Oct 232013

I’m writing for tomorrow quickly and preparing to go to the prison for volunteer work.  I have a CoDA meeting with about twelve guys.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 5:04 (average 5:23).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Fantasy Football Report:

Here’s the latest from our fantasy football league, Lefty Blog Friends.





Next week I play Judy from Care2.

Short Takes:

From Represent.us: A lobbyist and a Senator walk into a restaurant…


Note how we get stuck with the tab. Click through to connect with these folks campaigning to get the money out of the system.

From The New Yorker: The N.S.A. leaker Edward Snowden today reached out to the United States government, offering to fix its troubled healthcare.gov Web site in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Speaking from an undisclosed location in Russia, Mr. Snowden said he hacked the Web site over the weekend and thinks he is “pretty sure what the problem is.”

“Look, this thing was built terribly,” he said. “It’s a government Web site, O.K.?”

Mr. Snowden said that if an immunity deal can be worked out, “I can get to work on this thing right away—I don’t need a password.”

He couldn’t be much worse than the clowns in charge now. Of course, the down side of having Snowden do it it that in days the Russians would know more about our exchanges than we do.

From Crooks and Liars: A new study released today concludes that Koch Industries and its subsidiaries stand to make as much as $100 billion in profits if the controversial Keystone XL pipeline is granted a presidential permit from U.S. President Barack Obama.

The report, titled Billionaires’ Carbon Bomb, produced by the think tank International Forum on Globalization (IFG), finds that David and Charles Koch and their privately owned company, Koch Industries, own more than 2 million acres of land in Northern Alberta, the source of the tar sands bitumen that would be pumped to the United States via the Keystone XL pipeline.

That’s 100 billion more reasons to oppose it.




  15 Responses to “Open Thread–10/23/2013”

  1. 4:03 Were those Egg-Heads laughing at my slow solving or just smiling at my speed?

  2. Fantasy Football ~ You buried me in your litter box.

    Represent.us ~ Signed like so many others to get the money out of government. One day it will happen.

    New Yorker ~ I thought Andy might be above poking fun at the website but he has jumped on the bandwagon just like Jon stewart and Stephen Colbert did. It was a bad idea to hire the Tech firm they did. It needs fixing. Most of the States' sites are working though.

    Crooks and Liars ~ I wish this pipeline would get buried forever never to resurface as a possibility again. If wishes were horses we all would ride. I know.

    Cartoon ~ Too bad they didn't learn their lesson back then.


  3. The Crooks and Liars piece is pretty frightening – look what the Koch brothers are fighting for –  and a lot more than that with all the deals they have going.  Help!

    So glad one of your chaps has a release date TC – good for him.

  4. Signed petition.

    The Russians already know more about our exchanges without Snowdon's help. LOL. Russians are not stupid, lazy or slow.

    So the Kochroaches are at it yet again…….2 million acres….that's obscene. Too bad the Canuck Gov't can't confisgate them and turn it into a wildlife preserve. That would be Karmic Justice.

    Cool 'toon as usual, Cat Man.

    • Terrie, that 2 million acres is more than obscene!  I would love to know exactly where it is because there are leaks etc in the Athabasca area polluting groundwater, soil, rivers and lakes which the First Nations rely on for drinking water etc.  Animals within the First Nation's area rely on the wilderness for food and water.  If the Kochroaches are indeed there, they need to be held totally responsible — morally and financially.  The devastation with impunity to communities must not be allowed to happen like it did in the US.  Unfortunately, the Harper government is part of the problem in Canada.

  5. ~ 6:45


    Terrie Williams

    Hope you don't mind if I use this one Terrie, 🙂

    Speaking from an undisclosed location in Russia, Mr. Snowden said he hacked the Web site over the weekend and thinks he is “pretty sure what the problem is.”

    Looks to me like sucking a$$ to worm his way back… :mrgreen:


  6. 6:13

    Petition previously signed, and I am not watching that video again, it's disgusting (of course it's supposed to be).

    Andy – LOL – Not sure, though, why Snowden would want to come back since he is being vilified literally left and right.

    Cartoon – no little elephant expressing approval – even the TP wouldn't claim this one, hmmm?

  7. Puzzle — 3:27  No egg on my face today!  Anybody else notice how these appear to be mirror images?

    Represent.us — Pigs to the trough!  I apologise to the real porcine community for any defamation caused by the human political and lobbyist pigs.  Petition signed.

    The New Yorker — The government must have hired the same firm that programmed a lot of the voting machines in the Republicanus/Teabagger states.  Those states had problems too!

    Crooks and Liars — The Kochroaches should rename their corporation 'Death Inc'.  Life does not go better with Koch!

    "IFG also finds that more than 1,000 reports and statements in support of the Keystone XL pipeline project have been made by policy groups and think tanks that receive funding from the Koch brothers and their philanthropic foundations.  …

    "We noticed Koch Funded Tea Party members and think tanks pushing for the pipeline. We dug deeper and found $100 billion in potential profit, $50 million sent to organizations supporting the pipeline, and perhaps 2 million acres of land. That sounds like an interest to me.""

    The Kochs clearly are parasites that should be destroyed!

    Cartoon — The Great Depression was preceded by the Republican greed fest, as the Great Recession was started on 09 August 2007 and preceded by the Wall Street (Republican) greed fest.  They haven't learned and with the number of calls to reduce further the regulation of Wall Street, it is apparent Wall Street and Republicanus/Teabaggers still haven't learned.  Glass-Stegall brought back some stability after the Great Depression, but its repeal in the 1990's helped to set up the Great Recession that stated in 2007.  It is time for the proper regulation of Wall Street because the effects of a Wall Street meltdown are global.

  8. Koch Brothers: Their products are posted on my $hit list and I will oppose them at every opportunity… :mrgreen:

  9. Represent Us.  I have all ready signed that petition, for whatever good it will do.

    The New Yorker:  hahahah.  good one.

    Crooks and Liars"  Since the Koch Bros. pretty much own our government, and apparently Canada's, too, they will probably get their wish.  Doesn't matter how many people or animals they kill, cash is the bottom line for them.  Maybe they are the anti=Christ all the right wingers are so worried about.

    Cartoon:  My dad hated Hoover until the day he died because he did so little to help following the Great Depression, and if one of his children had been a Republican, he would have disowned us.


  10. Thanks everyone.

    Patty, that wad Judy from Care2 that buried you.  You beat me the week before.  Lynn ids now in my box.

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