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Oct 312013



  20 Responses to “BOO!!!”

  1. Isn't this just a little insulting to our resident Monster  . . . Patty Monster?

    These two-bit idiots are evil incarnate!

    Happy Hallowe'en!

  2. Too bad I don't have Marie Laveau's powers……..(thinking of the song, Another Man Done Gone…) I could make these two zombies …. disappear!

    Happy All Hallow's Eve'n to ya, Cat Daddy.

  3. I changed my avatar just to show you I'm not really a Monster. It's me with the twins, BeBe and Silly on my lap.

  4. As I have only seen their photos a few times and not at all recently, it took me half a second to recognise them – then I looked at the eyes – and I saw the evil there and knew them….. shudder!


    I really, REALLY wanted to go as a Republican to a costume party I was invited to earlier this week.  Unfortunately, my head would NOT fit up my ass – so I had to go with Plan “B”.

    I’m now shutting things down at 9 PM (you only get teens NOT in costume after this point), and I had 52 Trick-or-Treaters.  That’s about what I had last year.  I bought a bag of 150 candy bars (those smaller, but decent size ones) at Costco those week for $15, and gave two pieces to everyone – EXCEPT one group of jerks who laid on  the doorbell which does NOT help me (given my hearing deficit, I rely on my cat as my official Notifier – and he went crazy.  He HATES Halloween), and they only got one piece each.

    How did your All Hallow’s Eve go?

  6. Scariest thing I saw tonight!  Thanks, TC











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