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In at least eight occasions between the beginning of September and the end, I posted in articles here and in too many comments to count, here and elsewhere, that Republicans would cave-in, rather than further damage their brand by defaulting on our debt.  I’m not bragging.  It did not require rocket science.  Had they applied a bit of rational thought, Congressional Republicans could have avoided this whole thing.  Have they learned their lesson?

18surrenderThe Republican Party slunk away on Wednesday from its failed, ruinous strategy to get its way through the use of havoc. Hours away from an inevitable market crash, it approved a deal that could have been achieved months ago had a few more lawmakers set aside their animus. After President Obama signs the bill, the government will reopen after more than two weeks of shutdown, and the threat of a default will be lifted.

The health care reform law will not be defunded or delayed. No taxes will be cut, and the deal calls for no new cuts to federal spending or limits to social welfare programs. The only things Republicans achieved were billions of dollars in damage to the economy, harm to the nation’s reputation and a rock-bottom public approval rating.

“We fought the good fight. We just didn’t win,” Speaker John Boehner said, utterly failing to grasp the destruction his battle caused. It has hurt federal employees and needy people dependent on government programs, and it threatened to alter Washington’s balance permanently by giving a fringe group outsize power over the executive branch and the normal functions of government… [emphasis added]

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Agent Orange seems completely clueless about the harm that he and his party have done to this nation, and the right wing spin machine seems split between blaming Boehner and McConnell and declaring the shutdown a Republican victory.  As long as the Republican Party holds any power anywhere, they will use it against the American people.  Therefore…

Every Republican in office is one Republican too many!


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  1. In Kindergarten and first grade many children begin the day by singing "Put on a Happy Face" they don't need to sing the full song, just a verse or two and the children begin the day with a smile. Fast forward to our Republicans in Congress that have just suffered an embarrassing defeat that may (with a little luck and an angry electorate) cost them seats.  Of course, they too are putting on a happy face.  Golly, we sure tried to Save the American people from Obama care, we lost this time but we have to try again. We see so much time focused on the major loud mouth, Cruz but there are others within the House that still believe that defeating Obama care will lock in their seat in 2014.  

    Will they shut down the government?  This might just be the most important defeat they suffered with this display of childish behavior.  Congress by law does have important duties for the budget, just a part of the checks and balance system.  This bill that has passed both houses prevents one power the House no longer possesses they can no longer arbitrarily shut down the government.

    For reasons beyond the grasp of most logical minds, the media continues to give time to what that obstructionist Ted Cruz says.  Last night,I caught part of Lawrence O' Donnell. Finally, someone that used the words of Ted Cruz to show what a blatant, intentional liar, is embodied in Ted Cruz.  Cruz referred to Erza Klein asking for Obama to at least suspend Obama care for a year.  Erza was on the show, laughed and wonder when he said anything near that, most important is that Cruz was claiming that Klein wrote this in the Washington Post, not only was I surprised (I read Erza Klein) but Klein made the statement that his articles are available for any reader.  He did not say that nor does he agree with the idea of suspending this program that already has nearly one million people signed up in California, more in Oregon, New York state and so on.

    If the computer glitches are over come in the next month or so, I do believe the Congress, specifically the House will lose this shiny toy.  People are trying to sign up each day, and each day the system is improving, but this opening two weeks was a disaster.  That however, is not indicative of the what the program itself will do for the American people. 

    • Kitty, I fully agree.  As horrid as the rollout has beem, it will get fixedf, sna ObamaCare will join Social Securitry and Medicare as an essential part of government.

  2. "Agent Orange seems completely clueless about the harm that he and his party have done to this nation, and the right wing spin machine seems split between blaming Boehner and McConnell and declaring the shutdown a Republican victory.  As long as the Republican Party holds any power anywhere, they will use it against the American people. "

    I do so agree TC – and people have got to REMEMBER or be reminded before they vote!  (I just don't understand how people forget this sort of behaviour!).


  3. Agent Orange said: “We fought the good fight. We just didn’t win."

    Excuse me. I thought he chastised Democrat President Obama for his speech about ending the ShutStorm 2 weeks ago. “This is not a game,” said Speaker Boehner. “Jobs are on the line. The American economy is on the line.”  

    Now it's a game?

  4. Golly, we sure tried to Save the American people from Obama care, we lost this time but we have to try again.


    Republicans / Tea-Bags remind me of the wealthy kids in my high school who refused to take no for an answer. I used to ski with them and they put up with me but I treated them as I do everyone… One in now a Judge in my old home town of Rutland, Vermont 05701. Old hollywood squares episode question, "What city has more bars per capital of citizens than any other in the U.S.?" Answer: Rutland, Vermont which is about 42 miles away from the cofounder of AA – Bill W.

  5. What the Republicans learned from the shutdown: they weren't rabid enough, vindictive enough or politically "pure" enough to prevail. At least that's what their puppet masters are telling them.

    What the Democrats learned from the shutdown (I hope): don't negotiate with terrorists! If they bring a knife to the 'bargaining table, bring a gun! If they bring a gun, bring a cannon! Etc., etc., etc. We need to accept as a given that we are not dealing with rational people here.

    Marva and I have just made the biggest single contribution to a political campaign we have ever made. Jeff Merkley has scared the hell out of the Republicans, and he's one of their biggest targets for 2014. Every bit of support helps. 

  6. The Republicans have been terrorists for the last month, now they want to pretend they are SEsame street, just trying to get along for the good of all.

  7. “Our drive to stop the train wreck that is the president’s health care law will continue,” Mr. Boehner said …

    …on Feb. 7, the Treasury will again hit the debt ceiling. That will be closer to the midterm political season, and the futility of trying to use default as a weapon should be a fresh memory for Republicans. But many in the party remain defiant, opposing this week’s deal and vowing to keep waging their crusade. 

    I take Boehner's words not as a threat, but as a promise.  And the "seditious 80", at the very least, will remain defiant and committed to their domestic terrorism for as long as it suits their strategy.

    Obamacare is not universal healthcare, but it is a step in the correct direction.  It may not be perfect, but it is a step in the correct direction.  And there may be administrative and technical glitches right now, but that happens everywhere.  Testing systems before general release will only find so many problems.  The biggest glitch is likely all to do with client load . . . too many people at the same time.

    I rather doubt that the Republicanus/Teabaggers have learned their lesson.  After all, have they not so far tried to repeal Obamacare 42 times prior to this last fiasco?  They are ideologues, plain and simple.  Their defiance in the face of this week's defeat is further proof that they care about ideology over national interests.  I think the ultimate humiliation of the Republicanus/Teabaggers will come when they are defeated; thrown out of Congress; thrown to the curb to be picked up like last week's trash.

    • Very well said Lynn.  I trust theu will be a tad less overt after December.  It will be an election year.

      • I'm not so sure that they will be less overt during the run up to the election because they are so driven by their ideology.  Some of them will be . . . the less ideological, but for the most part, no. They have a potential 2nd government shutdown in mid January and then a debt ceiling to address in February.  I hope Mr Obama and the Democrats have learned (I think they have) that they still have to play hardball.  If the Republicanus/Teabaggers are smart, they will put up and shut up.  I don't think they will be able to do that because of the rabid and seditious 80.

        • I think you are right, Lynn.  They are not bright enough to realize the damage they are doing to themselves.

        • The neocons, plutopons and corporacons were afriaid to shallenge the theocons and insane baggers.  They will be less afraid to do so, now that they have seen how badly the recent fiasco trashed their brand.  Our job is to make the fear voters more than baggers.

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