Oct 062013


This is Richard’s second Big Mouth Award in a row, after nothing in daily participation for well over a year here.  Not much has changed, since since he won it on September 12.  His comments are still pithy, and his humor, still off the wall off the wall, making him a good fit here.  A few days ago he beat my Jig-Zone time, and he finally admitted to bringing us a bunch of traffic from Stumbleupon.  Please join me in congratulating this welcome progressive activist!

Richard, I know you’re also active on Care2 and the folks there asked you to comment in this thread there to take a bow.  Would you do so there this time?


  12 Responses to “Rixar13 Has a BIG Mouth Again! ;-)”

  1. Way to go Richard!  I enjoy your comments and your puzzle times are definitely getting better!  Congrats again!!

    • And thanks for getting TC's articles to Stumbleupon!  A-list here Politics Plus comes!

  2. Please join me in congratulating this welcome progressive activist!

    Thank you so much and I hope to invoke much more traffic so we might top the A list again… πŸ’‘

    • Your comments are always a delight … (but I got to say, given your Big Mouth accolade, that your left mandibular bicuspid could stand a "Look-See" by your dentist).

  3. I just love reading your post and comments Richard. Congrats on a job well done.

  4. Congrats, again, for you second Big Mouth Award this year.  I very much enjoy your comments.

  5. Way to go Rixchard!

    To be clear, Stumbleupon wonb't get us on the A listed.  Wgar would is for Care2 to register their News front page with Technorati.  Eben then, for it to be recognized would take sic months to a year.

  6. My, my! Your mouth seems to have progressed to gigantic in a short time. Congrats on your back to back awards!

  7. Well done Rixar!

  8. I so appreciate you all and enjoy learning from very smart people. I photo-copied this just to inform all my Veteran buddies that I have their backs and will do anything to help them including going to food banks and soup kitchens which is necessary at times… Thank you all again, I am humbled…

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