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I’m the first to admit that, when it comes to the relative merits of GMOs in food,  I have about as much expertise as a Republican Congressperson has about the Constitution: none.  But even I know that Monsanto’s horrors extend well beyond GMOs, so when I came across an excellent article on that subject, I felt obligated to share it with you.


Marking World Food Day this year is a grassroots effort called March Against Monsanto with protests planned in more than 400 cities in over 50 nations. But who is Monsanto, and why should you know about them?

Monsanto has been around over a hundred years, and while it has a history of questionable ethics and practice—including helping to create and hide health risks associated with DDT and Agent Orange—its more recent trend toward pushing unregulated and unlabeled Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) into our food supply is what’s really alarming. For this Monsanto has earned the dubious distinction as the most “Evil Corporation of the Year” by NaturalNews readers.

The hardest thing about writing what’s wrong with Monsanto is knowing where to start. You may not think you are familiar with them, but you are. You probably eat Monsanto created GMOs every day. The company creates harsh pesticides that are designed to kill everything natural they touch, the most popular of which is called “Roundup.”  The company then creates GMOs that are unaffected by this specific poison (in the case of Roundup these are called “Roundup Ready”) so that farmers can blanket their fields and kill weeds, pests and everything else. The company has pushed hard to monopolize strategic markets and now controls 93% of the soybean, canola seed, and cotton crops, as well as 86% of corn crops. Monstanto has consolidated its position by creating ‘suicide seeds’ which do not reproduce and forces the farmers to return to Monsanto each year. The GMO suicide crops also cross pollinate with non GMO crops, forcing more farmers who may have initially held out to also rely on Monsanto.

What are the long term effects of consuming GMOs? Truthfully, no one knows. Monsanto created the first GMO in 1985 and only within the past few years has their use become widespread in our food supply. In essence we are all unwittingly participating in the trial of long-term health effects. Monsanto argues that because their GMO corn has been manufactured to have roughly the same amount of vitamins and minerals as natural corn then it must be safe. Meanwhile, scientific studies done over an entire lifespan of rats have shown that GMO corn causes tumors, organ failure, cancer and premature death. The widespread adoption of Monsanto’s products has also been linked with significant nitrogen run-off which is creating dead zones in the oceans and an alarming mass die off of bees… [emphasis added]

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Is Monsanto the most dangerous corporation in the world?  I’ll leave that for you to decide, but it’s up there near the top.  At the very least, Monsanto must be stopped from achieving their goal of controlling the entire world’s seed supply and all foods containing GMOs must be labeled.


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  1. "A revolving door exists between Monsanto and US regulatory and judicial bodies making key decisions. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a former Monsanto lawyer, was the one who wrote the majority opinion on a key Monsanto case. Michael Taylor once worked for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), later represented Monsanto as a lawyer, and is now the current FDA Deputy Commissioner for Policy."

    Perhaps we should rename the USA (United States of America) as the USM (United States of Monsanto)!

    I know that I have become more proactive in seeking out non GMO foods and I rely on labelling to help me.  There are corn/quinoa/flax crackers that are non GMO.  I eat a lot of quinoa that is non GMO and I buy veggies and fruits as much as possible that are organic. 

    When I think of Monsanto, the first thing that comes to mind is Agent Orange and the numbers of deaths and illnesses that were attributed to this chemical during and post Vietnam war.

    Monsanto, in my opinion, only knows how to create death and lusts after money.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with everything here – and in addition Monsanto are responsible for the deaths of over a quarter of a million poor cotton farmers in India – promised high yields of drought resistant cotton – the cotton died, they were in debt forever and killed themselves….  There is nothing good that one can say about Monsanto – they are unremittingly evil – and if they weren't they would be transparently honest and admit what they are up to., instead of experimenting on the American people like 300 million lab rats!  Label all foods with GMOs!

    Oh yes – one other thing – the only tests that Monsanto will admit to are all 90 day tests or less – because after 90 days the poor lab rats (the real ones this time, not the American people) start to show symptoms.  With people it can take decades – but birth defects and cancers skyrocket – and what are they doing with the normal population?  Oh yes….

    For more information mercola.com has plenty – and links to further excellent websites.  And don't forget the amount of people whose villages are regularly SPRAYED WITH GLYPHOSATE which causes terrible birth defects – this has been seen in South America – I think in Argentina especially as a producer of GMO soya.  You see the insects (who haven't read the blurb produced by Monsanto) have generations of hundreds or thousands of babies yearly – and while most may be killed by glyphosate – some survive and are resistant and breed – producing new generations needing more toxins to be sprayed on their fields to kill them – and these lodge in the crops and are eaten by people and harm them.

    Please. please, make your own food and don't buy in ready made stuff – it is almost certain to contain terrible stuff these days!  (And avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup too – that is full of GMOs we are told!)


  3. Thanks, Tomcat, for the excellent article about this greedy criminal corp.  When will they be stopped?  Not until the prostitutes in congress stop working for these despicable pimps.  That will only happen when the voters start learning/researching this criminal conduct and the serious consequences of their vote.  Clarence Thomas and Michael Taylor should be impeached and fired for their shameful decisions.

  4. There is so much competition for the title – and all the contenders are so secretive that there is no way for us to know the depths of their depravity (they probably don't know it themselves because how can they trust/confide in anyone else in the company?) – that I hesitate to name any corporation number one.  But Monsanto is a definite contender.

  5.  Monstanto has consolidated its position by creating ‘suicide seeds’ which do not reproduce and forces the farmers to return to Monsanto each year.

    I believe we are all test subjects by force… sigh

     The GMO suicide crops also cross pollinate with non GMO crops, forcing more farmers who may have initially held out to also rely on Monsanto.

  6. Not only re their crops potential health hazards, they are creating a monopoly where they and only they will have seeds to sell.  The entire world will be depent on them.  They recently sued a farmer for selling their product after their seeds crosspollinated with his, and they won.  I can't remember the farmer's name, but I believe he was from Indiana.  He had to pay Monsanto $75,000.00 according to the judge.

  7. Hello! Thankyou so much for this post! ( I am in a real "blackout/whiteout"  today on Care2..not suspended, though!! funny how when ever i write the words "Koch Brothers", my computer freezes…so, I  bought Norton's again , now that I had saved the money for 3 months…., because they have been the best and safest for me..this is going to be a long 2 more days!) I was able to comment and even see some articles yesterday..not now..but..for a computer dummy, I am here now!

    I live here in Washington. Banning and at least labelling GMO's, has been a personal issue , for me since I joinned Care2 and educated myself.I care about what WE eat!..and it is our choice to say NO to genetically altered ..ANYTHING!!!!…like most of the population, sadly, but true,does not bother to read any label on anything…still!!!IT IS OUR RIGHT TO KNOW AND MAKE OUR OWN CHOICES!!!….(like choosing the Koch Brother repubs or burning the Dem's UP with our petitions!)…for me , same crap!!….just a little bit of a different issue…not by much, though!!!!!!………….(our dem's need to make this happen or WE need to get our neighbors and familys to vote)..( and I feel like a beaten pulp…but I won't give up!)…Great Post, Tom!…..I have no idea what is going on Care2, cuz…click..shows, then "WHITEOUT" to the article, but the heading is still there, so I deleat!…..argh! Be well, thankyou for the green star..keep telling the truth, my?our wonderful friend!

    Sincerely. Shelly!

  8. Does everyone know that the Koch Brother and…MURDOCH! are the highest financiers in all GMO's!?!……and trying to privatize "ALL water rights"!?!…in every country they can?…check it out…we have over 10 years of documentation!!………..Hitler is doing a tap-dance in his grave…."World Domination"….just my opinion.

  9. Monsanto's technology is not sustainable because it inevitably degrades the land by destroying essential micro-organisms that promote healthy plant growth and a full range of phytonutrients in the food that is produced. Phosphorus and nitrogen are insufficient by themselves to produce plants that contain enough nutrition to keep humans and animals in good health. Rather than increase the world's food supply, Monsanto's high-tech products will eventually deplete it. We'd all be better off if Monsanto took a double dose of its own medicine and called it a day.

  10. I wonder if they dare eat their own shit?

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