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I’m working for tomorrow and rushing because I have so much work to do preparing for tomorrow’s board meeting in my apartment.

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Short Takes:

From The New Yorker: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said today that she was reluctant to sign an anti-gay “religious freedom” bill passed by the Arizona state legislature this week, telling reporters, “I believe that bigotry and hatred should be free of government regulation.”

She said that while many Arizona business owners currently enjoy employing hateful practices, “I worry that if big government gets involved, that’ll ruin everything.”

“Don’t get me wrong—I think the anti-gay bill that the legislature passed was well-meaning,” she said. “All I’m saying is, let’s leave it to the private sector.”

I think Andy’s satire missed the boat on this one. Brewerstan’s Death Angel, Jan Brewer, infamous for killing her own citizens by refusing them life saving transplants for which they were already scheduled, is a strong supporter of government-based hatred. Consider her support for racial profiling in "papers please".

From Alternet: Ted Cruz: Pray for discrimination.

What is Texas’s Tea Party senator seeking now? This week Cruz called on supporters to “simply pray” that LGBT Americans did not get equal legal rights because same-sex marriage was “heartbreaking.” Yes, pray for a new Jim Crow.

In an interview with conservative radio host Janet Mefferd, Cruz started by saying that he introduced the “State Marriage Defense Act” to undo the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision striking down parts of the federal government’s ban on marriage equality. He accused liberal groups of using “brute power” to wage an assault and “subvert our democratic system.” Then the Harvard Law School graduate, who forgets that an elite Republican lawyer argued for expanding gay rights before the court, issued his hateful hope.

Cruz said that gay marriage threatened liberty and he urged people to pray to God that gays and lesbians don’t get equal marriage rights. “I think the most important thing your listeners can do is simply pray, because we need a great deal of prayer,” he said. “Because marriage is really, really being undermined by a concerted effort. And it’s causing significant harm.”

When right-wingers like Cruz pray for discrimination, a curious thing happens. God doesn’t RSVP ASAP. But other right-wingers do.

Cruz’ Republican hate mongering is just on of six examples of Republican psychosis from the last week alone. Click through for the other five.

From Crooks and Liars: Homeland Security warned us in 2009 that right wing extremism is on the rise–something we are seeing in recent conservative pushes to overthrow the government. The report stated, among other things, that  “Heightened interest in legislation for tighter firearms…may be invigorating rightwing extremist activity, specifically the white supremacist and militia movements,” as we have seen exemplified in a Tea Party attempt to construct an anti-Muslim death ray.

Now, Three Georgia “Patriots” tried to buy pipe bombs and other explosives to aid in their effort to attack power grids, water treatment facilities, and other infrastructure. Brian Edward Cannon and Cory Robert Williamson appeared in court on Friday, and Terry Eugene Peace is due for his first appearance on Monday.

The three are charged with conspiring to acquire firearms, pipe bombs, and thermite grenades. Between Jan 23 and Feb 15, the three militia members chatted on Facebook about plans to launch guerrilla-style attacks on government facilities, according to the FBI…… [emphasis original]

Once again, we see Republicans too stupid to realize that plotting a Republican terrorist conspiracy on Facebook just might have legal ramifications. Once again, we see that the party that embraces them is not competent to run a lemonade stand, let again a government.



Was this decision Constitutional?


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  1. Thanks TC – hope the meeting went well! 

    Crooks and Liars – these three gibbering loons discussed WHAT on Facebook?  Well I do thank God they are so stupid – sadly a lot of evil isn't.  TC – I tried to look up Marbury vs Madison but it got too complicated for my remaining brain cells – sorry, I need more rest. 

    Have just read Lona G's post on C2 – I couldn't better that if I tried – brilliant – thanks Lona!

  2. 6:02 Introverts don't really take well to coming out of our shells.

    New Yorker – Well, Andy's satire would fit probably 99 out of 100 pseudo-libertarian "small government" Tea Baggers.  But I agree Jan Brewer is a different breed of rat.  It's still funny though.

    Alternet – TC, I must give you great credit for, every week, being able to pick just one of the crazy statements from all the crazy statements that Republicans make.  I don't know if I could do it.  Thanks for giving us the link so we can see for ourselves.

    Crooks and Liars:  If Homeland Security is smart enough to realize that right wing extremism is both on the rise and violent, they ought to back off on progressive groups protesting peacefully and concentrate on the right.  And quit blaming progressives for inciting the right by wanting perfectly reasonable gun control.  Huh.  Like THAT would ever happen.

    Cartoon:  Dear John Adams, I love him (and, more to the point, Abigail loved him, so he MUST have had SOMETHING going for him) but he never did grasp the Constitution, did he?  That said, kudos to Marshall.  It's d***ed difficult to write a decision where you know the right thing to do but the available documents skirt around it and never give you EXACTLY the justification you are wanting.  And then make the decision stick.  Was it really Constitutional?  Hard to say … but it was desperately needed.  And I say that even though the current SCROTUS 5 make a mockery of it daily.  We won't have them forever. 

    And Pat A – Right on.  Lona G is a real asset to the comments, always.

  3. 4:17 I almost got trapped in that clam shell. I just made it out in the nick of time.

  4. New Yorker ~ I think Andy was spot on here. The angel of Death doesn't want bigotry and hate to be limited in any way by any legislation. She thinks Arizonans should be free to hate as many people as they want with no limits attached.

    Alternet ~ I wonder what their god's name is. Beelzebub, perhaps?

    Crooks & Liars ~ God help us! This isn't the lunatic fringe. This is the Republican base.

  5. Bi Partsan meeting in the White house broke up in disarray today with Jindal Name calling etc.

    Mr Obama should have provided TWO sandbox,s. Serious thought. WHO, in hell, Voted for these nit wits? The voting public has a lot to answer for!.

     Stay Well TC.

  6. I hope your board meeting went great and you are not too exhausted.

    The New Yorker:  I agree with you, I think andy missed the boat.  I fully expect her to sign this law.

    Alternet:  I clicked through, and it sickened me.  Cruz, Abbott, Bachman, Palin, how on earth can any reasonable person vote for either of them?

    Crooks and liars:  I guess that answers my question in the above statement. 

  7. Looks like I'm still ahead! 🙂

    Thanks all!  I'm way pooped!!

  8. ~~Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said today that she was reluctant to sign

    This will be interesting… :mrgreen:

    5:35 –

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