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I’m writing for tomorrow, am still very congested, and am still in minimal participation mode.  Nevertheless, I have two additional articles for you today.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:42 (average 5:09).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From John Kitzhaber: I received this from “Kitz”, our governor, in email.

Tuesday night, President Obama stood before Congress and made a compelling case that the challenge before us is restoring the American Dream and creating economic security for all families.


He also made it clear that when Congress fails to act, he will take executive action.   And while that’s the right approach, he’s forced to it because politics in Washington DC are fundamentally broken.


But here in Oregon, things look a little different.


We have disagreements and debates, but in the end, we get things done.  Oregonians of both parties have come together in the Legislature to take critical steps forward for economic security, health security, and for our childrens’ futures.


Even as an election year gets underway, my focus remains on getting things done for Oregonians.  And it’s paying off:

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Oregon added 39,000 jobs last year, ranking third in the nation in job growth in 2013, behind only Florida and North Dakota.
  • Oregon’s unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in over five years, falling last month to 7.0%.
  • Despite the well-reported challenges we’ve faced, over 200,000 Oregonians have now enrolled for health care. Our health care reforms will provide better care, save Oregonians hundreds of millions of dollars, and protect them from financial stresses if they becoming ill or injured.
  • We’ve started to reinvest in our schools and our children’s education, with over $6 billion in school funding – and critical reforms that integrate early childhood, K-12, and post-secondary education.

We have a long way to go.  And in this election season, you can bet that there will be some who will distort and distract from our accomplishments.


Your support in 2010 – and in the months and years since – has made all of this possible.  Thank you.



Oregon leads the way!  This is what happens when progressives are actively involved at all levels of government.

From Upworthy: This Guy Needs A Clue: A Member Of The 1% Declares It ‘Great’ That 3.5 Billion Are In Poverty.

It’s like he’s a living example of rich white male privilege: "Anybody can be me!"

Just to be clear, I’m not jealous of his wealth. Or what he had to do to get it. But many of those 3.5 billion in poverty never even get a chance to try to "be somebody." Once we level that playing field, we can start talking about "looking up to the 1%."


I loved her "Wait I don’t have socks!" comment. It looks like there’s no difference between Canadian and US vulture capitalists.

From NY Times: Representative Henry A. Waxman of California, a diminutive Democratic giant whose 40 years in the House produced some of the most important legislation of the era, announced Thursday that he would retire at the end of the year.

I understand that Sandra Fluke may run for his seat. Would that be fantastic, or what?




  14 Responses to “Open Thread–2/1/2014”

  1. Mr O'Leary's words seem to prove yet again that the only thing in his world …. is himself.  No-one else exists.  Poor man.

    So sorry you are still so poorly TC – please take it easy  (I will be having to take my own advice too as I am also very poorly). 


  2. 3:34 The Year of the Race Horse?

  3. Make sure you get plenty of rest. You don't want or need another relapse.

    John Kitzhaber ~ You are blessed to live in a state where the parties work together to attain an end which benefits the greater number of people. Too bad our whole country isn't like that.

    Upworthy ~ His last statement: "This is about really rich people." All she could do was shake her head and tell him that she would inform him later as to what his response should have been. I'll bet he still didn't get it. It's all about them because nobody else matters. We must be the clueless ones here because we don't envy them.

    NY Times ~ Rush would get his jockeys in a bunch if Sandra Fluke runs.

    Cartoon ~ When men were men and women were women?


  4. 6:10  Year of the plug horse?

    Oregon – I trust Oregon's statistics, but I don't trust Florida's.  Who did Rick Scott bribe to make it look like Florida is adding jobs?  Or are the jobs in the cane fields, or are they counting human trafficking "workers" now?

    O'Leary – and honest, hard working real Canadians are just as embarrassed to share a country with him as we are to share a country with ours.  I've been thinking lately, where does this whole "I worked for it" meme for the 1% come from?  That is not the point of capitalism.  If you admit you work(ed), you must be terrible at investing, because that's where the money is supposed to come from.  And investing is NOT work. 

    Waxman – I scanned his record and I see he was influential in chaining up the Postal Service to 75 years of pre-funding retirement.  I do appreciate some, even most, of his accomplishments, but I sure don't appreciate that.  Sandra Fluke is very bright and progressive but I could do with hearing her stands on other than "women's issues."

    Cartoon – Had they but known the flappers were coming.

  5. irst and foremost – take care of yourself TC – no more relapses! That goes for you too Pat! (I'll try to follow suit – I may be in abject poverty, but the one thing wFhat money I have has gone to insurance – and a good thing too, since the last 5 years have necessitated surgery each year, with the possibility of more this summer)!

    Good for Oregon – love that State – it's worthy of the progressive State award!

    As for Mr. Right-wing nut-job who wants to see everybody become b/m-illionaires; living in NYC – with all the Wall Street coke addicts and the bankers and ad men, I have developed a strong distaste for wealth – it doesn't come by being  "clean" – which is what I loved about the movie :Wolf on Wall St. – DeCaprio's best  – if he doesn't get an Oscar for that performance there's no justice – but the movie itself is such a commentary on the character of the wealthy – it's priceless (and long — you get your money's worth:)!

  6. Don't know enough about Sandra Fluke to make a decision.  Waxman was a pretty heads-down, nose-to-the-grindstone kind of legislator.  But Fluke did handle herself extremely well during the hearings – and it'd almost be worth it to pull Limbaugh's chain.

  7. Puzzle — 3:24  This dragon caught your horse!

    Fitzhaber — Priorities in putting people first, not politicians and corporations first!

    Upworthy — "It looks like there’s no difference between Canadian and US vulture capitalists." Now I could have told you that!  But, I think it also true that in many cases, the Canadian vultures learned from the American.  It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Well in this case, I think "greed" is winning out!

    NY Times — Fluke in Congress.  Now wouldn't that be a kick in the teeth for Republicanus/Teabaggers!  Someone should remind the Republicanus/Teabaggers that as you sow, so shall you reap!  Better still, don't remind them . . . maybe they will walk directly to the unemployment line!

    Cartoon — It would be interesting to know what the suffragettes thought of the new Miss America.  From "Timelines of History" http://www.timelines.ws/days/02_01.HTML

    "1919        Feb 1, “There she is…” The first Miss America was crowned on this day, not in Atlantic City, but in New York City. Edith Hyde was not, the judges found, a Miss. She was a Mrs. Mrs. Tod Robbins, the mother of two children. "

    Looks like she fit in with Republicanus/Teabagger ideals . . . a baby machine and willing to lie to win.

  8. I am hoping TomCat, that you feel better soon.  Loved the horse puzzle..it is indeed a hopeful year for them with the defunding of horse slaughter.  I am thick in the middle of this.

    Mr. O'Leary's remarks were stunning and not in a good way..what's really frightening is this man really believes what he's saying..

    Congratulations Oregon!  Thrilled about the funding for education..


  9. I hope you feel better soon.  Yay for Oregon, they could teach DC some lessons in statesmanship!

    Upworthy:  He is clueless, by choice.  He has his, don't knowhow he got it but I bet it wasn't from working a minimum wage job for an employer who has billions in profits every year. 

    NY Times:  Waxman will be missed.  I would like to see Fluke run just to aggravate Rush.

    Cartoon: And that is where they want us today, too!

    • Thanks everyone.

      I think Lynn is right.  Canadian vulture capitalists probably did learn that evil from their US countedrparts.  What surprised me is the depth to which it has taken hold under Harper.

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