Oct 132013

I’m writing for tomorrow, a holy day in the Church of the Ellipsoid Orb.  My Broncos will be meditating with Jacksonville, and it will not be televised here. πŸ™  I offer condolences to Adrian Peterson and his family.

Jig Zone Puzzle:

Today’s took me 3:03 (average 4:40).  To do it, click here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

From NY Times: The Environmental Protection Agency has stopped monitoring mercury contamination in the Everglades and testing water after the recent floods in Colorado.

An $8 billion space telescope, the largest in the world, waits to be tested at minus-400 degrees Fahrenheit in a closed government facility in suburban Maryland, facing the possibility of costly delays.

Many of the half a million federal workers whose paychecks on Friday showed half of what they normally earn fretted about how to juggle bills and put off major purchases.

These are just three of the many harmful effects of the Republican Shutdown, and three of the reasons that every Republican in office is one Republican too many. Click through for more.

From MSNBC: The so-called Values Voters Summit

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Barf Bag Alert!!: Ed interviews a waste of skin, a Republican Supply-side pseudo-Christian. Note how this jerk equates Vulture Capitalism with Christianity. What is it these Republicans value? They value death, hunger, suffering, deprivation and the rejection of everything the real Jesus valued. This clip was the inspiration for today's cartoon.

From Think Progress: Despite hundreds of thousands of wrongful foreclosures uncovered by investigators, Wall Street Journal editorial board member Mary Kissel claimed that “there hasn’t been a single homeowner who has been identified who was foreclosed on who shouldn’t have been foreclosed on” in a Friday appearance on Fox Business.

The reality of the situation is far different, with $1.4 trillion worth of mortgages being rendered legally unenforceable by the paperwork abuses that were so common during and after the subprime mortgage boom. Foreclosures based on shoddy or forged documents have become commonplace since the financial crisis. These aren’t faceless numbers, either, as reporters have indeed identified individual homeowners who were wronged.

Since Murdoch took over the WSJ, its character has changed so greatly that it needs to be renamed to Faux Print.




  19 Responses to “Open Thread–10/13/2013”

  1. Sorry TC – I stood 1 min 48 seconds of that video but I was so angry with their utter UTTER lies that I had to turn it off – what oppressive president is Batsh** Bachman howling about?  Oh I'm sorry – they mean DEMOCRACY – that means that you can't have all the toys in the sandbox and you must give some to others and listen to others sometimes!  Strewth!

    NB that lot wouldn't know a principle if it walked right up to them and looked them in the eye – anymore than they would ever know real Christianity – probably because they are all so busy marking their favourite passages of the Old Testament and have never ever bothered to read one Gospel – let alone all four!   (Steam coming out of ears!!).

    [[Barf bag alert?  Coronary thrombosis alert too!!]].



  2. 3:14  Time ran out on me!

  3. 5:37.  On the other hand, at almost 1:48, I was still trying to get pieces to cooperate in going where I was trying to move them to instead of requiring 4 and 5 tries to budge.

    I don't know about Juarez, TC – it's certainly possible, but they might just send him direct to Afghanistan as a Muslim.

  4. ~ 4:08

    Alan West (R) Fla., Where is that Barf Bag?

    Barf Bag Alert!!

     Voter Values Summit?

  5. Puzzle — 3:14  Time ran out on me!

    NY Times — I wonder how the Republicanus/Teabaggers would react if citizens would are only getting part pay or no pensions etc started sending their monthly bills to them with demands to pay them? There are so many nasty effects fom the shutdown. But it galls me when I think of the Republicanus/Teabagger Congresscritter who had the balls to say that she could not go without her pay cheque because she had bills to pay!  Bills to pay!!!  As if others don't!  The sheer arrogances sticks in my craw.  I wish I could remember her name and state because I would advertise her statement far and wide.

    MSNBC — Sorry TC, but I like Pat's alert better: Coronary thrombosis alert! for this one!  This really made me see red (not Republicanus/Teabagger red).  I am finding that the more I see and hear about the Republicanus/Teabaggers, the more I intensely dislike them for what they are doing to ordinary citizens.

    Just listening to Guano Girl, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Allan West, Rubio, Cruz etc is enough to give one a coronary.  I thought Ed did a good job of outlining what the real Jesus did and would do if he were here in 2013.

    Rand  Paul: "… From Boston to Zanzibar, there is a worldwide war on Christianity."

    You know, I agree with Paul.  Where I disagree with him is on who is waging war on Christianity.  The war on Christianity is being waged by the right wing fanatical evangelical pseudo Christians like Paul, Rubio, Cruz, Bachmann, Bryan Fischer, Beck, Ryan and West.  In Jesus time, they would have been the Pharisees and Sadducees, possessed by seeming righteous rather than caring for all God's children.

    John Fugelsanf, liberal commentator : "Jesus wasn't a homophobe.  Being gay is natural; hating gays is a lifestyle choice.  And if Jesus showed up Ken, and I know you're a nice guy, but if Jesus showed up at the Family Values Voter Summit, you know exactly what would happen.  He'd be a brown skinned, homeless liberal who spoke no English and those guys would ship him off to Juarez."


    Jesus would see that the poor had food, not try to cancel the SNAP programme.  

    Jesus would heal the sick without charge, and not worry about any insurance coverage.

    Jesus would find shelter for the homeless.

    Jesus would associate with the marginalised of society, not the hoy-paloy who thought their shit didn't stink.

    And, I would hope that before his forced trip to Juarez (which I know Jesus would gladly make) on the Republicanus/Teabagger bigotry express, Jesus would have cleared the room at the Values Voter Summit.  

    These psuedo Christians are entitled to their beliefs, but they are NOT entitled to inflict them on anyone else.  The 1st amendment guarantees that.  But that is exactly what they are trying to do.   They are trying to write laws based on the Bible that all people in a pluralistic society are bound to follow.  They are NOT entitled to rewrite history to make their own version of Jesus.  Down with the pseudo Christians.

    Think Progress — I am a long time Canadian banker who was involved in the mortgage industry both with mortgage brokers and branch banking.  I travelled to Buffalo NY to see the American system at HSBC Bank and so have an understanding of it.  I was appalled by some of the things I saw, weaknesses in the US system that left both banks, but particularly consumers exposed. 

    "…Wall Street Journal editorial board member Mary Kissel claimed that “there hasn’t been a single homeowner who has been identified who was foreclosed on who shouldn’t have been foreclosed on” …"

    Oh really?  How is it that many cases were uncovered and made public by the people themselves?  How is it that people trying to sort out problems couldn't get their grievances aired because they didn't know who held their mortgage because mortgages were bundled and sold to other institutions?  I believe that this Mary Kissel knows that she is spouting lies.  Would I ever like to see her e-mail to expose her!

    Cartoon — Oh yeah!  Imposter my ass!  I remember participating in a Bible study that was using materials produced by the Lutheran Church.  The Lutherans are much more conservative than my church, the United Church of Canada (My church for example is centred around social justice and has been ordaining members of the LGBT community for over 25 years.)  I was amused and disgusted by the illustrations in the materials of a blond haired, blue eyed, fair skinned Jesus.  The Republicanus/Teabaggers would have loved those materials.  That is the look of the true imposter!

  6. I – the pacifist am far too sick of this hostage taking – and feel (although I've been against the NRA) that now it really is time to take guns and perhaps contemplate civil war – these people are torrorists and if our government can't bring them to justice it may very well be our job to do it!


  7. Instead of VBS, their title should just be BS!   Your cartoon says it all.  I have a close friend, since we were twelve, who embraced the Tea Party.  We have been trying to agree to disagree.  Last night he sent me an article that was supposedly written by a Rabbi who was warning those of the Jewish faith to leave the democratic party, telling everyone how evil Obama is, how the ACA will destroy us, and so on.  I went off on him for two long paragraphs.  I many have ended a lifel long friendship, but I just couldn't stand this one.   He is a very intelligent man, and really is a devout Christian.  I cannot understand how people of faith can fall for the Republican noise. 

    • That's hard to answer, Edie.  It's just a c ase of people fall under bad influiences, because they don't do their own thinking and research.  They they are ashamed to admit that they haven't.

  8. MURDOCH!?!…….just try walking in my livingroom and asking me …. him!…….I would throw a dirty cat box of dirty litter on him , IF I COULD!…but, NAH!…I prefer my freedom and just plain "FIGHT THAT SOB, legally and sanely for as long as it will take…which EXPOSING HIM!! is the best plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!….(plus, I clean Midnights's box every morning and evening..and I am not waiting for that piece of crap!!…but , if I was ever going to be..more than stupid….I THINK I would like too!!!….so I think I will practice some yoga and eat some frenchfries instead!..God!!! …are they GMO potatoes!?!?!…damn the Koch Brother's and Murdoch!!!)…sorry, having a 2 minute meltdown!….ahhh!…OHHHMMM!…okay! …focused in reality, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha-ha!

  9. I too couldn’t bear to see that whole video. I turned it off after 15 seconds. And these types call themselves Christians? I’ve commented before elsewhere. These born-again morons have already been condemned to eternal damnation.

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