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Oct 222013

More than any other time of the week, the Sunday morning talk shows on most major networks seem to be particularly slanted to the right.  Here’s a case in which the host does not even pretend objectivity, but actually parrots Republican lies that have already been thoroughly debunked.

22DavidGregoryKarlRoveNo matter which of the Republican-dominated Sunday shows you opted to subject yourself to, there was a common refrain: no matter how seditiously the Republican Party acted, the problem was the lack of leadership on the part of President Obama.

Of course, on Meet the Press, where no Republican meme is too inane or self-serving to not parrot as conventional wisdom, that was a recurring variation on a theme, brought up over and over again.

While interviewing Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, the intellectually lazy David Gregory uses Ron Fournier’s article [Propaganda delinked] criticizing President Obama for the shutdown to ask if Obama needs to "absorb" his part of the governing by crisis, as if he’s doing this all on his own and it has nothing to do with Republican obstruction…

Inserted from <Crooks and Liars>

Here’s the included video:

Fortunately E.J. Dionne put David "Raps with Rove" Gregory in his place. And contrary to Gregory’s propaganda, Obama did exert leadership, but he did so behind the scenes. He’s the one that attached Leg Hound Harry Reid’s Obamaballs.

With the media so biased, if we want to see accurate information spread, it falls on us to do it.


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  1. David Gregory was the absolute worst host for Meet the Press that NBC could have chosen. They might as well have c;osed their eyes and ears and picked one of the talking heads from FAUX NOISE.

  2. The "Open Thread" link below the comments section takes you to 10/13/2013. Here is the correct link.

  3. Thanks TC.

  4. Fortunately E.J. Dionne put David "Raps with Rove" Gregory in his place.

     With the G-NO-P, it's there way or the Highway and I applaud President Obama for standing up for the Middle Class… ➡

  5. "The call for "leadership" by concern trolls like Fournier and Gregory means nothing more than capitulating to the temper tantrums of the Republican Party. And we all know what happens when you give into temper tantrums, right? Unmanageable brats who make everyone miserable."

    It is rather funny that Republicanus/Teabaggers would be calling for leadership when they have none themselves.  Boehner answered the Republicanus/Teabagger call for leadership by capitulating to the Teabaggers in his caucus, thus putting the Republicanus/Teabaggers in their current position.  They are whiners and would not recognise true good leadership if it bit them on the ass!

    As to David Gregory, it was great to see EJ Dionne put him in his place.

  6. I no longer watch Meet ThePress due to David Gregory being the host, he really belongs at Faux news.  I am so glad Mr. Dionne put him in his place.   I still watch Face the Nation, because Bob Sheifer calls it as he sees it and doesn't cater to any ideology. 

  7. Normally I answer comments individually.  Just too pooped.  Thanks.  We all agree.

  8. In my area Moyers comes on Sunday at high noon.  Might be a good antidote for anyone who has the same schedule.

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