Wooo Hooo!!!!

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Nov 202013


The New Digs


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  1. Congratulations!!!!!

    When is moving day?

    I'd volunteer to help you but I can't right now because:

    1) my back is really sore right now;

    2) I don't have a passport to get into the US;

    3) I have my hands full already; and

    4) I absolutely hate moving having done it many times during my career.

    Looks like you have a Starbuck's on the main floor.  Now we know where you'll be blogging from.  No more being the 'nekked blogger"!

  2. Congratulations Tom, on which floor? The building looks majestic and is very impressive, may you enjoy your new digs!

  3. Congrats!!! Congrats!!!! Congrats!!!! Cat Man.  Please don't kill yourself trying to move at breakneck speed! 🙂

  4. The new Cat Pad looks great. Congrats!

    Sorry. I'm with Lynn. I can't help you move either. I think I'm busy that day.

  5. A new home, take it very easy moving.  Maybe you can get some help to manage the move without exhausting yourself. I wish you health, happiness and quiet, peaceful quiet in your new home.  

    I'm so glad you are feeling better, that makes everything look brighter.


    A very handsome building, indeed.  Is that at the corner of Oak and SW 4th?

    My suggestion to us fellow commenters: If you can, make a donation to help defray moving expenses.  You can do that with the very subtle "DONATE" option on the left side below Comment Awards and above Blogroll.  On my screen, it's just to the left of misskitty's #5 Comment.


    • PS – I've used it before,and it works fine.  (Although this time it didn't take my Discover card even though it includes it as an option – but Visa worked.)

  7. Wonderful!  Hopefully this one will be cooler and quieter.  The elevator will help too.  Is it better located for public transporation to the places you need to go?

  8. hope the view is as nice as the building….good luck in the new apartment

  9. Moving on Up… 😯

    Very nice TomCat, Digg it…

  10. Cool!:) I hope it improves your health & quality of life!:)

  11. I asked earlier, and TC says he does have help lined up.  I hope he has enough, and abled enough, and – oh, I just hope it goes smoothly in every way.  Congrats!!!!

  12. Yikes, Starbucks, really?  Good grief, no drinkable coffee anywhere nearby?  So sorry.

  13. Awesome! I'm doing my "happy dance" for you Tom. I hope you'll get good nights sleep at this new location. It looks nice from the outside so I hope that is an indication the inside will also follow suit. Can have A/C? I hope that will be possible for you. Good luck and don't overdo in the move. One step at a time as they say and rest when it is needed.

  14. Congratulations!  That looks like a great place to live.  I am so happy for you, may you have better neighbors this time.

  15. Thanks everyone!  I shall survive!

  16. Woo Hoo Tom Congratulations   I love moving day and with Star Bucks right there in your yard I'd come over help move but alas  Id be more of a burden than a help.:)

  17. Starbucks??? People actually do drink that muck???  I prefer coffee.  I look from my window and see only mountain tops and vegetation,  If I try, and also use a telescope, I can see one of my neighbour's places. AND  I brew my own coffee. I know my preference.Tom E 2 Tom C

  18. Thaml you both.  Tom, I used to have a place where there was nothing between me and the mountains.  Five years later, I was 20 milews from the edge.

    With my disabilirties, I need an urban center with easy access to transit.

  19. Oh TC that building looks wonderful – and it looks as if it should have good solid floors and solid walls – no more noisy nutty neighbours!  I am so happy for you!  Marvelous – well done!

  20. Congratulations!!!   And very glad you can do the move over the next few weeks instead of having to move all in one day. May peace and quiet and cool days in the summer be yours forever after 

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