Jan 152014


Lynn has now won her eighth Big Mouth Award.  For over a year she has been our top commentator, and is also one of only two people, other than myself, that I have authorized to post articles here.  Lynn is a denizen of Care2, and is still a Canadian, unfortunately for the US.  I’ve said this before, but it still bears repeating.  If 10% of US citizens had half, or if half of US citizens had 10% of the knowledge of and insight into US politics that this Canadian gal regularly displays, our country would be far better off.  Congrats Lynn!  She is a treasure, whose contribution to this site cannot be overstated.  Please join me in giving her even more of the kudos she so richly deserves.

Because this 50,000 comments is such benchmark here at Politics Plus, I am awarding a prize to the winner for the first time ever, which I am having custom manufactured to commemorate the occasion.  I’ll be ordering it later today and having it sent top her, direct from the manufacturer.  She should receive it within a couple weeks.  Lynn has agreed to email me a picture of her posing with her prize, when she receives it.  I will post it for you.  For now, I’m not saying what it is, but here one hint.  It is NOT an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny Politics Plus bikini. 😉

In the future, doing this for every thousandth comment would be cost prohibitive, but I think I shall for every ten thousandth, subject to a one per person per lifetime limitation.


  18 Responses to “Lynn Squance Has a VERY BIG Mouth! ;-)”

  1. I agree with every word you say TC – Lynn has a knowledge of world events and politics that regularly leaves me gasping – she most emphatically deserves her award (whatever it is!).  I wish more people were like Lynn – and look forward to seeing the photo!


  2. Lynn, you are a treasure indeed! It is with great humility that I add my congratulations to you. Although I will never measure up to your stature, I count myself blessed to be included in Tom's Hit Parade of Big Mouths along with you.

  3. Thanks for all you do TC.  And Lynn—–I admire your intelligence and spunk.  Congratulations on your award.

  4.    cool Lynn,  congratuatios

  5. congratulations not congratuatios(whatever that means)

  6. Lynn:  congranulations, sugar!

  7. Standing O for you, Lynn. Can't think of anyone more deserving.

  8. I remember when Lynn  received her 7th award and I said I would be looking forward to #8.  You never disappoint, Lynn. Congrats from Dotti

  9. "For now, I’m not saying what it is, but here one hint.  It is NOT an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny Politics Plus bikini."

    OMG, the thoughts of an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny Politics Plus bikini and me is a gruesome one.  That would shut down the traffic on the blog permanently!

    Thanks everyone.  I enjoy the blog, the comments and all you guys.  You teach me so much.  I always feel like I am in such illustrious company!  Thank you.

  10. Congrats Lynn, you're awesome… 😆

  11. […] Lynn Squance Has a VERY BIG Mouth! . […]

  12. Once again, Lynn has proven to have a big mouth. 

    Lynn's comments are brilliant and deserves readings of them. 

  13. COOL!

    I was going to go with a can of Friskies – but if it's "custom manufactured" for the "Big Mouth Award" I'm going to say a set of dentures.

  14. Congratulations Lynn.  I am so glad that you have won this award.  It is greatly deserved. While I enjoy competing against you with jigsaw puzzles, I would not want to go up against you in a political discussion.  You're too smart for  this old guy. 

  15. Congratulations, Lynn. You so deserve the award.  You know a lot more about our country than most of our citizens and I very much enjoy your comments.  We have missed you while you have been remodeling your home. 

  16. Thanks evrryone.  She deserves it.

  17. Congratulations, Lynn. I hope you go on to win many more such awards.

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