Libertarian InsaniTEA

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Dec 272013

It is popular among the young today to say they are Libertarian, because Libertarians are typically anti-war and pro-marijuana legalization.  Sadly, most who identify with libertarianism do not realize that it is usually just a front for Republican InsaniTEA.  Here is an article that projects some key Libertarian assumptions forward, so you can see the dystopias that would result.

1227LibertarianThese four libertarian/conservative dystopias are offered, as Rod Serling used to say in "The Twilight Zone," "for your consideration."…

1. What if you cut all benefits?

You’ve heard it from Sen. Rand Paul and other conservatives this winter: unemployment benefits increase unemployment. It’s an enormously destructive idea, though absurd on its face. It’s like the argument that hospitals create sick people; after all, there are so many of them there.

We usually consider such thinking "primitive" in modern societies.

Yet that’s exactly what libertarian/conservatives are arguing when they say that unemployment benefits increased or extend unemployment. There is no credible evidence to suggest that this is true. There is overwhelming evidence suggesting that unemployment is caused by other factors, including poor consumer demand and lack of business confidence.

Right now there are nearly three job seekers for every job opening. That means there are no jobs available for two out of the three. They will not “go out and find work” once their unemployment benefits stop. They will simply plunge into deeper economic misery. They will become like accident victims who are denied hospital care because it would “foster an attitude of dependency.”

But, as absurd and unkind as this thinking is, there’s something even more frightening about it: This kind of thinking never ends. If you believe that unemployment benefits cause unemployment, you’ll cut those benefits off. That could throw millions of people onto the welfare rolls. But if you believe that welfare causes dependency, you’ll cut those benefits off, too. That will leave people utterly dependent on programs like heating oil subsidies, food assistance, and even homeless shelters.

But if you believe that those programs create dependency, too….

It never stops: Close down the homeless shelters. Shut down the Salvation Army. Make it illegal to throw a starving person a coin or toss a blanket over them as they lay on the sidewalk. This logic only ends one way: in a hellish dystopia where the underclass is starving, homeless and dying in droves.

If that seems melodramatic, ask a libertarian/conservative this question: When will you know that your theory is wrong?…

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I have given you just one of the four scenarios that the article presents, so I urge you to click through for the other three.  While Libertarianism talks of individual rights above all, they ignore the consequences of situations in which the rights of one person or group impinge on the rights of others.  When they do, Republicans call it freedom.  I call it InsaniTEA.


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  1. Great article, but oh, so scary!  What is described is not civilization at all but civilization run amok – riots, dead people, murder, guns, a nightmare of epic proportions.  I see no room for compassion or decency in these ideas.  There is no beauty, no care, no love.  If the GOP call this freedom, then "freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose".

  2. The first thing I ask "libertarians" is if they have read Ayn Rand, all of her work not just the overly idealized (*cough*) fiction, but her non-fiction as well. Many do not see a connection, ask them who are the non elected members and what do they represent, again the answers are either muddled by hyper-partisan rhetoric or a complete lack of understanding. They don't even know what The Objectivist is or was. Learn the history before you attached yourself to something. Libertarians are not the Tea bags or should I say were not, but then the Tea bag group thought (people on the street) they were just against increased taxes and that Muslim, Kenyan was out to destroy their Medicare and Social Security – a threat that still haunts them.

    I don't really try to argue with these people, they have latched on to some potent propaganda that fuels their fires. Recently, one person said they would never be homeless. I wonder how many thought that as recently as 2007 and 2008? Middle class home owners all snug in their beds, then the world was turned upside down by callous and inept people in the financial world. Of course, that was not the fault of the corporations, it was THEM, trying to buy homes they could not afford. That the statement bears no resemblance to truth, has become irrelevant.

    I best stop now before I begin a real rant. —

    The longer one is unemployed or employed at job that is classified as unskilled the less chance they have of ever returning to a career path they were trained for. What is to happen to those without unemployment benefits or such low paying jobs that choices must be made between food and rent? What is to happen to those who will no longer have SNAP? The majority of those people are the elderly and children.
    How can we have lost all compassion?

  3. In reality it takes courage, compassion and knowledge of the historical out comes to stand against war. Humans are war like and sad though it is, humans like war.

    Though any one is free and able to look up the full history of marijuana and see clearly that the benefits far out weight the scandalous propaganda war waged against marijuana. If a weed has been made illegal – who benefits? Always follow the money. Any one that decides to look for truth beyond their preconceived ideas has the whole Internet at their disposal.

    • Humans like war…as long as they are not the ones on the front lines.  We would see a lot less war of our leaders were in the field, out if front, leading the troops.  The rest of us would be better off…at least with our current crop of leaders.

    • The problem is that far too many are far too lazy to do their homework and learn the truth about such isues.

      Following up what Jerry said, how about a "front lines" draft for only the children and grandchildren of elected and appointed officials?  We would see much less war!

  4. Excellent article. Most young people, and adults too, who identify themselves as Libertarian have no idea what that actually means. They can, however, name all the contestants on the "reality shows".

  5. Alternet:  I have a friend who claims to be a libertarian and admirer of Rand Paul.  I think he is fooling himself.

    "The unaided needy.  Selfishness run riot."  That sounds a lot like what we all ready have.

    I live in a rural area that is dominated by the coal industry.  At various times over the last thirty years our state government has offered tax incentives to companies to locate here.  Always with the promise of jobs.  One company was here a year, hire 5 people.  They got huge tax breaks for their other locations in Kentucky, though.  This is a foolish effort and you would think the states would realize it by now.

    • You think correctly, Edie!


      The states that succees at that are the ones that have completely busted unions,to the disadvantage of their poor and middle class citizens.

  6.  OK…then…my computer just SHUT OFF in the middle of finishing my comment.!!! All lost. I Hate my computer.!!!

    Tx ..TC, Great article….and very good example of that kind of convoluted thinking. It would never end. ….or….where would it end.?….Remember The French Revolution.?

  7. Libertarianism and Tea-Bags are just another conservative distraction to the needs of the people and the overall good of the Country…. IMO

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