Stewart Harpooned a Rat

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Oct 242013

Although it can be a bit uncomfortable when Jon Stewart lampoons us for something like the shortcomings of the ObamaCare website, he is usually fully justified, even when I don't like it.  However, I have to admit that I am much happier when Jon is setting his sights on a rat.


Jon Stewart had a field day on last night’s Daily Show mocking Republican Karl Rove for all the political mishaps the Republicans have caused which have ultimately undermined the credibility of the GOP and backfired against Rove.

Stewart said Rove had no right to complain about the numerous Tea Party blunders considering he invited them, citing a number of examples whereby the same Republicans who were advocating for the Tea Party were now in the painful process of having to clean up the mess:

“It’s as though the entire misguided shutdown affair was a culmination of a decade-long strategy to rile up and politically engage the most rigid and ideological pockets of the Republican party…which is why Karl Rove has no right to complain about all these radicals ruining his nice Republican party, because he’s the one who invited them,” Stewart preached…

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Rove Rat was most successful at activating the anger points of hate-filled wing-nuts. I must admit, I enjoy few thinks more than seeing Turd Blossom buried in his own turd.


  4 Responses to “Stewart Harpooned a Rat”

  1. Oh drat it – another video that only plays in the United States – even though The Daily Show is seen over here on the Comedy Channel Xtra at 11.30 pm (it is a day later than when seen in the US)….  I really really like Jon Stewart – and he's usually right!

  2. Rove Rat was most successful at activating the anger points of hate-filled wing-nuts.

     Karl Rove – Turd ($hit) Blossom… Cartoon is acurate… 😈

  3. I love that Rove is finally being skewered by someone as talented as Jon Stewart.  He was a big part of the mess caused by Dubya, and should properly retire and shut up.

    McCain did unleash the crazies when he brought out Sarah Palin, and deserves the comments made about him, too.  She will probably never go away.

  4. Interesting.  So Rove has a goal of not having stupid candidates who can't win a general election?  What about stupid leadership, as well as stupid candidates, who are out of touch with the American people?  Seems to me that the Republicanus/Teabaggers scored 10 out of 10 on that account!

    The Brotherhood of Brown Rats is going to get you good for that picture of Turd Blossoms head transplanted onto a brown rat's body.

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