Oct 192013

Awwww…  my liberal hears just bleeds for the poor widdle Republicans.  Their tantrum didn’t work.  The didn’t get to defund ObamaCare.  They didn’t get to delay ObamaCare.  Even when it devolved to ‘We don’t know what we want, but we want it now!’, they walked away empty handed.  So now, they have a new baby tantrum.  They vow to not share the sand box.  At l;east, that’s what they want you to believe.


House Republicans have been subtly angling for months to quash immigration reform. But after getting rolled by Democrats in the spending and shutdown fights, conservatives who call the shots in the chamber are more determined than ever to block an overhaul and imperil President Barack Obama’s second-term priority.

The government shutdown fight has given House conservatives a new pretext: Obama refused to deal with us on the debt, so we won’t deal with him on immigration reform.

"I know the president has said, well, gee, now this is the time to talk about immigration reform," Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) told TPM. "He ain’t gonna get a willing partner in the House until he actually gets serious about … his plan to deal with the debt."

And a new talking point: Obama simply wants to use immigration reform to "destroy" the GOP… [emphasis added]

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However, if you think for a minute that those racist bigots EVER intended to negotiate immigration reform in good faith, come see me about purchasing my Amazon ice fishing resort.


  16 Responses to “Republicans Vow to Sabotage Immigration Reform”

  1. This is one promise they have made that I trust is true.

  2. I wish we could blame this on the tea bags or the republicans, but read some history. This same foot dragging along with the horribly disparaging racial comments has been in every Congress when we need a new or revised immigration bill.

    I personally do not like the Senate bill. I see no reason to finance a huge military presence that will cost billions to guard our border against the the dozen or so that attempt to cross from Mexico. Yes, it may be daily but just whose jobs are they stealing? They get here, pay taxes, get no government help, all TP rhetoric aside, and are good people. When the drug cartels are trying to move product, they are not strapped to people sneaking across, the cartels have, thanks to US policy have grown far more sophisticated than that. Interesting that no one wants to have that military presence on the Canadian border. Oh yeah, those are white people coming here, and if they are leaving Canada to sneak into the US, they are most probably running from the law.

    • In recent years, the foot draggibng has been all Republican.

      I agree with your objrctions to the Senate bill, bit that was the price for a path to citizenship.  If I were a terrorist, I would certainly enter the US through Canada.

  3. I'm sure they will sabotage immigration reform – just as they have sabotaged every other thing since they were elected.  Your allusion is right TC – they just will not share the sand box – and that is where history will dump them!

  4. lol  Cruz is was not even born here.  Rand Paul and his racist buddies will known as there they were.  Now wave goodbye.  Popcorn and cracker jacks this may be a long movie

  5. Looking at the picture above, specifically at the woman with the sign that says "Our country Our …", she does not know her American history.  Seems to me that had the First Nations peoples denied access to the first European immigrants, she would be living in Europe now.  And that situation differs little to the one that exists today.

    "The government shutdown fight has given House conservatives a new pretext: Obama refused to deal with us on the debt, so we won't deal with him on immigration reform."

    Here we go again with extortion!  These 2 year old Republicanus/Teabaggers are throwing another tantrum, or at least promising to, and creating enmity.  

    And then there is the charge by Republicanus/Teabaggers that Mr Obama wants to destroy the Republicanus/Teabagger party using immigration reform.  Now I consider myself reasonably knnowledgable, although no flaming genius, and to me, the Republicanus/Teabaggers have damaged and are destroying the party from within.  They don't need any help in that regard from the Democrats.  The ultra conservative fanatics are quite capable on their own!  And should we remind these lame brains that their oath to make Mr Obama a one term president just for the "crime" of being president while black, was part of their attempt to take down the democratically elected president and the Democrat party?  

    The only good Republicanus/Teabagger is an unemployed Republicanus/Teabagger!  2014 midterms are near.  Remember 01 October 2013!


    • The only good Republicanus/Teabagger is an unemployed Republicanus/Teabagger!

      Lynn Squance

      I agree with you Lynn, One Repbulican/Tea-Bag in office is one too many… 😈

    • Extortion and lame brains, that says it all, Lynn.  Will they ever realize the damage they have done to themselves?  I hope the sheeple don't forget this shutdown at the 2014 elections.

  6. And a new talking point: Obama simply wants to use immigration reform to "destroy" the GOP… [emphasis added]

    We need to pass immigration reform and the Dream act for the good of the country, and decriminalize the "War on Weed"…. Forward ➡

  7. They wanted to shut down the ACA before the American people realized how useful it was.  Now they need a cause, and racism always seems to work, so they go after immigration reform.  But they also call themselves Christians.  Hmm.

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