Oct 302013

I bet you all remember the Kerry Campaign, and the Republican meme that Kerry was for Iraq, before he was against it, labeling him as a flip-flopper.  The Republican Party seems to have taken that page from Kerry’s playbook, because lately they have performed some flip-flops that even make Little Lord Willard etching his sketch seem tame.  Marco Rubio on Immigration reform is just one of many examples.

30rubioHe was a leading member of a bipartisan "Gang of Eight" Senators who pushed a comprehensive immigration reform bill through the chamber earlier this year.

But with that measure facing little hope of passage in the Republican-controlled House, Sen. Marco Rubio feels Congress should play small ball when it comes to approving any bills on immigration reform.

Alex Conant, spokesman for the first-term Republican from Florida, said Monday  those who favor the comprehensive immigration overhaul passed by the Senate in June need to be "realistic in our expectations" of what the House might embrace.

"An all-or-nothing strategy on immigration reform would result in nothing. What is keeping us from progress on a series of immigration issues on which there is strong consensus is the fear that a conference committee on a limited bill will be used to negotiate a comprehensive one. We should take that option off the table so that we can begin to move on the things we agree on," Conant added in a statement to reporters…

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Rachel Maddow discussed how this fits into Republicans' extreme aversion to work. And they call minorities lazy!!

Despite Republican lies that there is no time, there is plenty of time to pass immigration reform. Obama and the Democrats gave them WAY too much in the Senate Bill, but once something Republicans say they want becomes amenable to Obama and the Democrats, Republicans refuse to take yes for an answer. They want to sabotage government, not govern. Since they go to such lengths to avoid their jobs, remove them!


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  1.  I really am quite amazed that citizens of our Country continue to vote for seditious slackers. GWB's dumbing down of America" was a true success.

  2. Thanks TC.

  3. Marco Rubio (unlike Ted Cruz, who is Southern Baptist [!]) is Catholic.  Once we have a petition to excommunicate Paul Ryan, we can add him to it.

  4. Sen. Marco Rubio feels Congress should play small ball when it comes to approving any bills on immigration reform.

    Sen. March Rubio, has no balls… :mrgreen:

    Once we have a petition to excommunicate Paul Ryan, we can add him to it.

    Joanne D

    I would like to be the first to sign…

  5. 19 days left in 2013 to produce legislation and the Republicanus/Teabagger leadership thinking of reducing that — what happened to solving the government shutdown issue which matures 15 January 2014, or the debt ceiling debacle which matures 07 February 2014, or immigration, or  . . . ?  There is lots there to legislate.

    Perhaps the structure of compensation packages for legislators should be like those for the banksters they so admire — a 5 figure base with bonuses based on production of legislation that properly builds and protects Americans. 

    "It is the greatest of mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little.  Do what you can."     — Sydney Smith

    Normally, I would agree with Sydney Smith.  However this flip-flopping of the Republicanus/Teabaggers tells me that I cannot trust a one!  With legislators going against the bills that they have sponsored . . . do they really know their own minds?  To me, it smacks of "blacktracking" and nothing more.  I have been accused of being somewhat sardonic at times, so how dare the POTUS govern while Black!


    I think come 2014, it is time to get rid of the Republicanus/Teabaggers in the Congress so that the people's business can be done in a timely and productive manner.  Can you imagine no Republicanus/Teabagger obstruction?

  6. This brought back memories of when grammar-marm Sarah Palin's hyphen-heavy (tee-hee) criticized Rubio "Pelosi-ing" immigration reform:

    “Just like they did with Obamacare, some in Congress intend to ‘Pelosi’ the amnesty bill,” Palin posted on Facebook on Monday, referring to the liberal Democratic House leader, Nancy Pelosi. “They’ll pass it in order to find out what’s in it. And just like the unpopular, unaffordable Obamacare disaster, this pandering, rewarding-the-rule-breakers, still-no-border-security, special-interests-ridden, 24-pound disaster of a bill is not supported by informed Americans."

    After reading her comments, you may think that Palin just learned about the use of hyphens – and you may be right.  But, hell … she's got five kids!  I say she lost her hyphen a long time ago.

  7. They are "for" it until they discover Obama and the Democrats are also for it.  Then, they are "against" it.

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