Republican Code of Conduct

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Oct 212013


Thou shalt have no other gods before money.

Thou shalt not take unto thee any thought not learned on Faux Noise.

Thou shalt not take the name of Saint Ronnie Ray Gun in vain.

Remember April 15, and evade paying thy taxes.

Honor thy father and thy mother, whilst cutting their Social Security and privatizing their Medicare.

Thou shalt kill whoever thy leaders tell thee to hate.

Thou shalt commit adultery, but thou shalt not get caught.

Thou shalt steal money from the poor to give to the rich.

Thou shalt always bear false witness against thy librul neighbor.

Thou shalt covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt covet thy neighbor’s wife, and his manservant, and his maidservant, and his ox, and his ass, and his wife’s ass, and every thing that is thy neighbor’s.

Thou shalt suck Koch.

Thou shalt commit TEAbuggery.


  11 Responses to “Republican Code of Conduct”

  1. OUCH!!!  Painfully true – and very well done!

  2. Too bad it's the real code by which they live.

  3. Thou shalt suck Koch.

    Thou shall copy and mail this to conservative friends…. :mrgree:

  4. In Ayn Rand's name..Amen..;)

  5. OMD…….it hurts too much to laugh hysterically over these Fascist Bastards' TRUTHS. But I particularly love the suck Koch one myself…..since so many of those Kochroaches do….in the corner….in the dark… the closet…etc etc etc. (no desperity meant to GLBT community)

    Dawg help me how I loathe them so…..Rethugs, Baggers, the Kochroach broths.  May they all be acursed upon the earth and know only confusion and bereavement…may their seed be cast to the seven directions and be unknown and without solace in the world….oooops (damn, letting my dark side show again……wellllllllll…..yeah I at least ADMIT IT unlike 'conservanazis'…I own my personal quirks!) I curse them every single night……because it makes ME feel better. 🙂

  6. You nailed it, or them, with every one of these commandments.  Goooo TC!

  7. I'll just answer everyone at once, because too many occasions of responding to praise will swell my head.  Thanks everyone.  This is onew of those brain storms that has percolated for well over a month and finally jelled.  I have a feelingf I'll be reposting it from time to time.

  8. The 12 Commandments, Republicanus/Teabagger style.  Well done!!

  9. Thou shalt have no other gods before money.

    I don't want to forget this clip… 🙄

    Thou shalt not take unto thee any thought not learned on Faux Noise.

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