Who Won the CPUKE Straw Poll?

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Mar 102014

Every year, CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee), more accurately labeled CPUKE, conducts a straw poll to see whom the rabid Republican base would choose as President.  They virtually never actually do, thank goodness!  If you don’t already know who this year’s winner is, I’ll give you three hints.  One, he is an idiot!  Two, he is the son of an idiot!!  Three, he is named after an idiot!!!

0310CPUKEWith 31 percent of the vote, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) won the closely watched Conservative Political Action Conference presidential straw poll this weekend, dwarfing second place finisher Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) 11 percent of the vote.

The son of libertarian icon and former Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), Rand Paul has emerged as the nation’s leading spokesperson for an anti-government philosophy that would undo nearly all the accomplishments of the New Deal and the Civil Rights Era. As a Senate candidate in 2010, Paul came out against the Civil Rights Act of 1964′s bans on private discrimination — including the bans on employment discrimination and whites-only lunch counters — claiming that the right of “private ownership” should trump African Americans’ and other minorities’ right to be free from invidious discrimination. Permitting private discrimination, according to Paul, is “the hard part about believing in freedom.”

Nor are Paul’s libertarian views limited to his skepticism towards civil rights protections. In 2013, Paul endorsed a long-ago overruled Supreme Court decision called Lochner v. New York. The Court’s Lochner opinion relied on a fabricated “right to contract” that it and subsequent cases used to strike down various laws protecting workers from exploitative employers — on the idea that if a worker signs a contract that forces them to work 16 hours a day for barely subsistence wages then it would somehow violate the worker’s rights to pay them more money for fewer hours work… [emphasis added]

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I’m not at all surprised at his victory.  After all, this IS CPUKE, so there are no sane alternatives.  Consider the runner up.


  9 Responses to “Who Won the CPUKE Straw Poll?”

  1. Stupid is as stupid does!

    Obviously, when brains were being handed out, Republicanus/Teabaggers, whether at CPUKE or in general, thought the word was trains and said they'd get the next one!  BTW, God was handing out brains which confirms for me that they have no direct link and they don't listen, even to God.

    • I wish they had all jumped on the train that was going over Failin' Palin's Bridge to Nowhere. Then we wouldn't have to contend with them anymore.

  2. "Rand Paul's a joke and will inevitably wind up as big a kook as his father. The fact that he won that poll should be an indicator that he should not get conservatives' support. The CPAC crowd is always packed with college kiddies and early twenties mush-brained libertarians who shouldn't have the right to vote."

    That might sound like harsh language, but it's not mine — it's a verbatim quote from a comment by a moderator at RedState.  These people are so repellent that they can't even stand each other.

  3. I think maybe Rand Paul is already an even bigger kook than his father.  I do wish the people who did his papers and took his exams while he was in med school would come forward.

  4. lol Tom!  Rand Paul may be bigger but not smarter lol Joanne  He thinks he can get the same young group that already went for his father.  But I bet that all's he will get.  It like the dressing of the pig

  5. RepubliCONs have no shame, Rand Paul is a prime example of a user & a loser. Their righteous stupidity prevents them feeling humiliation – unless caught with their pants down – and even then it's not from getting caught, just the usual comparison of not measuring up..;)

  6. The only way it could be any worse for them would have been if they had selected Cruz.

  7. They are all appropriately named "Pukes". lol.

  8. Thanks everyone.

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