coming out in order.  That would be tricky to do, but people can learn to do tricks pouring liquids.  Look at the guys pouring coffee over their shoulder into a little cup on the floor behind them in the Turkish restaurants.

    • I'll have one of those!

  8. “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!”

    My favorite day, wishing all a Happy Saint Patrick's Day… 😆

  9. Beautiful video, TC. Thank you for sharing it.

  10. Beautiful video.  It is always St. Catrick's day at our house.

  11. Thanks all!  Glad you liked it!!

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