Dec 292013

Income inequality may be the most critical problem America faces, and because masking it worse is a key goal of the Republican Party, they need to fool voters into thinking it’s no big deal.  They like to do this indirectly through organizations, like Third Way, that pretend bipartisanship, but are really just fronts to push Republican extremism under a kinder, gentler disguise.  Robert Reich had a run in with one of those charlatans.


Here we go again with another one of these Third Way flacks making their way onto our airways — although this one has moved onto the Manhattan Institute [propaganda delinked] and working as an economic adviser for Rep. Paul Ryan. From this Friday's The PBS Newshour, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich joined Scott Winship to discuss the expiration of unemployment benefits and " mounting concerns over inequality and lack of opportunity."

To no one's surprise given his background, Mr. Winship did his best to try to convince the viewers that lack of upward mobility and record income disparity in the United States is really no big deal.

Business Insider ran a piece on Winship last month, who is apparently working on some big plan that's supposed to be unveiled this spring, and surprise, surprise, he's a big fan of "entitlement reform" a.k.a. gutting our retirements and earned benefits, and he really likes tax cuts, vouchers and the earned income tax credit as opposed to increasing the minimum wage; or in other words, the same trickle-down economics conservatives have been pushing that haven't worked for decades now… [emphasis added]

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Here’s the video.

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Note that Winship kept saying that the 'studies' and the 'literature' support his position, but has no specifics to back it up the way Reich does. Thank goodness we have a Robert Reich to counter the Republican Reich!


  11 Responses to “Income Inequality IS a Problem!”

  1. It's a blessing we have Robert Reich but it does us no good if the other side is able to convince voters yet again that "trickle down" works. Some people are still too stubborn to accept change by accepting the truth.

  2. Income inequality is a serious and growing problem, so why in the hell is Obama pushing for the TPP which will increase and not decrease this problem?

  3. Certainly we need to get the truth out to combat all the moneyed lies and liars, but all the truth in the world will not help if people who know the truth do not vote.  So here comes broken record again:  GET. OUT. THE. VOTE.

  4. Anyone who works for Paul Ryan is a SUSPECT!  I saw some of the interview,  Reich had a hard time not clobbering that idiot.  Reich makes sense when he talks because he has facts to back up his statements.


  5. ~~Robert Reich is the man to identify the true problem, I have ordered the Movie, "Inequality for All".

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