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I’m writing for tomorrow, and my COPD is still severe.  It’s been a slow day for news, so I’m just going to kick back and enjoy being ice bound.  Portland is, for all intents and purposes, shut down.  The MAX transit train is not running.  Buses are barely running on very few routes.  Even cabs are operating for emergencies only.  I have not heard a siren in over a day.  Four or five a day are average.  Looking out the window from time to time, I have see only three moving cars.  Two of those were moving sideways.  So I hope you enjoy this article and a look at the box, where I bury Republicans.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 4:27 (average 5-14:).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From Daily Kos: We can’t say Seymour Hersh didn’t warn us. It’s looking like the IRS Inspector General, J. Russell George, a Dubya appointee, is the ultimate stay-behind. In the middle of last year, he was caught meeting exclusively with Issa and his Goposaur gang to drum up phony IRS scandal claims. Well now, he’s been caught doing the exact same thing, but regarding an IRS ‘audit’ of the Affordable Care Act.

Thank goodness for Rep. Elijah Cummings and Rep. Gerald Connelly, who wrote the ‘honorable’ IRS IG a letter, which they cc’ed to Issa, and is posted in full…

How many times have I warned against Republican moles? They are temporary political appointees from the failed Bush Regime, who burrowed into "nonpartisan" career positions throughout our government, before we evicted Potomac Pinocchio from the White House. Now they devote their time to sabotaging our nation, while YOU pay their salaries. Click through to read the letter.

From Alternet: Ben Shapiro: Liberalism killed Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The terrible disease of addiction and a potentially lethal batch of heroin emerged as the leading theories of what killed actor Philip Seymour Hoffman last weekend.

But there is something far more insidious going on, as it turns out. And thank goodness conservative thought leader Ben Shapiro shared his deep thoughts [propaganda delinked]on the tragedy, by helpfully pointing the blame where it really belongs. It’s those damn liberals again. They’re killing everybody.

“…his self-inflicted death is yet another hallmark of the broken leftist culture that dominates Hollywood, enabling rather than preventing the loss of some of its greatest talents,” Shapiro wrote in the National Review.

The math, or the logic, goes something like this. Hoffman was a liberal. He died of a drug overdose. Therefore, liberalism causes drug abuse and death. Liberalism quickly devolves into “libertinism” and a “penchant for sin,” Shapiro argued. No one in Hollywood has any spirituality, principles or standards.

Except maybe the scientologists. We’re not sure where they fit in with Shapiro’s cosmology.

This is just one of the offerings from Republican psychopaths in the last week alone. Click through for the other nine.

From Crooks and Liars: It was just a couple of weeks ago that Glenn Beck had a weirdly lucid and suspiciously self-aware moment and admitted to Megyn Kelly that he realized that he had been contributing to tearing the country apart and that wasn’t who we were.

That was so two weeks ago, apparently.

Because Lonesome Rhodes Beck is back to scaring the crap out of his pea-brained listeners, telling them that if they dared to disagree with global warming, abortion or Obamacare, they would be rounded up and placed in internment camps, just as Justice Antonin Scalia warned this week [propaganda delinked]:

Barf Bag Alert!!


Both Beck and Scalia are engaging in projection. They are accusing Obama of intending to implement a purely Republican plan. While it’s true that internment camps have been built in the US, it was Halliburton that built them under contract from the Bush Regime.



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  1. "No one in Hollywood has any spirituality, principles or standards", unless he's a Republican.   Republicans *love* celebrities who appear to be on their side.   Even hippy types such as Sony Bono.

  2. Cool … and your desk is actually neater than miine.  (I keep meaning to get around to cleaning it up – but, oh, well …)

  3. 5:14.  The gold is lovely of course, but that iridescence from the eyes down to the nose is just drop dead gorgeous.

    Kos – Formal compaint now filed with the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency calling for investigation.  Good.  I suppose it will end up at DOJ?

    Alternet – Well, that's depressing.  And overwhelming.  I think I need to go watch this again just to clean off.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpePzRPiB30

    Crooks and Liars – Is this his way of saying "Come and get me; lock me up for my own safety"?  Tempting as it is, I'm thinking we should not take the bait.

    Cartoon – love it.  Gives a new meaning to the term "selfie," doesn't it?

  4. Rest well and take care of that nasty COPD. Stay inside and keep warm.

    Daily Kos ~ Issa is digging his hole deeper and deeper. Pretty soon he won't be able to climb out of it. I can't wait.

    Alternet ~ An regular All-Star parade this week. Pat Robertson must have forgotten himself when he spouted off to Ham for making supply-side Christians look foolish.

    Crooks & Liars ~ Scalia is now openly voicing his paranoia? Not a good habit for a SCOTUS Judge.

    Cartoon ~ Very impressive set-up. Keep on burying them in the box.

  5. Puzzle — 3:32  See you later alligator.  In a while crocodile!

    Daily Kos — Issa is a sleaze ball!  He is also the epitome of the Republicanus/Teabaggers who hold high family values as long as they are Republicanus/Teabagger values; who believe in winning at all costs and by whatever means necessary; who value greed above all else.  I would dearly love to see Issa get his knickers in a twist . . . so twisted that they cut off the circulation to his pea sized brain!

    Alternet — "Newsflash: Michele Bachmann is saying some crazy shit again. …"  Again!?  No, STILL!!!!!  I know we have problems with Harper and his harlots, but damn! . . . the Republicanus/Teabaggers are nuttier than a whole plantation of peanuts!  I think it is time to make the Republicanus/Teabaggers illegal!  Only trouble, they'd show up under another name!

    Crooks and Liars — 

    "I've listened to this clip five times and I still can't parse out what he's saying. All I can tell you is that there's some really stupid people out there taking this idiot seriously and think that the President is going to put them in some kind of deathcamp."

    Nobody can understand what Beck is saying because he is unintelligible!  But it is interesting that he should bring up internment camps because as I remember, it was and is members of the far right wing evangelical pseudo Christians, as well as members of the Republicanus/Teabaggers that preached building internment and death camps for the LGBT community.

    Cartoon — Nice cat box! . . . but where are the pictures of your godcats? . . . Primo, Winnie and Annie?

    I visited my babes yesterday for a few hours.  Winnie was lying on my back enjoying a comfortable recline when he decided to jump up to the "second floor" kitty condo.  Using me as a trampoline, he easily jumped up.  Then when he was ready to come down, he jumped down onto my shoulders.  Argh! We had lots of play and cuddles.  They sure are being spoiled by their other godfather and his staff!  I will very glad when we all can move back into the house when the renos are done.  I hate sewer back ups!

  6. 5:15 – Puzzle

     Beck and Scalia are Scum Bags… :mrgreen:

    No politican reached out more than President Obama to Republicans and Tea-Bags…

  7. […] Open Thread–2/10/2014. […]

  8. Obama should have gotten rid of ALL Bu$h Leaguer$ on day one! He has the ability to hear from & choose the Best Minds on Every Subject, yet he chose not to rock the boat that was already sinking??? I Never Understood the reasoning there..:( It wasn't Smart – bipartisan suicide is not an option.

  9. Daily KOs:  Why on earth has he kept this guy?  Get rid of him!

    Alternet:  Much to my chagrin, I read all of them.  These people actually get driver's licenses and are allowed to vote!  That proves this is a great country.

    Crooks and Liars:  Didn't listen to Beck, blood pressure can't stand it, but I did click on the Halliburton link.  Why wasn't this front page news? Hmmm.

    Cartoon"  I like your cat box.

    I hope your Copd is better soon.  We are still covered up with snow here, too, and it is supposed to get to zero tonight.  Spring, where are you?


  10. Thanks Everyone,

    I hope they investigate it further.

    The box is a mess right now!!

    I keep my kitty pictures hidden.

    Feeling way pooped!

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