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While the House Republicans scurry like headless chickens trying to decide what they are will take as a reward for depriving millions of Americans of basic government services, the Democratic Party has a long shot solution called a Discharge Petition to bring the clean CR, passed in the Senate, to the House Floor.  If the majority of Representatives sign it, there will be a vote, even over the objection of Agent Orange and the Republican leadership.

6CleanCRHouse Democrats announced Friday that they will try to force the House to vote on a measure to fully fund the government — and end the shutdown — with a procedural motion known as a discharge petition.

Democrats unveiled their plan at a Friday afternoon press conference. Their resolution would fund the government through Nov. 15 at the same levels as the Senate-passed continuing resolution. And, like the Senate bill, there would be no strings attached related to delaying or defunding Obamacare.

The effort, led by Reps. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) and George Miller (D-Calif.), has little chance of succeeding. The process can be time-consuming and it requires members of the majority party — in this case, Republicans — to buck their party leaders and sign a petition with the minority to force a bill to the floor. But it’s one of the few things Democrats can do as the minority to try to force action.

If all 200 Democrats sign the petition, 18 Republicans would have to join them in order to hit 218 signatures, the magic number needed to move forward with the petition. Democrats already know there are at least 21 Republicans who would support a "clean" government funding bill, with no strings attached. But declaring support for such a bill and signing a petition to force it to the House floor, against the will of House GOP leaders, are two entirely different things.

During Friday’s press event, Miller exuded confidence about Democrats’ ability to round up the votes…  [emphasis added]

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There’s certainly nothing to lose by trying.  It takes about a week.  Rachel Maddow explored the issue,

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It comes down to this. If the Republicans, who said they would vote for a clean CR, of only they had an opportunity, , actually sign the petition, there will be a vote and the Republican Shutdown will be over. If they refuse to sign it, they will have had the opportunity, and refused it, demonstrating that their protestations were nothing but a BS attempt to escape the consequences of their policy.

LaTourette’s suggestion to repeal the medical device tax would benefit me personally. I use an O2 generator at home, O2 tanks for out and about, an d a nebulizer, so that’s a tax that will come out of my pocket. Nevertheless, poor as I am, I prefer to pay that tax than to give Republicans even the slightest reward for harming millions of people, as they have.


  14 Responses to “A Discharge Petition Is Worth a Try”

  1. It is worth a shot but I just can't see 85% of republicans actually acting in accordance with what they say.

  2. Nothing ventured, nothing gained – meanwhile, the world sees that the Dems are trying to do something…

  3. I don't want to rescue the Republicans but, for the sake of the Republic, economy and credit rating I'll go along… A discharge petition with 218 signatures, where do I sign… πŸ™‚

  4. As I see it, a Discharge Petition is worth a try — nothing ventured, nothing gained!  As to whether it will work, that is another matter entirely.  What Republicanus/Teabaggers, who privately say they agree with the Discharge Petition, will publically go against the party and sign the Discharge Petition, thereby garnering the Teabagger and leadership (if you can call it that — certainly not enlightened!) wrath in particular.  That would be the end of a political career or two!

    There is an interesting article from the Centre for American Progress written by Scott Lilly on Care2.  Here's the link: http://www.care2.com/causes/then-and-now-the-truth-about-government-shutdowns.html?page=1

    Lilly's conclusion:

    "It is clear that those in the House who are advocating this shutdown are not only misrepresenting this country’s experience with shutdowns but do not actually understand that history. If they did, they would be taking immediate steps to reopen the federal government."

  5. I hope they at least try it, but I doubt they will get enough Republicans to sign it.  They are all too afraid of the TEa Party.

  6. I wrote to my Congressman to sign this. Maybe he will since he was 1 of the 2 RepublicanTs who didn't vote to shut down the governmnet.

  7. Thanks TC/

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