The Time for Yellen

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Oct 102013

The Chair of the Federal Reserve is one of a President’s most important appointments, because unlike agency appointments, the appointment continues into the next administration.  For that reason, I strongly suspect that Hillary was behind Obama’s initial preference for one of the infamous three blind mice, Larry “Always Wrong” Summers, because he is one of her advisers.  Progressive rejected that, in favor of Janet Yellen.  We won this one!

10YellinPresident Obama will nominate Janet L. Yellen as chairwoman of the Federal Reserve on Wednesday, White House officials said Tuesday night, ending an unusually prolonged and public search to fill one of the most important economic policy-making jobs in the world.

Ms. Yellen, 67, has been the Fed’s vice chairwoman since 2010, when Mr. Obama nominated her to the post and she was easily confirmed on a voice vote by the Senate. She would be the first woman to run the central bank.

She is also expected to win bipartisan support for her new role in the Democratic-controlled Senate, said Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York. But some Republicans could throw up hurdles. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee voted against her appointment as vice chairman because of what he called “her dovish views on monetary policy,” and he was already expressing reservations on Tuesday night about her nomination for the top job…

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Rachel Maddow provided coverage.

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It would not surprise me at all for someone like Cruz or Idiot, Son of Idiot, Named after Idiot to filibuster this appointment.  If that’s the case, then it’s tome for Leg Hound Harry to go buy a new pair of Obamaballs and…



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  1. This is great news! I sincerely hope none of the idiots filibuster this appointment. If they do, I agree Leg-Hound Harry needs to grow a pair.

  2. Delighted to see a "mature woman" taking the bull by the horns.  

  3. President Obama will nominate Janet L. Yellen as chairwoman of the Federal Reserve

    I am so pleased to see Janet L. Yellen nominated as I have signed petetions for her nomination… We need more smart women in Leadership roles of Government… 🙂

  4. Please God all goes well – if not I hope Mr Reid follows your advice!

  5. "As speculation swirled about the appointment, much of the debate revolved not around economic policy but gender."

    Why do so many things come down to gender?  The discussion should be about qualifications and experience, which she has in spades!  That is where the discussion should be centred because that is where the decisions will emanate from — knowledge and experience.  If people really want to look at gender, then look at the records of Bernanke and Summers.  Did they rely on being male to form their policies and advice?  No, they relied on knowledge and experience (presumably).

    Given the history and the extremism of the Republicanus/Teabaggers, although Yellen is fully qualified and then some, I fully expect that her nomination will face challenges from Republicanus/Teabaggers, if for no other reason than she is Mr Obama's choice.  Reid needs to grow a big pair of brass cojones right now and just nuke the filibastards at the outset.  Why wait for spring, do it now! 



    • The Yellen discussion is about gender for the same reason that the orifinal discussion about Obama's nomination was about race.  No woman has been there before.

  6. I am really happy to see a qualified woman appointed to this job.  I fear the Republicans will try to block her nomination,just because the President nominated her.

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