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  22 Responses to “What Republicans Got for Their Sedition”

  1. That's it! They are a Big Zero to me too.

  2. LOL!!  And it's also what they deserved!

  3. …but it cost them a lot, lot more!!

  4. Very funny — but actually they did get a lot more: fewer jobs, people working without pay, senior citizens scared shitless, and they got away with a second bout of sedition without justice!

  5. I do hope you right TC – but I hope that those who have suffered, especially those who didn't have any resources to depend on due to living on a knife's edge anyway, realise fully that it was a crisis engineered by the GOP/TP, that they planned it several years ago, and that they are likely to do it again in Jan/Feb! They just do not care so long as they can get headlines and pretend that all their evil deeds are someone else's.   I hope everyone votes these unworthy representatives OUT of power just as fast as they can and never vote for them again!

    Lee – I think you are right!


  6. 0

    Thank you President Obama… :smile;

  7. I'd rather you said "20 to life in the big house" and I am not referring to the White House!  They more than deserve to be charged with sedition!

    I am glad however that the Republicanus/Teabaggers, even though it was for their own selfish reasons, finally shouted "uncle", as in Uncle Sam, and released the hostage . . . the American people.  In essence, they were holding more than the US hostage because of the closeness of the global community.

    Let them whine and cry all they want.  It won`t change a thing.  The Republicanus/Teabaggers are seditionists whose only achievement was to garner the ire of the American people they held hostage.

  8. They got nothing and cost us 24 billion dollars.  Now we know why they wanted to cut the food stamp program.  They figured they would finance the government shutdown on the backs of the poor and underemployed.

    Typical republican move.

    • I was helping a woman in my building figure out the Republican cuts to her food stamps today.  I wanted to cry and scream at the same time.

  9. Boehner! I'd recognize that face anywhere.

  10. They didn't get what they wanted, but they got plenty of free press and coverage from tv so they can build up their campaign chests with money from the nuts who agree with them.  I quit watching the Sunday talk shows because Ted Cruz kept popping up and I am supposed to be watching my blood pressure.  I am sure their spin machines will turn this into a victory for them.

  11. Perhaps my treatment of this subject was too verbose.

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